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am 14. März 2003
This time the battlefield is set firmly on terra firma, Earth! Ender and his sister, Valentine are not around. The intelligent children from Battle School were trying to blend back into life on Earth when they were kidnapped, except for Bean. He, his family, and his neighbors were bombed! Bean went into hiding with Sister Carlotta. Ender's brother, Peter Wiggin, was their only hope.
Peter may only have been a teen, but his intelligence at politics and pulling strings were as great as any of the Battle School Grads were at commanding! He held two names on the nets. Both were well known and had much influence. He was "Locke", known as a peacemaker, and he was "Demosthene". He would help retrieve the brilliant children. But Petra was the most important and she was held prisoner by Achilles! Peter intended to rule the world...and soon. He would become the Hegemon. But first, he and Bean must become alliances to defeat Achilles, before he manages to destroy all the nations!
***** Orson Scott Card's deep thinking strategies on national and global politics, as well as, on national and global military tactics are proven once again to the Sci-Fi reading public!
The story mainly follows Bean, with Petra and Peter as secondary characters. But my vanity makes me like Petra the most. After all, change the P in her name to D and you have MY name! But more than that, I enjoyed watching her (as a 14 year old) using logic against grown men who trained in psychiatry. Petra has a way of seeing things more clearly than most. Here is a story that will hit the best seller lists almost immediately! It is not only excellent, it is awesome!
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am 17. März 2001
After having read "Ender's Game" about 15 years ago I was fascinated when I recently read "ender's shadow". I really loved the book and was looking forward to reading the sequel. And "Shadow of the Hegemon" is very good too. Back on Earth we see what happens to the Battle School Grads and how the powers start to shift, making it very difficult for Peter Wiggin on his way to become Hegemon. This is about politics without ever being boring. But it's not about politics only, we learn a great deal about Bean - and Bean learns a lot about Bean. Unfortunately we will have to wait for at least two more books ("Shadow of Death" and "Shadow of the Giant") to get the whole story about what happened on Earth after the formic-war. Of Course, "Shadow..." is worth the read, though I think it isn't quite as original as "Ender's Game" or "Ender's Shadow"
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