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am 19. Oktober 2015
To all serious students of the final phase of World War One, colonel Georg Bruchmüller was a well-known name: "Durchbruchmüller" ("Breakthrough-Müller") as he was fondly called by his German compatriots and Austro-Hungarian allies was the unsurpassed maestro of scientific artillery coordination in the offensive battles of the Central Powers from 1916 onwards, which regularly achieved this most precious and elusive result of World War One offensives: the breakthrough. David T. Zebecki is an experienced U.S. artillery officer himself, and he is due our thanks for having written this excellent and concise military biography of an outstanding man and a clear description of his methods. As recent fighting in Eastern Ukraine and Syria has shown, Georg Bruchmüller is still very much part of our present realities. One disregards his biography at one's peril.
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am 29. Januar 2009
Brilliant study about a nearly forgotten German officer of the German Imperial Armed Forces during World War One.

Colonel Bruchmueller did indeed invent modern fire-support. After a rather uneventfull career before the war he rose quickly to the job of the one specialist for offensive employment of artillery power in Germany.

In Riga 1917 he was first able to show the full potential of his theories. In 1918 he further refined these for the final German offensives in the west.

For a modern reader it is amazing how close his plans are to the ideas behind a modern effect matrix. His sequencing of effects and coordination of fires has influenced all modern armies.

A important book for all those interested in the history of artillery and everyone looking for the roots of modern effect planning.
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