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am 12. März 1998
Having finished the final volume in Mark Berent's exciting series of Viet Nam ficton based on fact books, I'm moved to write the following. Looking back on how politicians and peaceniks played into the hands of the communists, I think I know how America's fighting men felt when they where sent to a war by a country that didn't really want to win. Mark Berent gets you into the heads of his protaganists, and you're left shaking your head at the lies that were fed to us while our boys were fighting and dying. A great, exciting set of tales. My thanks to him for making me remember the sacrifice given by so many.
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am 4. Februar 2016
Fast paced Action, really interesting descriptions of flying a combat Jet... Can only recommand it.

The characters are well drawn, the Action compelling, all in all, a very fine read. You like war stories, you like aviation, you shall like this book.
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am 11. Februar 1999
Following the exploits of Court Bannister, Wolf Lochert, Toby Parker and the gang showed me believable action; let me observe the transition of young hotshots into responsible adults through experiences with war and life; taught me history, the real thing I didn't get from the media in the 1960s; focused me on geography, with which I'm getting better. Not so very different from the young people I see at our USO where I volunteer each week. Most of all, it let me come to some resolution and peace in my own mind about VietNam. Those young men I knew in the 1960s who willingly went to serve were right in their intent, despite an Administration and press who failed to support them. Those who didn't come back did not die in vain, and are remembered fondly. My only regret is that it's the last of the series. I hope Mark Berent is not finished writing! More! More! Another series! Something!
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am 12. April 1999
This was a great ending to a terrific series by Mark Berent. I found myself unable to put this book down. Wold Lochert, Court Bannister and Toby Parker were amazing characters and were so life like I was sad to see the series end. I definately recommend reading not only this book but this great series.
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