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4,1 von 5 Sternen
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am 8. Juni 1999
OSC has one of the wildest imaginations I have ever experienced. This twisting plot was a bit mind boggling, I mean you never knew what card was going to throw at you in the next sentence! I think that was the greatest part about it. If I had to take an I.Q. test on what was going to happen next I would probably fail it. (Get it? It's impossible to fail an I.Q. test.) Scientists say that average people with average imaginations dream in black and white, people with vivid imaginations dream in color. OSC must dream in 3-D! I read some of the other reviews, and they said that "Ender's Game" was better than "Songmaster," but how can you compare the two? They are both about the trials of a young boy, but one is a personal story, the other is a story of acceptance. Both books are on a level of supreamacy above all others, and I don't think it's fair to try to compare them. I thought both stories were beautiful, but "Songmaster" was a life story, and completely on a different level, yet not higher or lower, but different in every way it could be. It's a great, different, story for anyone.
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am 30. Oktober 1999
It's easy to tell 'Songmaster' was written at different times. The breaks between each section disrupt the narrative flow. Card seems torn between which story to tell. At one point, he's telling the story of the Songhouse, then Ansset's quest for love, then Ansset's redemption. Just when I'd figured out what the book was changed.
The problem with the changing theme, is that none of it matters by the end. When Ansset returns to the Songhouse, the love he's felt for Mikal or Josif or Kyaren doesn't matter. It's superfluous.
Another complaint...doesn't the book's theme seem familiar? Young boy..prodigy..better than everyone else. It's Ender's Game all over again, with Card exploring the same themes he did in the entire Ender series. Young prodigy, outcast from the main struggles for acceptance..which is why this is not a great book.
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am 23. August 1999
My concern about this book is not about the way it is written (even if it is not so accurate and closes some situations in a rather silly way), but about the meaning of the book itself. Three of the charachters are suicide, and their choice is well seen by the author. The message is: suicide is a privilege of the Great (only the masters of songs are allowed to commit suicide, as RRUK says). This is not a good message according to me. There are some other views I don't share with the author, like his attitude towards sexuality. On the whole my rate is three stars becouse it evokes powerful emotions, but almost everithing said in the book about emotions is not true ...... according to me!
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am 9. Juni 1997
This emotionally charged tale of Annsett was the first of Card's books I read. A friend gave it to me during my finals as a way to escape the pressure. I was hooked immediately. The music in each line haunts me still so much so that I return to it frequently to relive the story. To date, I have read the book 8 times. ( I NEVER read books more than once!) It is a gripping story that envolves the reader so much that it is impossible to put the book down.

Since reading SONGMASTER, I have read everything of Card's except for PASSWATCH: THE REDEMPTION OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS and SONGMASTER still remains my favorite. Once you read SONGMASTER, you too will become an instant OSC fan
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am 29. Juni 1998
I had been read and bought all of Orson Scott Card's books. This is the scecond favour (after Ender's Game) book of his. I know that he had written some really really bad books but this is a must read. Orson Scott Card have the abilities to make you see how LOVE can lead to hate and mistrust through misunderstanding. In one chapter, I wanted to scream at the charactor because he had miss read the other's action. In another, I cried because of the horrible mistake the one character is making. In this book you go through the cycles of growth and wonders of a child to his death. How the choices he made affect the people around him and his life down the road.
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am 5. November 1998
OSC once again used his magnificent talent of creating a central character who you feel you know like a good friend. Songmaster was pure brilliance. He puts you in the book and the only dissapointing feature to an OSC book is when there isn't a sequel.
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am 7. Juni 1999
This was one of the best & most emotionally powerful books I've ever read. The story of Ansset, from his stolen childhood to emperor of mankind reaches out and grabs you. I cried when I finshed reading it.
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