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5,0 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
Preis:47,36 €+ 3,00 € Versandkosten

am 9. September 2014
Ein wirklich spannendes Buch mit unglaublich vielen Wendungen und sehr gut recherchiertem Hintergrund und gut beschriebenen Personen. Kann ich sehr empfehlen.
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am 14. August 2012
Before reviewing this book I want to pay tribute to Paul Sussman who sadly past away. I was shocked when learning this. He was such a gifted writer and
will be very much missed. I hope that his wife and young children will get through this difficult time. I am sure that in their hearts as husband and father he will not be forgotten, but as well millions of his readers he will be remembered thorugh his writing. And if it is a consolation not many can say this about their husband and father. Thank you Paul!

As the previous reviewers I can only share their praise of this thriller. It is a page turner, not one page is boring, one is sucked into the story. There are great descriptions of situations (like the one in the Labyrinth)- one can really feel it. It has the right mix between action, descriptions and an enormous emphaty for the subjects. In short: all one wants from a great read!
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am 3. November 2013
This was my first book by Paul Sussmann, and I am very sorry to hear that he passed away.The book was first of all based on considerable research that he managed to incorporate into the story without boring the reader or resorting to obvious name-dropping. Furthermore, the story maintains a balance between creating suspense and elaborating the characters. He also strikes a balance between the many perspectives that can prevail on the situation in the Levant, explaining the arguments, but without taking obvious sides when it comes to religion. With regard to countries and governments, he kicks both ways. I will read more of his books, but wish there would be more of them coming.
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