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4,1 von 5 Sternen

am 18. März 2012
Kindle Edition, published March 13th, 2012
Hachette Digital

There's a huge difference between being a triggerman and being someone's triggerman.
Victor is understandably upset about the CIA holding him on a leash, but there's not
much the former freelance killer, now employee of the month can do about it. Three
kills and you're free to go. That's what his handler promised him.
He hates a rush-job, much can go wrong, but even Victor couldn't have foreseen the
international hornets' nest he's about to step on. No one to turn to, no one he
trusts - will Victor come out on top or end up six feet under?

Does a reviewer lose credibility when rating three books by the same author five stars in a row? I had to ask myself this question, because after his debut novel The Hunter and in-between short story Bad Luck in Berlin, Wood once again wowed me into stunned silence with his latest release The Enemy. My take on this: Not when one can back the positive verdict up with a good explanation. Well, here is mine:

No way am I going anywhere near the story, for it would without a doubt spoil something for you. That statement alone should tell you how complex and multidimensional a web of characters and plot lines the author has woven. Just a vague mention to give you an idea of what to expect; I counted five major players on the field, including Victor himself. I use the term player (singular) loosely. It took a while to bring the links connecting them to light, and that's among the many aspects I loved about this read. It kept me wondering; kept me guessing and thus my eyes glued to the pages.

On this level of multilayered writing you always run the risk of inconsistencies, but let me assure you, Wood knew exactly what he was doing. How can I be so sure?
I took a long, hard look: [Insert picture of mindmap here-unfortunately Amazon doesn't allow that]

Every aspect of this story oozed with confidence and the more chapters I read the clearer it became that no matter how many twists and turns the reader encounters, in the end, Victor was bound to arrive at a specific point. I didn't even want to guess at it, and instead, let the main character take me on a ride full of surprises, shocking revelations and much a*s-kicking. Did I mention a*s-kicking?

The writing excels at its attention to detail as well as the fast-paced flow that carries the characters and plot. The joy Wood must've felt writing expressed itself in the words he chose. Gripping, graphic, first-rate!

Victor as the antihero leaves Barry Eisler's John Rain in the dust. The suspense reminds me of action a la Vince Flynn. In your face, but without the "Mitch -R-e-p-u-b- Rapp" political message of the same nature. Victor is a hands-on kind of guy! In terms of thorough research, Wood is on his way to Daniel Silva's sphere. We're talking carefully selected and effectively presented details about settings (all over the globe), toys (Victor's preferred choices of weapons) and pre-emptive measures (detecting surveillance). I couldn't put this book down! You've heard that one before? It's true. I fell asleep with my Kindle next to me and was three seconds away from a heart attack when the battery decided to die on me the following day at 96 %. Seriously, I was about to pop a freakin' vein. It was that good.

Nothing is as it seems. Better scribble that on your palm. You'd think I've learned my lesson by now (Bad Luck in Berlin), but Wood did it again, throwing me off balance in the span of one - as in the first - chapter. Forget about being eased into the story, think cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine. I was so sure about what's going to happen, just to be surprised at the unexpected turn of events. You just never know what the author is up to. Awesome!

The book had the right amount of plausibility to be unsettling and scary, and the perfect amount of implausibility to entertain the heck outta me. This formula works exceptionally well for me and my particular tastes (it has in the past with his other work, too), however, that doesn't mean this thriller is just more of the same. Far from it! You may recognize the writing style, it also gives you the opportunity to catch up with an old friend (Victor is back!), but the story is what makes it so unique. I am glad the blurb didn't give much away.

On to the man of the -h-o-u-r- novel: There's depth to the character. Full stop.
Maybe I'm reading too much into it, or imagining things, but I felt the enormous impact his involuntary working arrangement with the CIA had on Victor's psyche (much more so than in Bad Luck in Berlin). He was difficult to understand before, this time around...wholly unpredictable. I followed him to the edge and back (Would he really? He wouldn't! Would he?). What an incredible showdown! Maybe the best I've read so far (and I've read a lot).

Wood puts the thrill back in thriller.
When is book #3 coming out? Not sure I'll survive the wait.
5 brightly sparkling stars (I can't give 6 after all) to
The Enemy by Tom Wood.

Beware of Spoilers!
A few of my favorite quotes for those of you who are interested:
° "He blended into the background, seldom seen, rarely noticed. Unremembered."
° "...he seemed just like them - flesh and blood, skin and bone - but he also knew that that was where the similarities ended."
° "You have to dream to have nightmares..."
° "...preferred to conduct it with as much legality as could be illegally purchased."
° "He won't like it. - If he stamps his feet, we'll remind him who his daddy is. - And he'll like that even less."
° "For the things I have done I know the devil saves a place for me in hell. So when I am to burn, what does one more sin matter?"
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am 9. März 2013
Little confusing that the english titles differes from the german ones, although they are in english, too.
So I bought this version, even I got it printed german version. But as reading s.t. in a language which is not your own, you're easier realising the level of writer: The higher the more you've got to get the words translated. And Tom Wood uses a broad range of expressions and it is grave letting yourself be interrupted by the translation. Victor is a versatile character and even he is killer you would be bound to fear for him. Fascinating and thrilling, I can hardly wait for the next story of Victor.
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am 27. Juli 2013
Das ist der zweite Teil der Serie. Bin leider erst im nachhinein draufgekommen. Tut der spannung und der story aber keinen abbruch. Es ist auch ohne weiteres möglich alle zusammenhänge zu verstehen, da immer wieder kleine rückblenden das schon geschehene wiedergeben. Sehr spannend, sehr abwechslungsreihe story und man kommt in die versuchung einen auftragskiller sympatisch zu finden.
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am 9. September 2014
read it twice. even if you know what happens this book is still more thrilling then much of other literature of this genre. thank's to the author for that masterpiece
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am 29. Oktober 2013
hundreds of details about guns and killing,stabing,shooting. nothing else, waste of money. sad but true. had to force myself to read.....
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am 10. März 2014
Und wieder zeigt sich Victor in Hochform! Doch auch die Story ist gelungen, spannend und unvorhersehbar bis zum Schluss!
Ein Muss für Fans von spannenden Thriller mit interessanten Protagonisten!
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am 27. März 2013
Tom Wood has produced another, fast paced, very readable and extremely unputdownable thriller.
I enjoyed reading this one and look forward to his next missive!
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