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am 5. Mai 2000
Travellin' west? Take this. Here's a great reissue of a hundred-year-old-plus book that remains fresh as a cactus bloom. Huck Finn is Twain's best, but Roughing It has a conversational chumminess that takes you right to his camp fireside and makes your wish you truly knew the man. It is all about a stagecoach ride to riches that turns out just so, and is invaluable as a celebration of the adventuring American spirit. Salt Lake City will never be the same for me! Here's my vote for the Posthumous Nobel Prize for Wit.
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am 23. Dezember 1998
This book is better than the equivelent of sending Walter Kronkite to the Wild West to investigate it's doings. Mark Twain, ever the great poet/humorist, embarks into the real world of the West with as much excitement and curiosity as you or I would have via an Overland Stagecoach. While he is at this occupation, he develops a dozen more, including propecting and newpaper reporting, being destitute, and being fabulously rich. Everywhere his gaze is turned is carefully recorded and sent 'back-home' to you and I as though it were a personal letter through the post! His humor and insight is actually the finest of his entire career; the personal feeling, yearning, passion, and pathos of his descriptions are more poetic than the bards of all time. On his journey from Springfield, Missouri, to find out what life will become--and with WHAT, and IN what--he accompanies his brother Orion, just appointed secretary to the Governor of the Nevada territories by President Lincoln, to conveniently become the secretary's secretary. An occupation, predictably short-lived. Upon arrival young Sam Clemens, a recent riverboat pilot turned Confederate Soldier gone AWOL is as set free as a snake from a cardboard box. No one on earth could have taken advantage of the wild possibilities that beckoned from the new frontier better than Sam Clemens. Sam was as a man gone there intentionally in a time machine and was exultant to begin his plans---and coming-up with them on his arrival. He wrote home that he would never return to Missouri until he had become a rich man, and THAT from the silver mines that peppered the entire mountain ranges of Nevada of that day. One has the incredible opportunity to view through Mark Twain's eyes the true West and at the same time view Mark Twain and what influence it was having upon HIM. At just the saving moment of the demise of his grandiose plans he becomes a newspaper correspondent from Hawaii, and, without ever having the knowledge himself, explores from one American frontier to the next. While in Hawaii he wrote in unparalelled prose the majesty he witnessed there. He tells of the history and collects the information that would later become the substance of his first lecture tour, and what would become the most celbrated literary career in the 19th century, and to some: of all time. This is Mark Twain's finest book.
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am 10. Januar 2015
These are Mark Twain’s recollections of his three-months pleasure trip to the Nevada silver mines which actually turned into a seven-year stay.

Twelve years before the completion of the railroad he and his brother Orion did the trip in stage-coaches and with his keen powers of observation, humour, knowledge and brilliant prose he brings this bygone era back to life.

Being incurably restless, during those years Mark Twain held a variety of jobs, lived in lots of different places and under very different conditions (on a shoestring on the silver fields and in relative luxury in Hawaii), had hair-raising adventures and met all kinds of wild, weird and picturesque characters.

This book is more consistent than for example „Life on the Mississippi“ and Twain doesn’t go off on a tangent anywhere near as much. Admittedly some of the anecdotes are too long-drawn out, sometimes there is more information on a topic than one would have wanted but I still consider this one of his best and most amusing books.
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am 28. Juli 1996
Twain's escapades in the West make fascinating reading.
His encounters with the Mormons in Utah are particularly
interesting. Anyone afflicted with Mormon missionaries on
his or her doorstep ought to bring out a copy of this book and
read aloud the chapter in which Twain discusses the absurd
Book of Mormon. Nobody can match Twain in skewering foolishness
and pomposity dressed up as religion.
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am 21. März 1999
Twain here exhibits his propensity to write, and write, and write... As long and boring as some of this book was, I am glad I read it. His adventures are interesting and more than anything it is a time piece; his inflections and nuances of verb and colloqualisms make for a difficult read, but it is worth it if you have the time. This ain't a thriller
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am 24. September 2016
This Edition with 132 pages is not the full book of Mark Twain. Although it is mentioned nowhere on Amazon or even in the book itself, it contains only about 40 chaptures and is only the first part of the work! I call this a fraud.
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am 3. Juni 1999
This edition is the Library of Mark Twain published by the University of California. They are by far the best editions available, but regrettably they are slow in releasing them. You won't be sorry.
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am 4. November 1998
This book has more lies in it than any book except the Bible, which is longer. For that reason (and many others) it is one of the best descriptions of the old West that has ever been written.
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am 11. April 2000
This book was a very good book. It had alot of knowledge and information. I'm glad I read it.
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am 22. März 1999
I do not like them sam I a
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