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am 28. Mai 2000
Look no further, this book will give you everything you ever wanted to know and more about herbs. The only thing else you might want is a more elaborate book on herb garden design...but don't be dismayed the section on herb garden design is very complete and inspiring.
ACTUALLY TELLS YOU HOW TO USE THEM! My wife and I love to use herbs particularly culinary, tea, and medicinal. This was the only book we came across that had detailed and useful information that was easily understood on how to use herbs in practical ways.
The book covers garden design, making herbal decorations, use in the kitchen with many recipes, household uses of herbs, beauty care use of herbs, essential oils, health uses of herbs, cultivation and harvesting of herbs and a very complete index of over 100 herbs. The herbal index is great. It contains full color photographs of the foliage, flowers, seed, dried leaves, and roots as applicable to each herb. A short history is given along with cultivation, harvest information, and uses (including what parts for what use).
It has a nice section on making potpourri. The beauty use section is complete with recipes. The table of essential oils is very complete and useful. The health section describes different general preparation techniques and an A-Z guide of ailments with accompanying herbal remedies. The herb cultivating section is complete and useful.
The title says it all, get this book and you will learn something new about herbs every time you pick it up. We reference it all the time. It is invaluable to any gardening or health library.
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am 16. April 1999
this is the only book i have found that gives wonderful pictures and a great discriptions. It dicribes each herb giving history identification, cultivation and how to use. It also has a symble key for easy id of the uses. Though it does not list all the uses of plants but ovre all great
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am 23. März 2000
If you could only own one book on herbs, this would be the book to own. It tells you how to grow,harvest, preserve the herbs and many, many uses for each herb that is included in the book. There are hundreds of full-color photographs and even some wonderful drawings and charts. There is a section on herb gardens and how to design your own, another on herbal decor, ways to use your home-grown herbs in meals, ways to make beauty and bath products using herbs, a guide for essential oils and their uses, including a section on massage and recommendations of which oils work best for which ailment. There is a section on herbal first aid that is quite handy. I look at this book again and again and always come away having learned something new. It is simply a super book that does what it promises--it is, to my knowledge, complete.
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am 25. Mai 1999
Anyone from the beginning herb gardener to the seasoned professional will benefit from this book. From practical advice on starting and cultivating herbs, to detailed landscaping plans, to plant by plant descriptions of more than 100 herbs, "The Complete Book Of Herbs" is all you'll need to bring the joys of herb gardening to your life! In addition to valuable information on growing herbs, there's plenty of ideas for using herbs, including recipes and decorating ideas. Looking for the best guide for herb gardening? Look no further than Lesley Bremness's "The Complete Book Of Herbs"!
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am 2. September 2014
Es gibt viele Bücher und Zeitschriften, die umfassend auf die gängigen Gartenkräuter eingehen. Wenige Bücher gehen weit darüber hinaus. Lesley Bremness Buch ist zugleich übersichtlich gehalten und erfüllt alle meine Wünsche - Anbau und Pflege, Nutzung in der Küche, medizinische, kosmetische und sonstige Verwendung werden in kurzer und übersichtlicher Form dargestellt. Dabei sind auch Kräuter z.B. des Capitulare de villis beschrieben, über die fast nirgends Informationen zugänglich sind.
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am 14. Oktober 1997
I got the last copy in the store and all others will just have to go wanting! I spent hours searching for an herb book that would fullfill all my interests and questions on general herb usuage and this book is it. I keep it in the "library", that's how good it is!!
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am 17. Juni 1998
Of all the books I have in my library of herbs none can match descriptive integrity of this book. Between the uses and the way to grow them is unmatchable to this one book. I hope everyone takes the time to read or look over this book as I did.
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am 16. August 2010
As a beginner herb grower this book is the perfect companion for me. Large pictures, an incredible amount of information covering all aspects of herb growing and uses for herbs. Highly recommended! You don't need anything else.
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am 11. Januar 2000
Neat ideas for uses of herbs. Great pictures and just a very interesting book to have.
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