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am 21. November 1999
I am Indian-American (originally from India) and a Christianwith a B.A. in Theology/Biology, and I can tell you honestly that Diopis quite factual in supporting his thesis that the ancient Egyptians were, indeed, Black (Negro). There are, however, some things Diop says that I am in disagreement with, but his thesis that ancient Egypt was Black is as accurate as saying the earth revolves around the sun.
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It is a shame that anyone who whould give this book a low rating would refer to themselves as "a reader from...." Evidence that they haven't even seen the COVER of this book comes shining through. The main topic of this book is to show that Aficans played vital parts in the history of man from the most remote times. The Egyptians were African. Black African. Even European and Middle Eastern Egyptologists could/can not prove otherwise. Refer to the 2nd volume of The General History of Africa. Diop puts forth in the Symposium on the Origin of the Ancient Egyptians the same arguments presented in this book. Any argument opposing his own, Diop dealt with as objectively as possible. Considering he was African and that African history has been distorted the way it has, I can understand the fire and emotion with which Diop writes. It's to be expected. But in the final synopsis, it's not the emotion, but how well documented and researched his arguments are. Read the end notes and the bibliography. Mostly all his references are European Historians and Egyptologists who are hardly known in academic circles because of their beliefs. Diop even leaves an anthropological glossary and biographical sketches on the authors he cites. Hardly a stone is left uncovered. One should actually READ this book before trying to write a review on it. What Diop says is true and is gaining more acceptence everyday, and there's two things that can be done about it: 1. Nothing, 2. Like it!
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am 15. September 1999
This revisionism belies the facts of HISTORY. How can we go forth in History when we are too busy revising this false and grand "past"? So much to be proud of and we have these revisionists, who differ Not from those White racist revisionists and "Holocaust" revisionists, bullcrapping their way into our minds. To hear the revisionists, Black and African blood is in every Accomplishment (but, hmmm, never in the historical disasters). If so, it seems that the African/ Blacks have been solely responsible for the dire straits that Blacks and Africans find themselves in TODAY. We are so busy rewriting the past, crying "I am a VICTIM!" in the present, and telling everyone (Europeans, Euro-Americans, Asians, Asian-Americans, Semitic, etc., etc.,) they "OWE US" for the future. Is it any wonder why we Africans appear at the lower stratas EVERY where else in the world, including Latin America, Europe, Asia, and including our own CONTINENT of Africa!!! yes, in Kenya, Uganda, etc., it is non-Africans who comprise the top stratas of society, from education, social, economic, etc...
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am 24. Februar 2000
First and foremost:Balkan,not Africa,neither Near East is considered to be cradle of first World Civilisation.Second:Ancient Egyptian were "Whites" (See:Coon,C.S"Races of Europe")with perhaps some Aethiopid admixture(Aethiopians are Caucasoid,with only slight Negroid admixture)(See:John R. Baker"Race"}.This is reflected in pictorial art where there is fine distinction beetwen Caucasoids,Blacks and Blonded-haired,Blue Eyed Lybian Nordics.True Negroids originated in western central african area and are considered by some scientist(Coon"Origin of Races",Pearson"Anthropologic glossary")To be admixture beetween Cromagnoids and earlier Pithecantropus-this population has no ties whatsoever with Aethiopians of Ancient Egypt. In Baker's"Race" there is detailed acount about cultural achivements of Black African is certainly more argumentated than this essay that promotes "Black Ethnocentrism".Did Africans created anything like Assyrian,Summerian,Greek,Roman,Chinese civilisation?Look at any archaeological map and see the initional centres of inventions and their dispersal.Facts are Facts,take it or leave it, or live in clouds of your own racism.
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am 21. März 2000
No matter how much the very title of this book may be sugestive of new and challenging with regard to historic dogma,nevertheless,no matter how much liberal a person one may be,within the content there is truly nothing that is worth as an annex to subject of ancient egypt's history.How could somebody even argue with massive burden of evidence that has been insofar scrutinized from various aspect of sociological and exact sciencies?There are simply to many obstacles with regard to spectacularity of such a thesis,and this could easily leave impression that motives behind such a book are political,rather than scientifical. Ancient Egypt was a Civilisation,therefore a cultural system capable of providing self-reflection in form that is transcedental towards future.Certain pecuilarities of Egyptian civilisation are today almost universaly accepted icons-Pyramids with their treasures,Sphing,Hyerogliphes... Therefore it is indeed a cultural legacy that is worth to be cherished as "one's own",however all arguments are against those used within this book. Fact is that in Egypt there is a large population that is made from descedants of Ancient Egyptians-namely the Copts.They are for the most part offspring of pre-arabic population that has survived previous collonisation by Ptolemy's and Romans and have manage,trough customary endogamy to preserve their ethos,and although they lost the language-nevertheless they kept their identity.To assert that this people have no ethnoenetic ties with African Blacks,seems almost like exclaiming self-evident truth.In physique they represent variant of caucasoid stock,although darker in complexion than for example in Europe,a type populary known as 'oriental' or 'midlle eastern'.With regard to peopling of ancient Egypt,prodiguos efforts of anthropologigist,only reafirm that ancient Egyptians were caucasoids.Affiliations with Black Africa seem to have existed only in south-western parts.There is no evidence within anthropologic material that is against this. No one who have seen byst of Queen Noffretete,now in Berlin,as well as numerious masterpieces of ancient art-as well as more lesser known works-would gain an impression that they represent physical characteristic of African Blacks. To this may be added some other aspects-like Linguistic(Ancient Egyptian was semitic language-semites are known to be caucasoids)-and also archaeologic,but even without them one can understand that there is simply no case for claims that ancient Egyptians were African Blacks. Of course,some contacts may have existed-and that should be more emphasised in scientific works-but such claim is unacceptable by the virtue of massive evidence that already exists. Who needs such gross violations of History?History is ended chapter-but it seem that revisionism,under auspices of "New,Fresh Interpretation" is more and more fashionable these days.With regard to studies about Black Africa,claims have been made that all ancient Greeks and Izraelis in Biblical times were Blacks,in some other books-and such trend is remiscent of some kind of "contracultural science".Nobody will improve social situation with claims on foreign civilisations-it is better to invest energy in exploration that is more retrospective.Only when such spectacularistic and sensacionalistic aproach to historic matters is dismissed in favor of more synthetic methodology,results will be more satisfactory.
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am 20. September 1999
This book provides a very rich beginning for historians and archaeologists alike. While Diop provides ample evidance for the "Black Egyptian" case, some of his arguments seem as racially biased as the ones he tries to refudiate. This should not prevent the reader from apricating what Diop is attempting to accomplish, and what we all should work for: a true picture of history.
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am 31. März 2000
It is to be expected that refutations to the fact of Black Egpyt would be forthcoming regarding this magnificent work. Cheikh Diop illustrates through ample amounts of evidence that the Egpytians of old were Black. The name Egpyt, as Diop points out, is not even African; it's Greek (Aegpyptus-the Twin Lands).
I don't expect those with a vested interest in maintaing the premise of Western civilization evolving in Greece to appreciate the information in this book, in fact I'm glad they don't. The very fact that they're upset with Diop's arguments for a Black Egypt means that he's right.
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This book focuses on ancient Egypt. Diop refutes the theses of those Egyptologists who declare that the ancient Egyptians were anything other than Black. Diop uses an abundance of information to present his case: the phenotypical characteristics of Egyptian statues and paintings, the amount of melanin found in the dermis of Egyptian mummies, the testimony of ancient scholars (Herodotus, Diodorus, and Strabo), and the fact that the ancient Egyptians were culturally and linguistically African. Diop makes the arguments of early prominent Egyptologists like Champollion-Figeac seem utterly ludicrous.
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am 26. April 1999
This book has changed forever the way history is written and will be without question the catalyst that enlightens African Americans on their remarkable birthright of ancient and modern civilizations. African Origins Myth or Reality completely dispels the lies that are even to this day being taught on all levels of education. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in the truth!
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am 17. Februar 1999
This is an excellent book about African history by a brilliant histoian. The majority of people don't know about the great history of Black African people. This is a great book to start with.
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