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2,8 von 5 Sternen
2,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 28. April 1999
The book Was he? by Miguel Rodriguez, has a teory of how Hitler scapes from the bunker in 1945. Even in Ada Petrova affirme that a forence doctor said that is impossible that Eva Braun's curpse founded was hers. In Was he? Chapter 12 resolve some misteries in Petrova book. Why Hitler change his all life physician Dr. Morell to Dr. Ludwig Stumpffeger, Why did Hitler called Robert Ritter von Greim in and exposed him by making him fly over half Germany, where the enemy's military aircrafts were flying in constant vigilance? Why so many German fighter planes were used to protect the airplane of von Greim, many of them shoot down during the trip, so that Hitler would tell him what he could have told him over the phone?. Why Hitler send to murder Hermann Fegelein who was husband of Braun's sister and Eva Braun don't even blink? Why the pick Walter Wagner to solemnize the marriage? If it took them a while to locate him it was because of the bombing to which Berlin was being subject. It would have been easier and less risky to use any other registrar, because in the the other Bunker, next to that of the Führer, they could have found someone suitable and the required documentation. Why when Hitler and Braun enter in the room to take "suicide", he has to go out of his chambers once more and to say goodbye for a second time. What is it? he repent or was not really willing to die? Why they found "Hitler's corpse with the shot and the scyanide capsule at the same time? Every thing is answer in This book.
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am 25. Januar 1999
This book is disorganized and the various topics, although related, are not cemented together with anything resembling a well-thought out, well-written structure. In what direct way, for instance, are Hitler's water colors related to the circumstances of his death? This book's most important information (who found Hitler's body, how Hitler died, where Hitler was buried, something I found of particular interest) should have been summarized in a two-page weekly news magazine article somewhere. Obviously, however, the authors felt that to read their exclusive but well-padded research should cost at least $20 or so, therefore, here it is, in book form. History buffs may want this book for the inserts and for what few pages actually contain fresh, well-presented information, but the curious who just want to know more about Hitler's last days should visit their library or borrow a copy from a friend-- who, I'm sure, won't mind lending it out.
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am 18. Juli 2000
The book seeks to explain and verify Hitler's death by examining "new, secret" Russian archives. The first section of the book summarizes previous books and attempts to answer the questions surrounding Hitler's death. Readers familiar with the subject may find this section repetitive and boring. The second section tries to use "new evidence" to explain how, where, when Hitler died. However, there is nothing particularly new about it. Trevor-Roper's book "The Last Days of Hitler" is a more efficient and interesting book in this subject. The third section, is the most interesting. It contains descriptions of Hitler's never seen before paintings and photos, and offers insights into Hitler's mindset, although the authors' arguments are not really convincing. Overall, not a bad leisure reading book, but don't quote from it if you are writing a history paper.
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am 24. Juli 2000
This is a fascinating topic, a real detective story for one of history's mysteries. (Though the mystery angle is not so great, just some minor twists and turns.) There is much in this volume that has been covered before---and done better (Trevor-Roper and O'Donnell, for example). The authors' arguments are poorly stated, disjointed, repetitive, and not particularly convincing. (Though they are probably---more or less---correct.) There's a rushed, let's-get-this-one-together-fast feel to the book (it's typos are both numerous and inexcusable). Essentially, what we've got going here is a refresher course. Interesting enough, but the billing far exceeds what's delivered between the covers.
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