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The Business of Consulting: The Basics and Beyond [With *]
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am 12. Februar 1999
The Business of Consulting is a FABULOUS book for the new consultant or the person considering becoming a consultant. It reinforced information I had learned in the previous 6 months as a newly independent consultant and gave excellent guidelines and advice on my next steps. I wish I had read the Business of Consulting before I started out. Before consideing becoming a consultant I read at least 10 books about becoming a consultant and conducted interviews with consultants. The Business of Consulting could have saved me 3 months of information gathering and research.
The Business of Consulting especially gives the new consultant excellent advice on Marketing and Selling thier services. As a new consultant, it was revelation to learn that my first year would be spent mostly marketing and trying to get new clients. Learning that spending 2 months on the phone and mailing marketing materials is exactly what I am suppose to be doing! Elaine Biech does an excellent job of addressing how to make a consulting business work and the nuts of bolts like invoices, getting paid and finding clients. The disk that Elaine Biech provides also gives The reader excellent tools to use.
The Business of Consulting is a must have.
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am 9. November 1998
It's a page turner, simple, easy to understand reference guide. As an internal consultant considering a leap to private practice, this book provides me with the inspiration and framework I need to be successful. Besides the useful tips and forms, I especially enjoyed following Elaine on one of her typcial weeks "on the job" as a consultant. As in the Baldrige Criteria, thiis book gives me the roadmap and framework to start building my own business. Thanks Elaine for taking the mystery out of the business of consulting. Aloha, L.A. Burke
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am 4. März 1999
What a wonderful resource. While I'm not entertaining the idea of becoming a consultant, I found the book to have an incredible amount of useful information. I particularly appreciated the exhibits and samples provided. I've hired Elaine as a consultant in my agency and have never been disappointed. This woman has talent! She's able to write in a clear and straightforward fashion...and that's exactly how she communicates in person as well. I'm not surprised she was able to accomplish this task as well. Way to go, Elaine! Congratulations!
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am 4. Januar 1999
Elaine has obviously learned many lessons on the ins and outs of getting a consulting business to succeed in these very competitive times. The book is a blend of self-analysis, practical tips, and insights into managing a one-person operation. If this is all so much common sense, why hasn't anyone written this book before? Elaine has the ability to do the work and, at the same time, to analyze the work as she's doing it. The information on the disk really makes all of the business side so much easier. A must read for consultant wannabees.
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am 17. März 1999
This book is an extremely valuable set of guidelines and tools for anyone who is in the consulting business. It's easy to skim -- there are some chapters that are "must reads" for those who are just starting out; other chapters are better if you've been out there for a while. I've already bought a number of copies for friends in the business and they have all commented to me about how valuable this is. Congratulations and thanks to Elaine Biech!
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am 2. Juli 2000
Two stars: One for the beautiful typeset and layout; the other for including all forms and examples on disk. That's it. Each time I picked this book up, my anxiety and discomfort noticeably rose. For all you budding consultants who might have dreams about being rich, famous, or otherwise rewarded in your new endeavor, read chapter one. Ping! Gone. No more illusions. Biech effectively "de-myths" the "pie in the sky" aspects of consulting, but she fails to rebuild confidence in subsequent sections. Her examples are simplistic and her tactics are at times quite ridiculous. The worst section is on Marketing, a concept Biech confuses with advertising and PR. In this section she recommends flooding customers with "your-name-displayed-prominently-here" junk and over-stuffed envelopes with a small plastic tree heralding a "tree-mendous" year ahead working with her. If you like these Junior High humor tactics in your attempt to make money, you'll enjoy her other 100+ examples. I prefer the strategic approaches found in Florzak's and in Block's books and to devise my own specific tactics.
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am 29. März 2000
The Business of Consulting: The Basics and Beyond, by Elaine Biech truly deals with what the title suggests, the business end of consulting. Throughout her book, Ms. Biech reiterates that "Staying in business is less dependent on how good a consultant you are than on how well you run your business" (p. 201). Biech backs up her emphasis on running a business successfully by offering a number of exhibits in the form of worksheets, questionnaires, self-evaluations and developing a business plan. Her exhibits contain information from tracking expenses, to tracking time. In every topic covering the business end of consulting Biech is very thorough. For example, in the marketing section of her book, she tells readers what to put in mailings in order to get attention. Her idea is to make all mailings aimed at getting business "lumpy envelopes" by enclosing objects such as holiday symbols. This has created a trademark for ebb associates, Biech's consulting business. She is also very in-depth in her discussion on how to figure out your rates as a consultant. Although the majority of the book is aimed toward the business aspect of consulting, the author does discuss how to decide if consulting is a good profession for you or not. She is very up front in informing the reader what it takes to get into the business. In this section she offers self-evaluation exhibits for those considering consulting as a career. Biech is quick to dispel myths about consulting and tell the reader what he or she can actually expect. She believes that, although the best reason to become a consultant is because you want to, it is important to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in regard to the profession. For this purpose she provides the reader with a variety of worksheets. Biech repeats her emphasis on self-evaluation at the end of her book by describing, in detail, a week in the life of a consultant. In this chapter she is very honest about the time her business takes and the need to juggle her schedule. Saturday phone calls, canceling social engagements and putting off personal projects are all possibilities in a consultant's life, according to Biech. Not only does Biech offer questionnaires and worksheets; she also gives multiple examples of introductory letters, proposals and contracts. Introductory letters are a marketing strategy of ebb associates that show research has been done on the company before it was contacted. It is important, in Biech's eyes, to focus on the recipient of the letter in the first paragraph by telling him or her what is known about the business, such as its recent expansions, growth records or business reputation. This is a way of building the client up before suggesting a service the consultant might provide. Perhaps the thing that differentiates Biech's book from other consulting books is the variety and number of exhibits offered. Every form imaginable is available not only in the book, but on a disk enclosed with the purchase of The Business of Consulting. Session planners, billing, start-up expenses, budget format, cash-flow projection, financial statements, marketing plans and subcontractor agreements are just a few of the exhibits offered. In total, there are fifty exhibits on the disk, which can be printed for use by anyone starting their own consulting business. Because of all the personality evaluations and commitment questionnaires provided in Biech's book, I believe it would make an excellent read for anyone considering becoming a consultant. Its format would also make it an excellent textbook for classes on consulting. The emphasis on running a business might be a salvation to those caught in the mire of an unorganized firm, as well as a complete guide to those venturing into self-employment for the first time. As Peter Block, the author of Flawless Consulting states, The Business of Consulting is "practical, compassionate, and a good alternative to an MBA."
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am 16. Februar 2000
To be honest I was somewhat disappointed with this book, but only because my expectations were set to high based on these reviews! I have read many books on consulting and must of them have very little in the way of valuable content. This is well written and does give useful information. What disappointed me was the lack of depth. The title 'the basics & beyond' should have been only 'the basics'. Most of the examples and items included in the disc are VERY introductory and simplex. The sections of the book dealing with marketing were good - but could have been much more comprehensive.
If you a just thinking about consulting or are new to consulting the book would be great for you. If you have a successful consulting business already - you most likely could have written this book yourself.
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am 13. Dezember 1998
Elaine has done an outstanding job of providing a book for consultants. We needed a book where all the great ideas are available and put there by a practictioner who has used them all. You won't find another book out there like it and it will more than pay for itself. I recommend it highly.
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am 26. Februar 1999
Elaine Biech has provided the reader with invaluable insights into the consulting profession. It's a super resource for both the person who is considering the step into consulting as well as for those of us who are trying to make it work! Her suggestions and strategies don't require big bucks or a cast of thousands to implement...yet are very workable with the most sophisticated clients. Congratulations for making a real contribution to the consulting profession!
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