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am 15. Juni 2000
Don't be fooled by the title, this is not the complete book of frisbee. Ultimate only rates a couple of pages, for starters. There is nothing to speak of on throwing technique. It is not particularly well edited, either - many assertions and heresay have slipped through the net. Lots of nice pictures of collectable discs, if that's what you're into. A bit of a disappointment given the dearth of books-in-print about throwing technique and ultimate.
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am 28. Mai 1998
The Complete Book of Frisbee will take you to the beach, or wherever it was you threw your first frisbee, and then in a joyful, informative glide, take you back to the very origins of the flying disc. Author, Malafronte with the capable assistance of Editor, Davis Johnson, provide the reader with an entertaining, accessible account that brings to light much information about the origins and development of the flying disc and flying disc activities never before revealed. The central revelation of the book is reams of new research that reveals that the term "frisbee" likely should never have been trademarked due to its having been a commonly used term long before Wham-O got a hold of it.
In this light, there is a full informative chapter on how the term "frisbee" originated from the well known Bridgeport, Connecticut bakery, the Frisbie Pie Company. It was the tossing of this company's pie tins, first by the company drivers, later becoming common among Ivy League college students, that led to frisbie/frisbie becoming a well know term describing flying disc play in the Northeast.The Complete Book of Frisbee tells how the casual tossing of these has since evolved into a phenomenom enjoyed by millions around the world, and how the Frisbie pie tin, once an everyday item found around New England, is worth, in some cases, hundreds of dollars if you can find one today!
Another of the great attractions of this book is the close to 400 full color photographs of the many valuable and collectible frisbees and Frisbie pie pans. The reader is given a full primer on how to find these collectibles, identify and classify same. Also included is a comprehensive index guiding the reader to the surprisingly vast world of flying disc related organizations, sporting federations, collector groups, in other words, everything the reader needs to find out more about this growing phenomenom, which, as author Malafronte aptly puts it, is establishing itself as one of the great sports/pastimes that shall dominate the 21st century.
In summary, I highly recommend The Complete Book of Frisbee. Even the casual day at beach tosser can't fail but be captured by this groundsbreaking account of quirky history, trademark shenanegans, and above all, be charmed the fresh from the injection mold, just plain fun this book brings to the reader.
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am 22. August 1998
There have been books detailing Frisbee history in the past, and this books adds a great deal to the legends and the lore.
But it is also the first book to actually catalog piles of plastic into a colorful compendium for you to read, rate and review. Ever wonder what that old flying disc in the garage was really worth? Want to know how much money your dog REALLY consumed the last time he chomped on a Frisbee? Now you can find out in the Complete Book of Frisbee!
Lots of fun for old-timers to read, and a colorful introduction to the history for those just getting started.
PS: It's also a great gift for your Frisbee flipping friends...I've already given away four copies.
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am 31. Dezember 1998
This book is a comprehensive treatment of the history of the frisbee and how it came to be the ubiquitous disc that we know today. Collectors will value the pictoral guide that allows for quick identification of classic frisbees. Now if I can only find my 1978 165G World Champion Frisbee that is featured on page 156. Sigh...
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