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am 13. November 2009
Ich mag Ken Follett sehr, aber leider ist dieses Buch eines seiner schwächeren. Es ist grundsätzlich spannend, aber die Handlung ist etwas zu abgedreht und verliert sich gegen Ende in Action und Verrücktheit.
Bei der Bewertung schwanke ich zwischen 3 und 4 Sternen. 3 wegen der schwachen Handlung, 4 weil ich es doch recht zügig durchgelesen habe.
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am 30. August 2006
Ich habe fast alle Bücher von Follett entweder auf deutsch oder meistens auf englisch gelesen. Dieses ist das erste, welches mir überhaupt nicht gefallen hat. Ich habe es trotzdem zu ende gelesen und werde auch weiterhin gerne Bücher von ihm lesen.
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am 31. März 2012
A group of ex-hippies has been living hidden out in a valley for the last 25 years without much contact to the rest of civilization. However, now a dam should be built to flood the valley so a hydro-power plant can be built. This would mean the end of the commune. In their despair they decide to threaten the governor of California to cause earthquakes unless the plans for all new power plants in the state are abolished. A crazy, unrealistic threat? Everybody thinks so, at first, and the FBI is investigating only proforma. But when there actually is a tremor at said time and location...

Is the plot realistic? Well, unlikely yes, but maybe it would really work. I won't spoil it for you and tell you how the group intends to cause quakes.

The first half of the book solidly builds on the plot, but later on the book picks up speed and things start to become more fast paced but also a bit weird. Not to say it is a bad book and I could not really put a finger on it, but my gut feeling just says "nah, something's wrong with at least the seconds part of this book".
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am 4. Januar 1999
Having lived in both Northern California and South Texas, and an avid Follet reader I take exception to errors with the description of South Texas. I could have read the beginning of Hammer of Eden and helped with the editing for accuracy.
For the record, I have only read about half of the book.
I have witnessed the seismic vibrator in South Texas, the description of the operation is accurate.
South Texas is not dry (no beer). It is unlikely that the local beer joint in Shiloh would be dry. The dry areas in Texas are around Dallas, West Texas (Lubbock) and East Texas (Tyler).
Looking up Shiloh Texas on the Texas map, there are a few references, none of which fit with the trip through San Antonio.
The seismic vibrator is a wide load type of vehicle and would require escort to be moved. I cannot imagine it being driven by from Texas to California without being stopped by the Highway Patrol.
Again with the seismic vibrator, it could not be reasonably be driven through San Antonio. And Priest stopped for directions. (laugh)
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am 20. November 1999
All Ken Follett books are decent reads--even his earliest efforts that he himself deprecates. However, his last two books have been definite let-downs for me after such mesmerizing masterpieces as Night over Water, Dangerous Fortune, Pillars of the Earth, Triple, and Eye of the Needle. The special combination of interesting heroes, strong suspense, passionate romance, and beautifully rendered settings just doesn't work in contemporary American settings. How very much I wish Mr Follett would return to a historical era--World War II, the Victorian Age, the French Revolution, the Renaissance--I don't care (as long as it's not the Wild West). Or, if he must be contemporary, at least I wish he'd try for a more exotic locale--Hong Kong, the Balkans, Pakistan, Chechnya . . . . even his native Wales. But, please, no more Boys from Brazil retreads on American college campuses and tiresome doomsday cults in California. There are enough bad American writers writing this sort of stuff; why should a good British writer waste his time on it?
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am 11. Februar 2000
Knowing what a huge fan I am of Ken Follett, my husband made this book one of my Christmas gifts. I tried several times to bear with this and give him the benefit of doubt. Unfortunately, my doubts were well founded. I just couldn't believe this was the same author. Never saying anything to my husband, we were talking about books just last night, and he said, "do you know the strangest book I've read recently?", you've got it! He is also a fan of Mr. Follett's. I enjoyed all of his others, especially "Eye" and "Pillars". In "Hammer", the plot, the characters and writing were very sophmoric. I truly don't think they wrere written by the same author or he bet someone that his name could sell anything. Sorry, but I hope the next one fully redeems Mr. Follett to his fans.
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am 19. November 1999
After the magnificence of Pillars of the Earth, the pretty-goodness of Eye of the Needle, and the not-badness of several of his other novels, this one is clearly at the bottom of the heap. The story and characters are ridiculously implausible. It is the kind of thing that reads as if it were hatched by an author who found himself with a one-week deadline to write a book, and had to do so while on a skiing vacation in Aspen (would that I had such a life). It is formulaic to the point that it feels a bit like stuffing oneself with a stale Big Mac while driving in rush hour traffic (not that I've ever done that). Neither tasty nor satisfying, and certainly not memorable. After a string of Follett novels, this one made me leap for someone new. I'm trying Ethan Canin.
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am 12. Dezember 1998
I've read all of Follet's previous books and enjoyed all of them. The Hammer of Eden, however, is disappointing. The central character, a former criminal turned cult-leader, is not very bright or engaging. In fact, all of the characters, except the FBI agent and her father, seem one-dimensional and lifeless. Her mean-spirited bosses are cartoons. They're not real or believable. The story centers around the cult-leaders attempts at stopping the governor of California from destroying the land that is occupied by the wine-producing commune. The cult-leader steals a "seismic vibrator" and induces earthquakes. Somehow, it just doesn't ring true. Follet seemed to phone this one in. Too bad, Hammer of Eden had all the ingredients of a great thriller.
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am 3. Januar 2000
None of Ken Follett's books are really boring and all can keep the reader's attention during the reading of them. However, I can still remember clearly a number of scenes from Eye of the Needle more than a decade after reading the book. Only a couple of weeks away from reading The Hammer of Eden I can hardly recall anything significant about either the characters or the plot. The book was marginally interesting - primarily because of the plot set-up, which, however implausible was at least unique - but poor follow thru and limp characters result in a story that doesn't add up to Follett at his best. Too bad, because when he is good he is very, very good. Not here, however.
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am 17. Februar 2000
I nearly read all of Follett's books and I was disappointed when I finished this one. Sure, it has a kind of tension and it's giving an insight into a commune's living, but the rest of the time you are thinking while reading about a cheap FBI-TV series, not very special, no very elegant solutions. It has also some unneccesarily brutal scenes (like the brain smashing scene) which is unusual for Follett, using these newspaper-kiosk-paperback methods of horror and tension writing... Read "needle", read "pillars" or anything else of Follett, either agent thriller or historical novel, and you can expect rapid page-turning until the end, promise!! :-)
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