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4,5 von 5 Sternen
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 3. Juni 1999
There is a lot of great information in this book. However, there is also quite a bit of nutritional misinformation to go with it. So I found myself having to double-check any recommendation I didn't already know about with another source which somewhat defeats the purpose of buying the book. That said I'm a complete kitchen klutz so having a book that explains exactly how to shop for, prepare and freeze each food is very helpful.
I'd just be very, very careful about using the exact diet as recommended for a baby under 1 year without consulting with your pediatrician first. For example, in order to avoid the "evil" meat, the book recommends introducing nuts, seeds & soy into the baby's diet from a pretty early age. These foods are all high allergen foods and really are not any better for a small baby than some pureed chicken. The book also recommends liver powder -- but organ meats are high in toxins. It also recommends cottage cheese starting at 6 months but cottage cheese has all the same problems as cow's milk and should not be given until you are ready to start straight cow's milk.
So in some senses I think the "cure" (a diet full of allergy-causing foods) is worse than the "disease" (eating meat once in a while).
The book is also not very bfing friendly... if you push solids in the amounts recommended here and as early as recommended here, you could easily have supply problems or your baby could self-wean by 9-10 months.
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am 29. Februar 2000
I think you have to read this book several times in order to really understand it. It is incredibly long, incredibly complicated, in a small font, and not very linear. Also, I think it could make parents feel concerned about the health of their babies if they don't follow it perfectly. It makes feeding one's baby into a mammoth task! On the plus side, it has a lot of great suggestions that lots of my friends didn't know: info about food enhancers, the safe ages to introduce food to your baby, etc. I think that a lot of the recipes are for people who have nothing else to do but cook for their babies, but the food storage information is excellent. I would agree with the review that is concerned about the author's qualifications. I reviewed ALL of the advice I found pertinent with our pediatrician, who actually disagreed with a decent portion of it.
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am 17. September 2000
I had a baby a year ago and still use this book. It's an excellent source of everything involving baby nutrition, which most pediatritions don't seem to know much about. The author gives excellent tips on how to make your own healthy, baby food as well as a guide to when it's ok to start feeding different fruits, veggies, etc.. It's really indispensible, especially if you're a 1st time mom and you want to do everything right. My child has never been sick. I believe it has a lot to do with the good food I feed him.
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am 24. Juni 1999
This book has helped clear up my confusion when starting to feed my son solids. It not only tells you what and when to introduce certain foods, but how much and what consistancy. It also gives sample menu plans and step-by-step instuctions on how to prepare homemade foods for your baby. It also tells you what not to feed your baby and why as well. It has a strong nutritional background so you can understand why some foods are better than some. I refer to it daily to find out information about vegetables and fruit. There is also a section on homemade household things and fun projects for your children. A recipe index is located in the back on foods that not just your baby will love but your whole family as well. Not only does the author recommend that you go over with your Dr. the menus so he/she can add or omit foods taking your baby into consideration but she also welcomes any comments or questions to her email which gets answered daily. It takes out the feelings of being alone in the whole crusade.
This book is enthusiasticly written and the author's personality stands out when reading. It's a friendly book and enjoyable to read. For those parents that are super busy, there are suggestions in the begining of the book on how to read the book so you can get the most out of it in the least amount of time.
Reading this book has given me peace of mind that I am feeding my son the best way I can. I have been recommending this book to friends and family and will continue to do so.
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am 2. November 1999
Wow! Where to start? First, I bought this and The Healthy Baby Meal Planner by Annabel Karmel at the same time. While Karmel's book is "prettier" and has some interesting looking recipes, this one far outweighs it as a resource tool, which was what I was looking for. I admit, I was intimidated at first by the sheer volume of information contained in this book, but after reading the author's suggestion on how to read the book, I felt that I had a better handle on it. The book is very well organized, from when to introduce specific foods, to how to prepare and store them (one of my favorite sections!), to the recipes, which I really haven't gotten to yet. Yaron doesn't make the reader feel guilty about having a few jars of commerical baby food on hand, so in this sense, she's not militant about doing Everything from scratch.
The only area which I feel is a bit weak is the very short chapter on meat, which she states she added for the "readers who (no matter what I say!) have decided to feed it to their babies." Yaron is very obviously a vegetarian, which is fine, however, I (and many other moms) are not. This does not stop me from enjoying her book, and I probably will start preparing more grains-and- legumes meals as a result of what I'm learning, for variety, if not for the health benefits.
This is definitely the book to own if you can only buy one!
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am 24. April 2000
The title says it all: It is a 'Super(b) Baby Food' book! There is so much you can do so wrong and so much you can do so right - this book explains EVERYTHING to the point of paranoia that only a parent can assume about their baby. She doesn't just make it look easy - it IS easy, written without assuming that you know too much or too little; and written with love, from a mother to other mothers and fathers. It is a must for any new parents library, to pass down the generations, because you can't fall behind with the author's on-line, hands-on support through the internet, that gives you constant updates and newsbreaks as far as the contents of the book are concerned. And the best part? It's not 600 pages on food, food, and food. It is loaded with hundreds of economizing tips & notes. (No matter if it is mentioned on page #67, she repeats it briefly wherever and how ever many times it is necessary, so you can't go wrong.) There are chapters on how to throw a party that won't rob the bank and holiday arts and crafts - just to keep them busy on those there's-nothing-to-do days. Then there's another part which concisely tells you all you need to know including nutritional value, how-to-buy guide, preparation using various cooking methods, storage, freezing and expiry of specific fruits and veggies, aside from other homemade products for baby, mommy and daddy and your baby's domain - the home. Two chapters are devoted solely to nutrition and nutrient breakdowns of foods, and IT'S NOT BORING! But the best is last - that wonderful nutrition bursting diet she has put together. You end up giving your baby such a variety of foods that gives little taste buds a run for THEIR money and not yours. By the time baby is a year old, it is close to being a connoisseur and it's all healthy! And when you have a toddler in hand, her recipes for shop-bought snacks are sooo easy to do yourself, and you pay for the food - not the packaging! Feeding your baby the right food is as important as the loving cuddles that feed the parent-child relationship. This is the undertone of this book. Need I say more?
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am 27. November 1999
This book is for everyone with children. We have been using this book for eight months now with amazing success. Parents can use the information for making homemade babyfood, nutrtion info., food intro. timelines, many tot (my toddler that is) tested and approved recipes etc. I liked this book because I was nervous about not giving my infant enough nutrients,food allergies, as well as preparation techniques (I had NO experience in the kitchen) if I made my own babyfood. This book is for parents of all levels of experience. It will answer ALL of your questions (you can email the author if you have any unanswered) and walk you through step by step, and take the fright out of dealing with your child's health and nutrition first hand. If you think you don't have the time or the energy to do this, think again. Check this book out at the library, read a little and I'm positive you'll want to add this book to your permanent collection. I could never have done it with so much confidence without this book. I have the HEALTHY 14 month old to proove it! I only gave this book four stars because there is an extra section that does not pertain to nutriton (kids crafts) that I do not use and really adds a lot of bulk to the book.
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am 17. November 1999
I have the first edition of this book and bought the second edition when it became available because it contained even more recipes and tips for food and play.
Yaron brings together expert advice and common sense from a variety of sources. In this one volume a reader can find nutrition information we previously had to gather from a variety of books, experts and real-life experience. Her information on nutrition and safety is cutting-edge. While I gathered tips and advice from my pediatrician and from parenting newsletters available through my state Extension service, Yaron's book delivered more information in more detail and an easy-to-read format. Nutrition information can be referenced food by food or by a child's age of development. Whenever I had a question about the appropriateness of a certain food for my baby, I could quickly look it up. I learned quite a lot about general nutrition that's been helpful to my own diet. The book will be of special interest to vegetarian or vegetarian-leaning parents.
The recipe section is invaluable for those "I don't know what to prepare" snacks and mealtimes. Yaron's tips are also money-savers for those on a tight budget. The new edition has more "do-it-yourself" ideas for play and parties and serves as a nice reference for the times when the reader's own creativity is lacking.
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am 2. August 1999
This book really will explain step by step everything your baby needs in words anyone can understand. Even if you decide not make your own baby food, this book is worth every penny! I knew NOTHING about nutrition other than there was a recommended food pyramid somewhere out there and according to it you were to eat a lot of grains! This book not only gives you an outline of what to feed your baby starting from her very first meal, but also which foods have certain vitamins in them. With this book, parents can make sure that a diversified grouping of vitamins is represented daily in each meal they give their baby. I even had a question about something I had read and I e-mailed the author and she very promtly responded to my question! Without this book I would have never had the confidence to make my own baby food, nor would I have known what to do with it other than serve it to my baby fresh. It took me three months to decide to make my own food, and now I am hooked! I just thought I was way too busy to do it, but it really is fast and easy. Ruth has everything down to a truely organized science. I am NOT an organized person and after I have followed her step by step directions and everything is labeled and bagged, I feel so good about myself! I KNOW what my baby is eating instead of guessing how much filler from commercial baby food is added--it really opens your eyes after you make your first batch of food.
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am 16. April 1999
This book is a great resource. One warning - I'm afraid some fuses may be blown due to information overload if parents start into this book without a some real knowledge on nutrition and whole foods. I picture parents with the best intentions becoming so overwhelmed with instructions, opinions, theories that are second-guessed, and actual facts (whew!) that they resign themselves to the "simple", mainstream method of babyfeeding.
Here's what to do. 1. Learn about nutrition from a good source (it's not going to hurt you!). Try any nutrition book by the brilliant Elson Haas, M.D. 2. GET THIS BOOK! 3. Read this book and take from what you will: great info, recipes, and tips.
And finally, most importantly, I'm not a big fan of America's meat habits either, but people need to be aware that soy is a phyto-estrogen - a plant based estrogen. (Aha! So THAT's why menopausal women drink soy! Exactly!...) That DOES make it a xeno-estrogen (a substance that, when introduced to the body, behaves like estrogen), not entirely unlike many plastics and pesticides. So, please PLEASE educate yourself on these xeno-estrogens before you feed your developing baby a diet with such a high soy content.
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