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am 12. Juli 1999
The book reiterated other eye exercises and mental insights I had read previously, but there cannot be enough books out there on this subject. I practiced the techniques, and stopped my vision from getting worse. My prescription was -7.50 in both eyes, and was getting worse at about -.25 every year or so. Not only did I stop my eyes from getting worse, I reversed them, and I am now at a -7.25 prescription. I have plateaued at this level, but must admit, I have not been exercising my eyes as vigorously as when I first started. I have had problems finding an eye doctor that supports this method of treatment. In fact, when my presciption went down and I told him what I had been doing, he totally blew me off, and told me that the previous doctor must have examined my eyes wrong and given me too strong of a prescription.
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am 3. Dezember 1996
I have been wearing glasses for the past 33 years from being
nearsighted, with perfect vision close up.
Three weeks after purchasing this book my distance vision
clicked into place and I can now see clearly. Like a miracle.
But now I can't see close up. Whereas before I could see
perfectly to read, now I can hardly read at all.
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am 11. Juli 2000
I really liked this book. He talks about "open focus" where one can look at the world more softly and openly. He also emphasizes the importance of good breathing. When I am stressed, my breath is very shallow, and now that he's brought it to my attention . . . my vision is not as clear. He states that stress is the cause of poor vision, often beginning in the school setting.
It was interesting to learn how optometrists work, basically bumping up your perscription by a quarter diopter each year. And he points out how "blindly" dependant on our glasses we become, like crutches, and how much narrower our vision is with them.
I very much enjoyed his holistic perspective on vision. That vision involves more than the eyeball. I don't know how many people will actually gain 20/20 vision from his book, but it's left me with much food for thought about alternative healing posibilities with regard to poor vision.
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am 15. März 1999
It's too bad that not many people are willing to do what it takes for true health! Maybe in 10 years or so will these techniques be widely practaced. I'd like to see some sort of class or study group for this sort of thing! It's more than just eyes!
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am 10. März 1998
Dr. Liberman sounds like a caring person who believes in his untested theories. However, theories they are. His view of myopia sums up as "bad thoughts equal bad vision". I know people of all temprements, some have myopia and some don't. He seems to respect the views of W. Bates, and reprints some of his methods. In short, buy the Bates book.
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