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am 18. Mai 2004
Dieses Buch ist die Geschichte von Robert Capas Einsatz als Fotograph im 2. Weltkrieg. Capa war zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch ungarischer Staatsangehöriger und hatte am Anfang eine Reihe von Problemen, um am Krieg mit den Allierten als Fotoreporter teilzunehmen. Er hat dann aber viel Mut und Intuition eingesetzt, um dabei zu sein und nach einer Weile konnte er überall hin und überall mitmachen. Das hat er dann auch getan: Capa sprang mit einem Fallschirm über Sizillien ab, erlebte die ersten Tage der Befreiung in Süditalien; den D-Day erlebt er an der Omaha-Beach, der wohl brutalsten Schlacht an der Westfront in der Normandie. Ein Assisten verhuntzt die meisten Bilder dieser wohl mutigsten Aktion, die Capa während des 2. Weltkriegs unternimmt. Obwohl der Fotograph vor Wut schäumte, wollte er nicht, dass der Assistent seinen Job verliert, weil er sehr menschlich war.
Das Buch ist in einem angenehmen, leichten Englisch geschrieben und zwischen den Zeilen lernt der Leser viel über Robert Capa. Die Einleitung aus der Feder seines Bruders Cornell, wie Capa Mitglied der Agentur Mangnum, trägt viel zum Verständnis bei.
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am 1. Februar 2012
Habe das Buch wegen der Bilder des berühmten Fotografen Robert Capa gekauft - und wurde durch die unglaubliche Leichtigkeit (ohne jemals billig oder albern zu werden) und dennoch fesselnde Art der Erzählung absolut verblüfft. Einmal angefangen war es schwer das Buch zur Seite zu legen, dafür stets eine Freude wieder weiterzulesen. Wenn man den Begriff des Flow-Erlebnisses auf ein Leseerlebnis anwenden möchte - dann hier und das zu Einhundert Prozent - no doubt about it.

Zumindest nach diesem Buch: "There is absolutely no reason to get up in the morning any more." ...for another read.
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am 26. Oktober 2007
a very interesting read, and Capa's style is at times light-hearted, which doesn't always seem fitting for the things he is describing. Nevertheless, the book is a superb insight into what Capa experienced as a war phototographer during WWII (my only critique is the flimsy quality of this paperback and occasional typographical (letter-spacing) errors)
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am 16. November 1999
After reading the book, I felt a deep sadness, not because of anything Capa had written, but because I realized that I would never get the opportunity to meet the author in person, to ask so many more questions. I wanted to hear for real that playful, romantic Hungarian voice, which I had heard all along in my head, re-tell one of his memoirs. They are humourous, intense and ironic. They are bitter-sweet, magically woven anecdotes spread over the horror and violence of war. The work is so honest, it is as if the reader has just sat down beside a fire-place with Capa and been told a yarn over a bottle of thirty year-old brandy. For us, Robert Capa has composed a memoir of crawling beside American troops assaulting Salerno, of struggling for the picture amidst shells and bullets, about parachuting into Sicily and landing in the first wave on D-Day and about a romance with a rosy-haired lady he calls Pinky. Robert Capa may be not be as famous today as the quality of his life's work entitles him to be, but he is, without a doubt, the most interesting, charismatic and magical personalities with which one may become acquainted on paper. Slightly Out Of Focus has thankfully been re-pressed in this 1999 edition, hopefully exposing more people to the work of this brilliant man. The book is ideal for anyone who might, on a rainy day, feel the urge to talk with an old friend and listen to a magnificent tale.
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am 3. Dezember 2007
Only when I read this book did I discover that Capa's original ambition was to be a writer, not a photographer - and it shows.

A hint of his talent is on display in the very short chapter he wrote in the middle of "A Russian Journal", but here he has the opportunity to let rip, and the result is a fascinating book, which often surprises with its humour and deep compassion. I read it in a single sitting.

The book describes not just the D-Day invasion, but also campaigns in North Africa, Sicily and southern Italy, as well as the charming, comical (and largely factual) romance he had developing in London at the same time. To label it a mere "war book" does not do it justice.

Apparently the book was written with a view to making it a feature film, so the action moves apace. But it is Capa's personlity that really shines through, a courageous and modest man, always ready to play down his own achievements and laugh at himself even as he stared death in the face. Highly recommended.
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am 5. Juni 2000
This is a remarkable book by a great photographer. Robert Capa, as has been said, invented himself. This is evident in this book: as a Hungarian living the the United States during war time (technically an enemy alien) and broke, he managed to effortlessly have a job offered to him, get a passport (as if by magic) and become an American war photographer.
Mr. Capa wrote well for someone who learned English but his marvelous photographs included in this book say much more than the words on the printed page. Some of the photographs were familiar and others were new for me. They are touched with compassion and so involved with the scene as if the camera eye were able to explore the world invisible.
In sum, a wonderful book to read and treasure for Capa's outlook on life, his experiences and his unique photographs.
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am 21. September 1999
Capa was not only one of the greatest photographers who ever lived, he was also an amazing storyteller and human being. This book shows his humour and humanity in the world's darkest hour.
45 years after his death, he is still sorely missed.
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