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4,4 von 5 Sternen
4,4 von 5 Sternen
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am 22. Dezember 1997
Feinstein's account of a season with marginal Indiana is splendid. Knight, coaching a .500 ballclub, is followed through the grueling Big Ten schedule that includes wintry stopovers in Madison and rural Iowa against other Big Ten powers. The account follows the struggles of the team as it withers and grows and withers and grows again under the sometimes Napoleanic sometimes Mr. Rogers behavior of three-time NCAA and Olympic champion Bobby Knight. Few Dean Smith fans also comment favorably on the coaching style of Bobby Knight, but this account renders Knight likeable. It also rightly puts Knight at the top of his profession among the game's greatest innovators and leaders along with Dean Smith of North Carolina and Henry Iba of Oklahoma State. A great read.
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am 4. März 1999
It's been some years since I read the book, but I recall it vividly. I know that Bob Knight hated it and Feinstein, but I've always thought that the book is a fair portrayal of a great man who is not perfect (and who is). Just as many a man becomes a man from his Marine basic training, so does Bob Knight mould his boys into men, stressing what is important both on and off the court. I would love for my son to be coached by him. What harm are a few "F" words going to do? Another reason that I enjoyed the book so much is that I was a Cleveland State fan at the time and the Indiana season ends with a defeat at the hands of an unknown, but very talented, Cleveland State team.
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am 29. Januar 1999
I didn't know what to think of Bob Knight before I read this book but now I greatly admire him. Sure he's vulgar and aggressive, but he's a man who believes in athletics and academics. He does his job with all of the passion in his heart. I've read other things by Feinstein and I often find him to be unfair to people just for the sake of sensationalism; this holds true in this book. I take some things he says with a grain of salt for that reason. Read this book if you have a chance. The strongly convicted and impassioned among you will be huge Bob Knight fans by the end of it.
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am 6. Juli 2000
This is one of the classics of sports literature.
16,441 on the Amazon best seller list! Come on folks, this is reference material for anyone who claims to be a college hoops fan. Get behind the scenes of one of the most infamous coaches of all time. Gives a very strong sense for the life and experiences of players on a blue chip hoops program. I'm absolutely not joking, this is a must read for sports fans. Feinstein's the best documentary sports writer of our time and this book is the crown jewel of his works.
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am 23. Mai 1999
These are just some of the qualitites that The General exhibits and imparts to his players. I'm sorry to say it, but IU is one of the last honest programs around. Don't go to class, you don't play. Players leave Knight's program a better person. And there is not a more loyal person on the face of the Earth than R.M.K. I'll admit, the game may be passing him by, but it is a shame that it is. When Knight's coaching and teaching methods are "out of style," it is a bad sign for college basketball.
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am 20. Januar 1999
...I admire him greatly. What a marvelous read. This is one of the top sports books I've ever read, and it was Feinstein's best book...(Sorry John, but each book gets are the Orson Wells of your genre) The book deals with such drama and human emotion that parts left me drained. Ever since I read this I have always rooted for coach Knight. He does so much good in the world, and yet we never read about it...curious. Even if you are not a sports fan, this is a wonderful read. Enjoy
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am 6. Januar 1999
Feinstein is an excellent writer, and I'm a rabid fan of his, so I have to give this book 4 stars; he covers the characters and environment of IU basketball with such care and attention to detail, that you can't help but enjoy the text. I was a Knight fan before I read this book (how can you NOT like a guy that's impassioned enough to chuck a chair across a court?), but now I'm not so sure. That's the only drawback : maybe the characters are not so likable afterall....
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am 22. Mai 2000
I thought this book was great when I first read it as a teen-ager and I'm looking forward to re-reading it after the Neil Reed revelations. It is incredibly powerful because Feinstein doesn't pull any punches in portraying Knight as an excellent coach but really a power driven bully in a state and a university where he can get away with it. It's amazing that he hasn't completely unravelled between 1985 and present day.
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am 6. Dezember 1999
Bob Knight is a basketball genius. Yet, after a few outbursts and admitted overreactions...the media has attacked every thing he has done. Feinstein shows how Bob Knight is a mastermind at what he does..he's a general on the court and he expects perfection in return. A must read for anyone who thinks Bobby Knight is only about throwing chairs...he also shapes lives.
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am 14. Juli 1997
This is a fascinating look into the genius and the madness that is Bob Knight. Feinstein details what its like to play for the demanding hall of fame coach. He takes you behind the scenes and into the locker room. Once I started, I could not put this book down. This book is a must for any basketball fan
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