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3,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 11. Mai 2000
"The Energy of Money," by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D.is NOT a new age serman a la Suzie Orman chiding one regarding spiritual points in one's life which require cleaning up before money comes along. Nor does Nemeth's approach give one the feeling of being preached to by a moneyed person sharing their "get rich" philosphies with all "the little people."
What Nemeth's book does do is explain how ideas begin in a realm of energy, requiring translation into the physical realm.Her guidelines are accompanied by well thought-out explanations which most folks can relate to some other area of their lives.
Dr. Nemeth's approach is basic, straight-forward and makes sense without judgements, spiritual lists, and long verbose explanations.
I definitely recommend this book for anyone desiring to better understand money: what it is/is not, how it moves in the world,and how to relate to the energy of money in a manner which may successfully bring more into one's life.
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am 14. Juni 1999
I enjoyed the book and the tape set. The book is clearly written and easy to relate to. Some of the concepts may sound simple but putting them to work in my life has made all the difference to me. The principles covered in the book are about living a life of integrity with support and compassion. When I am living my life based on integrity and contribution, life has been getting easier and more fulfilling for me and the people in my life. This book gives a great roadmap for achieving extraordinary results in life by keeping our priorities in alignment with these principles. I also recommend the You and Money Course as a follow on to the book. I took it and it has been a powerful influence on my life. Keep up the great work Maria!
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am 19. April 1999
I really enjoyed this simple money book not about money, but getting rid of negative beliefs about MONEY.
Lots of neat exercises to get rid of your personal money demons.
I'm slowly enjoying going back over some spots that are interesting.
Nice exercise on Treasure Mapping
and very good commentary about Monkey Mind...
kind of a zen like approach to money!
Very vivid example of how the author lost a bundle of money and her learnings.
I'm implementing some "authentic actions" as we speak in my own money life.
Very good primer in getting rid of negative beliefs or in-the-way positive beliefs... lots of vivid examples from the seminars.
Worth paying for...I own it now in my growing collection.
Looking forward to new books by this elegant author and psychologist!
Maria if you're reading this now, please send me a future copy of your new informative book! I like your stuff!
There are very, very interesting principles of energy and money to be discovered here!
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am 17. April 1999
Dr. Nemeth approaches a universally challenging subject - money - from a brilliantly integrated perspective. This is financial planning, self-empowerment and spiritually inspiration all rolled together with a generous dose of humor and compassion. A truly refreshing and innovative look at a subject that has such a tendency to be "heavy" and certainly not fun. Nemeth changes all that! My life is different from my experience of this work!
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am 10. Juni 1999
I bought this tape set, intending to share it with my (grown) son. It isn't about energy or money; it's Psychology 101. Nine hours of it. I suppose it's great for those who like to make lists and re-think their priorities (again), but for those who want to understand energy and money? No. A huge disappointment.
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am 8. November 1999
I read half of this book before I got too bored to go any further. It has nothing NEW that you couldn't find in a dozen other self-help books. It even resorts to that darling of magical thinking--treasure maps (like they really work!). I'd skip this one, folks.
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