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am 3. Januar 2015
als man am Anfang vermutet! Es werden quasi 2 Geschichten erzählt und diese erzählweise ist sehr spannend!! Etwas ungewöhnlich aber trotzdem toll! Das Buch geht danach weiter, aber ich fand das es eine abgeschlossene Geschichte ist und somit muss man die anderen Teile wohl nicht lesen. Ich werde diese wohl auch nicht lesen, dafür gibt es genügend andere tolle Bücher...
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am 3. September 2013
My review:

Warning: May include slight spoilers! (This is for you, Kristie! :) )

There are not enough words in English (and in Estonian which is my mother tong) to describe how much I loved this book. Kristie has done it again and written an awesome, magical and mesmerizing story! The plot is fantastic and the way she has waved it together is absolutely brilliant. Since I have read all her other books, I thought it might be difficult for her to surprise me, but she did it. Her storytelling skills are fabulous and I also found new things in her writing style.

There is lots of humor in The Space Between and I giggled and laughed out loud many times while reading the book and this is the side of Kristie's writing which I have not seen that strongly before - the book is in the same time funny and also thrilling! Besides that I was awed how good Kristie is at writing a mystery book, she grabs your attention from the very beginning and increases the tension and builds it step by step until your curiosity can't hold it anymore!

Wonderfully written story that you will never ever forget!


The story begins with introducing you to Leni - a dancer, who is finally living her secret dream: she is dancing in a troupe in Italy. When on her way home to US, she meets a guy - Jeric - in the airport. It is a brief meeting, but it leaves behind so many unanswered questions. Why is there such a strong pull between them? Why is it so difficult for them to go separate ways?

Time shows, that Leni and Jeric meet again. In the meantime, Leni has arrived home to her great-uncle, and strange things start to happen. Leni's uncle has vanished and nobody seems to remember anything about her uncle and what's even worse - nobody seems to remember Leni either. The only item she finds, is a journal. Journal, which brings Leni and Jeric back together again and leads them to a journey which is beyond dangerous.

Their world changes when they finally find a way to open the journal. It takes them from Now to Then... and they meet with Jacey and Micah.

This is where I stop, because I'm afraid I will give away too much with my excitement! You need to read The Space Between yourself to find out what's going to happen.

I loved how the author changes between the point of views between the characters, there are a clear and distinct differences of voices of Leni, Jeric, Micah and Jacey. I also loved the two storylines Now and Then. Then takes you back to 80s which was fun to read because the author is doing an excellent work with describing the 80s with all its weird and funky lifestyle.

The most amazing part of the book is when the author decides to bring Now and Then together and I have to admit, that as much as I guessed, I never saw that coming!


I am sure that you have already understood my fondness to the story. Have patience with me, because I LOVED the characters! That is exactly what makes Kristie a great author - she puts as much effort to the plot as to the characters, you feel that she has given a lot of herself to balance between keeping the plot captivating and characters alive. She brings the characters alive, they are colorful, vivid, they have their flaws, but at the end of the day, you will love them! You will feel their happiness, their pain, their excitement, their horror - they are written with emotions and that makes this book one of the best I've ever read!

You will meet two set of main characters. Jeric and Leni and Jacey and Micah.

My favorite was Jeric. Jeric is a kind of man who many woman will love and probably hate for the same reason - he always gets what he wants and he goes for it. He uses the willing ones without any regrets and trust me, there are many of them who'd like to get just a piece of him! He is gorgeous, hot and a model. He has it all, except love. He never had a need or urge to change, because he hasn't have the right person to do it for. Until Leni comes to his life.

What I found the most attractive about Leni, was her courage. She was willing to take risks to get to the bottom of her faith and that is an admirable characteristic in a human in my opinion. Even when she is scared and scarred, she still raises and continues to live for what's dear to her.

Micah is a man any woman would be able to rely on. He is rock solid and stable and I loved that about him. Jacey is just adorable girl whom you will find easy to relate to and love!

They all have one thing is common - they have lost a lot in their lives and have quite big crosses to carry and they all struggle for one thine - the future!


The Space Between is going to my 2013 favorite list. It is hands down the best book I have read this year, and I have read many good books this year already. The story is magical and it will haunt you long after you have finished it. It was amazingly written! I highly recommend it!
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am 6. September 2013
Title - The Space Between (Book of the Phoenix 1)
Author - Kristie Cook
Genre - Romance, Supernatural
Rating - 5/5
Buy - Yes

From best selling author Kristie Cook of the Soul Saver Series comes a new book and series The Space Between.

Leni Drago has been sent on a dance tour in Italy to find herself by her uncle she returns home to the States to find any evidence of her Uncle wiped out from existence and the world.

Jeric Winters makes her life stranger from appearing in Italy to bumping into her back home. The all round bad boy tattooed, pierced and good looking. He doesn't do girlfriends and definitely doesn't want one like Leni with all her baggage. He has a feeling that he needs to know more and can't stay away.

They discover painful secrets about their pasts in this spellbinding story to find out about their connection.

The Space Between take you on a whirlwind of emotions as a paranormal and mystery story combines to leave you feeling amazed but wanting more.
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am 3. September 2013
Kristie Cook is one of my very favorite authors. I was worried, I didn't think anything could compete with her Soul Savers series, but she did it again! She has a style of writing that sucks you right into the book. You feel a part of that world and that of the characters. Every emotion they feel, so do you. This series is a totally different style than Soul Savers, but every bit as excellent. Not only do you get entrapped in the love and passion of one couple, but you get two!! Definitely swoon-worthy! Plus, you will not be able to stop turning the pages, because there are so many questions to be answered. You will keep guessing but won't be able to truly put it together till the end. And what a cliffhanger, as always. Leaves you panting for the next book. Kristie has a habit of doing that to us!
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am 3. September 2013
Let me start by saying that Kristie Cook has managed, yet again, to make me blush with thoughts of her sexy men. Tristan Knight from her Soul Savers series hasn't left my book boyfriend top 5 since I first read his glorious name, and Jeric and Micah are every bit as ummm, memorable! This book had me entralled from the beginning, and drew me so deep into the world, that I laughed, cried, yelled, and felt along with the characters. The premise, and the storyline are written with perfection, putting you through a whirlwind of emotions. I absolutely can't wait to see how their journey continues!!
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am 2. September 2013
I love this author's other books (Soul Savers series, read it!) so I decided to check this one out. I wasn't sure what to expect at first but I loved it! The story was very different than anything I have read and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I really hope there is a sequel because I would love to either continue their story or maybe read about another pair.
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am 2. September 2013
The start of the new series by Kristie Cook. The Book of Phoenix. The Space Between is a story that will keep you enthralled right to the very end, and leave you wanting more. Micah and Jacey, Leni and Jeric, what is their connection? This book has such an unusual twist. You will not see it coming
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am 4. September 2013
I am a huge Kristie fan. I love the Soul Saver series, and this book was great. In books that jump back and forth between characters, I usually get lost as to what is going on, but not with this book.It flowed nicely, I love the whole concept of the story, and the action was amazing.A must read folks. : )
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am 3. September 2013
I really loved this book, I was gripped from the start. The characters and plot are so exciting, I just cannot wait to read more! A really great story. Kristie Cook, you have done it again! Brilliant! If you loved the Soul Savers Series, you will easily love this as much.
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am 3. September 2013
Ich liebte Kristies Seele Savers Serie, und so musste man versuchen, diese neueste Buch von ihr. Ich hätte nicht gedacht, es könnte nur annähernd so gut wie die Seele Savers Bücher, weil sie einfach so genial sind. Ich habe mich geirrt! Wenn überhaupt, dann denke ich, dieses Buch nicht nur gleich den anderen Serien, aber wegen meiner Ansichten über die nach dem Leben, ich denke, dieses Buch ist noch besser. Ich las eine Vorschau (105 Seiten) in einer Nacht, dann das Buch hatte es eine vorzeitige Entlassung, also kaufte ich es und lesen Sie den Rest in einem zweiten Sitzung. Die Charaktere sind unglaublich, die Verbindungen zwischen ihnen, gibt die ganze Idee des "Space Between" eine Menge zu denken. Ich würde definitiv empfehlen dieses Buch, weil es eine brillante Mischung aus Liebe, Ehre, Spannung, Geheimnis, Gut und Böse, das ganze Set und kaboodle ist. Ich kann nicht für das nächste Buch warten, geschrieben und veröffentlicht werden.

I loved Kristie's Soul Savers series, so had to try out this newest book of hers. I didn't think it could come anywhere near as good as the Soul Savers books because they are just so brilliant. I was wrong! If anything, I think this book not only equals the other series, but because of my views on the after life, I think this book is even better. I read a preview (105 pages) in one night, then the book had it's early release, so I bought it and read the rest in a second sitting. The characters are amazing, the links between them, the whole idea of the 'Space Between' gives a lot to think about. I would definitely recommend this book because it's a brilliant mix of love, honour, suspense, mystery, good and evil,the whole kit and kaboodle. I can't wait for the next book to be written and released.
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