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am 12. März 2013
I couldn't believe there are no reviews for this fantastic book on Amazon.de yet, so I just have to fix this.
As probably a lot of other readers, I picked this up based on Hugh Howey's endorsement, and boy, was he right! This is among the very best SF I've read...ever.
Mather's vision of the future is the most believable one I've seen so far, and I think it is very likely that this is what the world will look like soon. Automatic assistants that bring and filter information based on the user's requirements (Google Glass anyone? even if Mathers is using a different technology). "Bloggers" that transmit their sensory input to their followers and get payed for it. Omnipresent communication based on nanoparticles in the air. Things going virtual and people's space requirements reducing as a result (who needs a large living room for parties when the parties are virtual?)
With all those new achievements there come new risks and problems, which are brilliantly brought to our attention in those 5 stories, all happening in parallel. Each of the 5 is zoning in on a different aspect and offers different perspectives on the brave new world we're being shown.
Atopia is fantastic, and I was so happy to read today that the prequel Cyberstorm is due this Friday (and I can guarantee I'll download this the moment it hits amazon.de).
Absolutely recommended for everyone that enjoys SF, cool new tech gadgets or Cyberpunk.
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am 20. September 2014
I personally liked a lot how the reader of this book is taken along on the journey. The ideas and concepts described here are continously introduced throughout the novel in a way that you can easily get an understanding of the ideas presented, simply by the way the book is structured.
I read the second book of the chronicles as soon as it was available!
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am 28. Mai 2014
Die Welt von atopia ist sehr faszinierend. Das spannendste an dem Buch sind die beschriebenen Technologien und die sich daraus ergebenen Probleme und Möglichkeiten. Die Story ist ein gutes Medium um die Technologien bildlich zu beschreiben. Mittendrin frägt man sich worum es eigentlich geht und überlegt ob es sich lohnt weiterzulesen..
..wenn man sich dafür entscheidet wird man mit einem interessanten Finale belohnt!
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am 18. Mai 2014
I'm not a typical SF reader, I admit. The book started good, I got into the story and I liked it. But getting halfway there were so many story lines that I lost interest
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am 26. Mai 2014
Sounded good but the amateur writing 'style' destroys any promise of the collection ideas. All of those were already treated better by other authors. But maybe its just my perception skewed by the stellar 'fractal prince' i have read just before this one.
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am 27. Juni 2014
I have not been able to actually finish the book yet. There are bits that seem to start up a story where something may become worth reading, but an hour of confusing and uninteresting reading later I put it to the side. It seams to be a number of stories told in series but intertwined. The world Atopia represents is so not what I hope humanity is headed for. I cannot relate to any of the characters either to like or dislike them.
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