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Second Nature: A Gardener's Education
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 18. September 2017
Den großen Erfolg des Autors kann ich nicht nachvollziehen - er breitet Gemeinplätze und oberflächliches Geplaudere über hunderte von Seiten aus und bietet keinerlei Erkenntnisse, außer, dass er augenscheinlich ziemlich ignorant der Natur gegenüber ist
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TOP 1000 REZENSENTam 31. März 2014
Vor einigen Jahren habe ich Michal Pollan für mich entdeckt. Ich habe über Audible Botany of Desire" gehört und war von seiner Herangehensweise fasziniert. Seitdem hab ich jedes Buch von ihm entweder gelesen oder über Audible gehört.
Soweit ich es erkennen konnte ist dies hier sein erstes Buch gewesen und er enttäuscht mich auch hier nicht!

Ich kann es nur jedem Empfehlen!
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am 24. November 1996
Many of us fall into the trap of thinking that our relationship to the land must be one of either two choices: either we ruthlessly exploit it, with no regard for any but short term use, or we refuse to "meddle" in it at all, letting nature do what it will. _Second Nature_ explores the third alternative, that of working with nature respectfully to produce something that we intend. Believing that our relationship with nature can not be broken down into simple nature versus culture arguments, Pollan explores the overlapping of nature and culture. To that end, he discusses Americans' historical and contemporary ideas of what makes a garden a garden and attitudes toward gardening and wilderness. There is wonderful, thought-provoking commentary on the tyranny of the American lawn, the sexuality of roses, class conflict in the garden, privacy, trees, weeds, and what it means to have a green thumb. Pollan's stories of his own adventures in the garden are interesting and often amusing. His writing is thoughtful and his insight frequently unexpected, as when, in the chapter " 'Made Wild by Pompous Catalogs' ", he points out that garden catalogues are selling not merely seed but their ideas about gardens. Pollan is also highly readable. It is hard not to like an author who says things like "...the Victorian middle class simply couldn't deal with the rose's sexuality" or "...there is a free lunch and its name is photosynthesis". _Second Nature_ is well worth reading
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am 14. März 2000
I read this book for a college course, "Religion, Ethics, and the Environment." Most of the books were (as the course title suggests) very heavy texts...yawn. However, when assignments from Pollan's book came up, I would laugh out loud while reading. My classmates & I would discuss the book at any given opportunity, and the bookstore sold twice as many copies as there were students in the class, because we recommended it to everyone. How many philosophy books can you say that about?
Pollan makes his philosophical points with vivid stories from his childhood on Long Island and his adult experiences in his garden. His garden-centered view of nature provides an excellent counterpoint to most environmental philosophy, which has been written from a preservationist's point of view.
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am 8. März 1999
This beautifully written book is a must for any garden lover. Michael Pollan's thought's on gardening are educated, witty and poignant. I enjoyed every word!
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am 2. Juli 1997
I read Pollans "A Place of My Own" and couldn't wait to read his first book "Second Nature". His writing captivates me and I hope he writes many more stories about anything. He's a wonderful teacher, story teller, yarn spinner and his inquisitive nature struck a strong cord. All my friends and relatives will get to enjoy it as a gift from me. Thanks Michael for a great read
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am 15. Dezember 1998
Even though the garden philosophy gets a little tiresome, the other 90% of the book is educational and extremely interesting.
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