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am 8. April 2017
Aufgrund der überragenden Kritiken habe ich das Buch gekauft. Ich habe tapfer versucht, mich durch die erste Geschichte durchzuarbeiten, irgendwann habe ich aufgegeben und den Schluß der Geschichte gelesen. Auf die weiteren Geschichten habe ich verzichtet und das Buch retourniert.
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am 22. August 1999
"Strange Highways" is a collection of short stories by Dean Koontz. Most of them are new, but there are also some stories going back to his earlier years, for example "Kittens" which was first published in (really!) 1971 (Koontz's first story sale). If you normally expect something along the lines of horror/thriller from Koontz, as I did, you will be pleasantly surprised. This collection has a bit of that, and lots of other bits too, e.g. science fiction, fantasy, robots being beaten up by cavemen ("The Night of the Storm"), bears as policemen ("Bruno"), genetically modified laboratory rats with a vengance ("Trapped"), shapechanging police-detectives ("Hardshell"), and many, many more. And if you are worried that there may not be enough eerie, terrifying tales... don't be. There are heaps. Beginning with the first (novel-length) shortstory which gave the collection its title: "Strange Highways", a rather disturbing work of suspense, continuing with the culmination of little kid nightmares, "Black Pumpkin", or the honest shopkeeper and good family father going bad in "Down in the Darkness". To be honest, it is rather relaxing to read a "different" story in between all the horror... and it proves that Dean Koontz must be a "normal" person not overly fixated on "Fright-Night" stories. (Dies ist eine Amazon.de an der Uni-Studentenrezension.)
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am 21. Januar 1998
What more could Koontz addicts ask for? Two very good novellas and 12 stories which are completely different from each other. Commendation to the author is a must, but also redundant. There are two stories here which still do a perfect job of poking me uncomfortably in the subconscious. Those would be "Down in the Darkness", a perfectly written gem, and "Kittens", one of the most disturbing short stories I ever read in a long, long time. It still goes on to prove there are some writers out there who manage to convey more terror in 8-10 pages than others who take up a whole Bible's worth and do nothing which remains in the memory of the reader. Koontz has not only achieved this with this collection, but with all the other books of his which I have read. Koontz is the one man who manages to write the gruesome horror of contemporary novels with the elegant, nearly poetic lyricism of past days. Well done, Mr. Koontz!
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am 3. Juni 2000
There are some excellent pieces in this work, and some poor ones. With the help of the fact that the three longest works are excellent, though, more pages are spent in enjoyment than in disdain. "Strange Highways," the tittle work (and the length of a short novel) was very well done piece; it creeped me out toward the end, and was well written with a great plot. The same is true for the last piece, "Chase." "Trapped," is a 50 page work, that is well written and well worth reading even if a bit silly and sci-fi cliched."Kittens" was short, but extremely disturbing. These are among the best of the highlights, but there is more worth reading. There are a few that you wish Koontz didn't write, or at least didn't collect, but that's true of most all anthologies.
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am 5. März 2000
Usually I'm not into short stories but these were pretty cool. 'Strange Highways' was probably the best in there, but to be honest it's been so long since I borrowed it from my friend and read it that I don't really remember which titles went w/which stories. 'The Black Pumpkin' was definitely Koontz-ish--I don't know, that guy must have a thing for kids being innocent or something (read 'Dark Rivers of the Heart' and you'll get my point) 'Kittens' was downright weird, pardon my Southern vocab. The only one I didn't really like was the one about the robots just 'cause I'm not really into those. The one about the atheistic dude wasn't that good at first 'cause I believe in God but at the end it was pretty cool. Gotta go write some more reviews! DK ROCKs!
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am 14. Juli 1997
I gave this book a low rating because of the short stories. They are plain, to say the least, and not very inticing. The outcome of the shorter stories is always known before the story is finished. But what dropped this book AT LEAST 2 points is that most of the stories leave you hanging. I thought to myself after incountering one of these "Where is the rest of it?". I did find something that sparked interest in my mind though. The story called "Strange Highways". It is the only one I re-read.

If you have the time to read something mildly interesting, read this. If you have a life to attend to, don't
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am 8. Januar 1998
Dean Koontz really deserves credit for his writing skills. In a way, he writes like Stephen King, but unlike King, the beginnings of his books are more interesting which proves it's worth a read. The first story of the book is absolutely brilliant. I don't think it could have been written better. On the other hand, I was a bit disappointed the length of some of the other stories. They weren't long enough. It's the only bad point I could think of. Still, this shouldn't stop you from getting this one!
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am 12. Juli 1998
This was my first Dean Koontz book and I loved it! The stories are brilliant, all 14 of them. My favorite was, subsequently also the title of the book, "Strange Highways." This little 'novella' was truly imaginative and suspenseful and readers of horror novels will love it. Hey, even readers like me who usually hate horror stuff will love it because it's more bizarre than scary. I also like "Kittens" which was..well, weird. I recommend this book. Go buy it today!
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am 4. August 1997
This is a collection of stories that will make you laugh, cry , or be so scare that you lose control of your bodily functions (don't worry it happens to all of us at one time or another). Some of these stories flat out kick. For instance, "Strange Highways" and "Chase" were both hard to put down. However there are also some very poor stories as is the case in most such collections. Over all though, I would say it is most definitely worth reading
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am 3. April 2000
This is the best book to read if you've never read dean koontz. It shows all the aspects of a dean koontz book. BRUNO shows his humorous side... STRANGE HIGHWAYS shows his supernatural side...CHASE shows you his psychological side...WATCHERS and THE NIGHT OF THE STORM shows you his sci-fi side...and KITTENS shows his creepy side, as does every other story in this book. This is a great collection of stories from koontz's wide varitety of interests.
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