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Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning
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am 11. Februar 2009
A central peculiarity of Frankls medical science is its harmony with the image of God and man in the Christian and Jewish Bible. Man is according to Frankl designed for the realization of a meaning of life. Mans longing for meaning reveal his longings for God. The questions which arise in the life of everybody are questions of transcendence and originate in God. That meaning of life is most profoundly executed in a life in responsibility in front of God. Frankls philosophy and his Logotherapy stood the test of life in his whole life and especially in his sufferings. This is always a sign of a realistic and true philosophy, that it is reliable and practical in daily life. A truth not meant to be destructive! Some misguided people of today think to have found their meaning in the realization of non-sense or mad-sense. They miss the point of life.
To be human means to come into confrontation with situations which are at the same time opportunity and challenge. This can also mean to bear with courage and dignity a seemingly hopeless situation, or the loss of a beloved one. This is also the message of Hiob. Even if not especially in sufferings the meaning of life is developed.
This attitude which Frankl called a power of defiance helped him to survive 3 years in 4 concentration camps. The credibility and the attraction of his Logotherapy is not at last grounded on this probation in the extremes. For many people his psychotherapy proved to be of great help.
Everybody who has to do with psychotherapy should have read this book!
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am 16. März 1998
When my little brother died of AIDS at the age of 29, one ofthe nurses at the hospice recommended this book. I had not heard ofit and when she tried to explain it to me, it didn't sound like it was for me. Fortunately, I picked up a copy anyway. I read it and I'm glad I did. I never felt so alive as I did just after my little brother died. I never appreciated the gulf between the living and the dead until I was helping the hospice staff prepare my brother's body for the undertaker's arrival. And without reading Man's Search for Meaning, I could have missed one way to understand the purpose of that gulf; the reasons why some die and others live. Frankl's story of his Holocaust experience is reason enough for reading the book and if he stopped there, this book would still be worth reading. It is Frankl's creation of logotherapy, the task of applying meaning to life, that makes the author so important. You cannot read this book without changing some aspect of yourself, probably for the better. It is an adventure, much needed and perhaps too short, for anyone facing their own or someone else's death. In the time since my brother's death and my first reading of this book, I have been diagnosed with a complicated, chronic illness which has caused me to make considerable changes to the way I live my life. Viktor Frankl's book continues to help in the transition I'm undertaking. My search for meaning continues, even as the expression of that meaning must necessarily change.
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Henry Charrier was the man who made the first move to change things in my mind, so in my life with his book "Butterfly". Then, Frankl came up just to make me jump into a deep anxiety and depression but then took me out into a calm place brightened by sunlight inwhich i could see my past and self-created future...
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