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am 21. Juli 2000
Have you access to the on-line SAP help? If yes, then do not waste your money! If this is your first approach to ALE and EDI, it worths the bucks you'll spend on it. No original ideas, no tricks in this book.
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am 24. Juni 1999
I've read both the Arvind Nagpal and Rajeev Kasturi books, and I conclude that the Nagpal book is much better for me, a person who has been doing SAP EDI for several years.
I do not know either of these authors. I do not have anything to do with the publishers. I bet this is more than many of the reviewers here can say!
I know that sheer bulk is not what we are buying here, but let's do some numbers to examine one aspect of the comparison. The Kasturi book starts with 388 pages. Well over 100 pages in the back are tables out of SAP that we can print any time we want (or save a tree and just pull up a screen). Since I've worked with SAP EDI for a few years, I didn't expect a lot of things to be new to me in the first 3 or 4 chapters, but man, there was nothing even moderatly interesting to me in the early part of the book. That left about 150 pages in the middle that, I'll admit, I only skimmed. But the per-page cost of those few possibly valuable pages is quite high! There was a strong ALE / example flavor to the book. As if someone wrote about a few of their favorite implementations.
Now, the Nagpal book starts with quite a few more pages (786). There is NOT a huge section of this book dedicated to stuff I could print out of or look up in SAP. Yes, some of this stuff is 'light' too. And again, I'll admit to skimming a lot of it that I didn't have a pressing need to know right now. And yes, there are quite a few print-screens in the book (but I LIKE print-screens). The bottom line is that I, a person who's been using SAP-EDI quite a while, found the Nagpal title MORE INTERESTING, INFORMATIVE, and found it had MORE INFORMATION than the Kasturi book.
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am 7. Juni 1999
I have been an SAP technical consultant for over four years, and I have always sought information on ALE and EDI that is comprehensive and explained lucidly. This book is IT. These are the points I liked about the book that compelled me to write this review for the benefit of readers:
1. Clear explanation of fundamental ALE/EDI building blocks.
2. Step-by-step, recipe type approach to building simple and complex ALE interfaces with elaboration of underlying concepts.
3. Real life examples and ALE/EDI scenarios.
4. Explanation of associated Functional configuration and concepts.
5. An example of building an brand new ALE scenario from scratch that gives the reader a valuable insight into the inner mechanisms of ALE, such as master data distribution.
6. As Alvin Toffler, the author of books such as Future Shock and Third Wave said "Complexity has to be dealt in its own complex ways. You can not oversimplify". The author of this book has strived to explain complex issues such as ALE Optimization in an excellent way, explaining the reasoning for settings and tips and tricks to better ALE interfaces.
7. A great Appendix and CDROM that has saved me hours of searching for research and reference, and valuable source code in a softcopy.
This is a fantastic book to learn a lot about these technologies. A must have for all SAP Professionals.
Dave Torrento SAP Interface Specialist
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am 18. Mai 1999
Amongst all SAP topics covered until now, this is by far the best book on these two exciting technologies - ALE & EDI. Rajeev has done an excellent job of not only introducing these topics with great care, but also gradually building the readers knowledge base to an expert level, step-by-step, in a tutorial fashion.
Notice the structured format of the book - the table of contents is like a checklist for building these interfaces. Important topics like IDOC extensions and ALE function module enhancements are covered extensively. Especially of interest to ALE & EDI professionals are chapters on Periodic Processing and Optimization, which has lots of tips and tricks and "golden rules", the dos and donts that you have to know.
In addition to all the great contents of the book, it is further augmented by a CDROM that has precious source code for real world examples, and a whole lot of reference material. I found the CDROM especially useful for research as well as quick references.
If there is a self-help book on SAP, THIS IS THE BOOK! A must have for every SAP professional!
Joseph Stubert
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am 21. Mai 1999
After reading all the comments I felt it will be a great book to have but I was very disappointed after reading the book. The material covered in the book is merely couple of tutorials and no real coverage of the concepts and business problems we face in the real world. The last one third portion of the book is a dump from SAP tables which is merely couple of keystrokes away in SAP. I must credit the author for the fine prints at the bottom saying that it is a dump of SAP tables directly. I would not recommend this book at all.....waste of time and money. Most of what is covered in the book is nicely documented in the QUICKSTART guide of SAP online help. Don't keep your hopes high of learning the concepts about ALE or EDI from this book written with a myopic vision.
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am 20. März 1999
It is a comprehensive users' guide to interfacing technology of both ALE and EDI for all ABAPers and Functional consultants. By understanding this book you can easily build needed interfaces. This book will help junior SAPers/Functional Analysts increase and Strengthen their skills set for better Marketability and job well-done. It will teach senior SAPers better Techniques in building their assigned interfaces. The attached CD has lots of goodies and re usable codes. Beleive it or not, this book is a lot cheaper and cover a lot more information than the 2 days ALE/EDI course I've attended in the past. It was agravating that version 4.0 and 4.5 features are missing BUT these features can be located in the Release 4.5 Delta Information Session CD.
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am 13. Mai 1999
This is an excellent source of information/tutorial/reference for two sizzling topics of ALE & EDI. Rajeev brings a wealth of knowledge to the reader by offering some superb practical advise and tips & tricks for efficient implementation of these interface technologies. Furthermore, the CDROM has some very valuable source code and reference material. And by the way, this book is real value for money.
I completely disagree with the previous reader's comments, who is just being a jerk about this book and perhaps does not know to appreciate a great book when he sees one. This book is anyday better than the other book by Arvind Nagpal which is just THICK and nothing else.
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am 25. Mai 1999
Information when utilized & applied effectively turns into knowledge - this books helps the reader do the same. Undoubtedly, this book has been very well structured and written by a knowledgeable SAP specialist, and has oodles of great information in an easy-to-learn impressive format. The reader gains a great deal from the valuable advise and numerous tips & tricks.
The reference material in the appendix and CDROM (that has very useful source code) is also extremely helpful. Research and reference are very effective with a couple of clicks on the CDROM.
This is definitely the BEST source of information (turning quickly into knowledge) on ALE & EDI.
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am 24. Februar 1999
I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed reading the first how-to book on these hot technologies of SAP - ALE & EDI. It explains the fundamentals and proceeds to demonstrate the principles in practice resulting in totally workable solutions. The many teeny-tiny idiosyncracies of IDOC extensions are shown one step at a time, which has eluded me until now - indicates that it is a good reference also. Looks like the table of contents itself is like a to-do list. Data flow diagrams for source code seems to be misssing. The CD-ROM seems to have some quick reference stuff which I found useful. All in all, a very useful book to have in a SAP consultant's arsenal.
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am 6. Mai 1999
This book by Rajeev is by far the best book I have seen on ALE & EDI Technologies. It contains the best practical approach to learning these hot skills of SAP in a step-by-step fashion blended with the right amount of theory and valuable tips and tricks for optimally performing interfaces. I have applied many of the techniques and configuration mentioned in the book and the CDROM to great benefit. The CDROM also has source code for real world examples and case studies mentioned in the book. I recommend this highly to all SAP consultants, beginners and advanced users, as a tutorial and reference.
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