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4,1 von 5 Sternen
4,1 von 5 Sternen
The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari
Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
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am 10. Oktober 1999
I found the book to be a useful step-by-step guide to personal growth. The fable format helps to add interest to what could otherwise become a tiresome listing of all the good things we should be doing for ourselves but aren't. Although most of the principles dealt with can be found in countless other volumes on self-help, personal growth and spirituality, Sharma's way of putting it all together helps to keep one on track. And sticking to the straight and narrow is for me the most difficult aspect of becoming the person I want to be. I have a minor quibble with Sharma's treatment of fear. He ignores the fact that fear breaks down into two main types. The first is the healthy kind that keeps us out of the path of speeding trucks and the other is the kind of fear that, due to abuse or difficult upbringings or whatever, exists in our psyche as a chronic undertone of tension and anxiety that undermines our self-image and our relationships. Minor complaints aside, I feel that a careful reading of the book and an equally judicious application of it's principles will help anyone to find greater joy and freedom in their lives.
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am 28. September 2010
"The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" - some back-ground: This book is about a fast-living lawyer and comprises eleven chapters which are easy and fast read and give a lot of food for thought as well as discussion platforms. I use it for my coachings and trainings.
The eleven chapters are meticulously planned and flow seamlessly from one to the next.
Julian Mantle, a very successful lawyer was the epitome of success. He had achieved everything most of us could ever want, professional success with an seven figure income, a grand mansion in a neighborhood inhabited by celebrities, a private jet, a summer home on a tropical island and his prized possession a shiny red Ferrari parked in the center of his driveway. Suddenly he has to come terms with the unexpected effects of his unbalanced lifestyle.
Following his heart attack Julian Mantle had sold all his property (Yes, his Ferrari too) and left for India. The author tells us about Julian's Indian odyssey, how he met the sages of Sivana who had a life changing effect on him. Julian Mantle shares his story of transformation, his secrets of a happy and fulfilling life with his friend John. Julian describes Sivana- a small place located in the Himalayas, the land of rose covered huts, placid blue waters with white lotuses floating, youth and vitality, beautiful glowing faces, fresh and exotic fruits. He tells John about the sages of Sivana who knew all secrets of how to live life happily and how to fulfill one's dreams and reach one's destiny.

For the reader who might be in the rat race for material success and money, this book might be food for thought. But the message is a trifle too clichéd and the lectures too pedantic for the reader who is more or less conversant with the principles and insights garnered by Julian Mantle from the sages of Sivana. The presentation in the form of a story redeems the book to some extent. The book might perhaps be satisfactory for readers who are unfamiliar with and hungry for oriental wisdom. But - haven`t we all already learnt in trainings, seminars and workshops about time management, kaizen, 5Ks etc. how to improve and celebrate ourselves more and work in a team and communicate accordingly etc? The book is a guideline, an enhancer or elevator - for me a reminder of all those things we have already learnt but then forget. All in all, a book of wisdom - wisdom we all carry in us but do not really follow, cannot fulfil or want to fulfil but are the unusual individual or the rare occasion in the mass of our global working structure.
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am 25. Juli 2010
Bei diesem Buch dachte ich auch zuerst: banaler Aufhänger, Bestseller-Strickmuster. Meine anfängliche Skepsis ist allerdings Begeisterung gewichen. Das Buch ist in den Aussagen äusserst profund. So kann nur jemand schreiben, der wirklich so denkt. Durch die anschaulichen Vergleiche ergibt sich ein hoher Transfer-Effekt auf`s tägliche Leben. Als ich mit dem Buch fertig war, fand ich es schlichtweg genial: motivierend,inspirierend und zeitgemäss. The message sticks! Verschenke es seitdem an meine Klienten.
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am 11. September 1998
This is absolutely the most useful, informative and interesting book I have read in years. In just 21 days of practicing and applying techniques from this book my life became more rich and successful. I was never able to focus or to make a real commitment, but this book did miracles to my life. I do recommend it highly to everyone regardless of who you are and what you do, this book is a must.
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am 27. Mai 1999
Some of the advice he gives is sound, but he makes it all sound so mystical. For example, the "Heart of the Rose" exercise is meditation. There, simple and precise; no need to get a rose and stare at it, learn about meditation instead, not some mystical, over-specific prescription.
Other concepts, like kaizen, were interesting, but didn't talk enough about the philosophy of the idea.
All in all, the concepts expressed in the book seem to all come from some non-existant religious sect, rather than from the author's life. I know that the ideas are expressed in a story to make them more easily absorbed, but the effect seems to obscure the real potential of some of the concepts in the book.
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am 29. Mai 1999
Sharma uses a fable (involving a garden, a lighthouse and a sumo wrestler-to name a few) to describe the "seven virtues" and easy to use techniques for self improvement. Everything is readily understandable and feasible. Of course, the trick is to implement the techniques in your own life. :-) Unfortunately...the author can't do that for you!
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am 25. Januar 1999
Robin S. Sharma covered a subject matter on which many books are written. All major religion of the world have a way to explain how to lead ones life, Psychologist have their answers & advice. "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" gives you the insight in plain simple ways. must read to believe.Veena Vasishth
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am 19. Oktober 2014
Really inspirational book, easy to read and understand. One of the excellent pieces that truly takes you through adventures and experiences of people in Himalayas, living in the outer world full of joy and happiness which they created with the help of genuine and unconditional love to life. Definitely "must read".
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am 7. April 2010
Leider habe ich der CD nicht bekommen aber das Buch war faszinierend. Irgendwie viele Sachen die man eh schon gewusst hat aber so kompakt zusammen geführt. Ich habe mir auf alle Fälle was mitgenommen für mein Leben und was vorgenommen für mein Leben.Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
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am 14. Oktober 2011
A beautiful way of describing a possible way to a liberated life - All aspects of this book make a lot of sense to me, its one of these books which just feel right. A great inspiration on my yogic path.
If you take your time and keep open minded towards it, it can really do miracles ;)
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