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am 11. Januar 2017
Got the book for an assignment from a writing class. In the beginning I had a bit of trouble following her style, but at the end I can say - we are more than a hundred years further down the road of social development, and not all that much has changed. I like, most of all, how she does her best to not simply accuse men of being mean on purpose, but tries to understand where they stand, how they have come to be there and what one might do to improve the situation. Definitely recommend reading this book unbiased, and try to see whether there might be something in it for you as well.
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am 22. Mai 2017
i am usually very picky with the quality of print and paper of the books that i buy because nowadays I only buy the physical copies of the books that are very special to me. i was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this edition and would recommend it to everybody. the cover art of the series is, undoubtedly, magnificent too.
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am 14. Dezember 1999
70 years have passed since the first publication of "A Room of One's Own," and yet we have not seen as many dramatic changes, let alone improvements, in social mentality as early feminist thinkers like Virginia Woolf wished to provoke to establish women's new role as equal to men's. She argued that the reason why there was no female Shakespeare is not that women are biologically inferior to men but that there was simply no "room" for women to develop themselves, both metaphorically and realistically speaking. Therefore, in this book she encourages women to have a room of their own and a stable income to ensure a career. However, women, in the past as well as the present, have long been "grounded" by men. For a woman to have a room of her own and a stable income means that the woman is invading (from male chauvinistic viewpoint) men's territory, and this kind of behavior (and thoughts) is not to be allowed in male-dominated societies.
Early feminist thinkers like Virginia Woolf provided later generations with iron-cast proof (as far as I'm concerned) that women are no "second sex" by pointing out the false discriminations men put against women for men's own convenience. (Ironically, I see men suffer as well from doing so.) Thinkers like Virginia Woolf provided "rooms" to develop feminist thoughts, and these rooms also provoke controversies and debates because feminist way of thinking is revolutionary. At any rate, there would be no improvements of women's role in society if there were no Virginia Woolf and other first-wave feminist thinkers.
At the end of the twentieth century, in spite of the burgeoning "industry" of feminism, the real condition of women appears to be quite depressing. The real condition of women goes like this: "During the last decades women's representation in education has grown enormously but so has our [their] participation in low paid and part-time work. So that, for example, the percentage of women in German higher education has doubled yet the degree of confidence German women express for women in non-traditional jobs is one of the lowest in Europe...," and "similarly feminist literary criticism has created a lively and substantial body of work in the last decades but continues to exist in a hostile and often marginal academic place." ("A Reader's Guide to Contemporary Feminist Literary Criticism", 1994: 290) One cannot fail to see (if one is willing to open his or her eyes) that we have made just a tiny bit of progress since the first-wave feminism. There is room for improvement, indeed, but people's ignorance of women's real position in society, women's subordinate educational, economical, and political conditions, and the overall social status of women being secondary, must first be recognized. In this sense, Virginia Woolf's "A Room of One's Own" appears to be especially inspiring.
In my opinion, feminism is not only for or about women, it is also for and about men, because the world is composed of both sexes, and men suffer (without understanding, because of stupidity) from the traditional, male chauvinistic attitude as well. What is important is that feminist way of thinking is a breakthrough, revolutionary philosophy that challenges the way we perceive the world for centuries. "A Room of One's Own" opens my mind's eye; it is, no doubt, a classic that must be read.
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am 18. Dezember 2008
Der Titel "A room of one's one" bringt es genau auf den Punkt, was Virginia Woolf mit diesem Aufsatz/Vortrag sagen will: Um Großes zu schaffen, muss man dem/der Schaffenden auch die Rahmenbedingungen und die Gelegenheit dazu zugestehen. In dem vermeintlich vorzubereitenden Vortrag der Ich-Erzählerin stößt diese in ihren Recherchen auf viele von Männern stammende literarische Werke oder Meinungen über Frauen, aber wo bleibt die geistige Leistung der Frauen vergangener Jahrhunderte selbst? Eine auf klare Aufgabentrennung gerichtete Gesellschaft, die alles verpönt hat, was den Rollenbildern nicht entsprach, entzog den Frauen die Grundlage geistigen Schaffens. Dieses Büchlein umfasst nur etwas mehr als 100 Seiten, jedoch unglaublich viel an Inhalt. Die starke feministische Aussage stammt nicht von Angriffen auf die männliche Vorherrschaft über einen langen Zeitraum, sondern durch einfach ausgesprochene Wahrheiten und ist gerade deshalb so treffend. Das Buch wurde 1929 geschrieben, erstaunlich, wie weit die Erkenntnisse schon waren und wieviel noch bevorstand! Meines Erachtens eine große Bereicherung für jede denkende Frau und sehr empfehlenswert auch für jeden denkenden Mann.
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am 12. Oktober 1998
In "A Room of One's Own," Virginia Woolf says that in order for a woman to write fiction, she must have money and a room of her own; I believe that to be, or to understand, an intellectual woman in this century, one must read this book. Unlike a sad number of feminist writers, Woolf does not make the mistake of tearing down the accomplishments of men in order to make room for those of women. Indeed, she speaks eloquently against just that danger throughout "A Room of One's Own," which is partly what allows it to stand not only as a feminist classic, but also as a classic piece of both literature and literary criticism. It is not often that an essay reaches creative heights great enough to establish itself equally as a work of art and an intellectual effort, but Woolf has done it here. She does not waste her words or her energy on destructive, angry prattling. She writes with a depth of humanity that challenges us to be better writers, better thinkers, and better people.
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am 9. August 1999
After having read several books by so-called feminist writers I have decided for myself that Woolf is one of the greatest. A Room of One's Own is not only valuable for female writers, but for all women trying to fulfill their dreams. What I find interesting about Woolf is her ability to make her essay become so much like fiction, and thus, easier to read for many people. I am truly impressed by Woolf's work and would like to recommend her to those who are a little curious about what she has to contribute!!
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am 3. Juli 2000
A wonderful pre-feminist writer, Woolf makes many valid and thorough points for women writers. Despite what other reviewers may say, it is as relevant today as it was when written.
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am 5. November 1999
After being forced to read this book for English class, I feel it my obligation to let people know just how bad it is. Woolf is an ardent feminist, and will go to whateer length necessary to tell her audience of the supposed atrocities committed upon society by men. According to her, men are pigs who simply suppress women to elevate themselves. Her constant self-contradiction (is she not doing here the same thing that she accuses men of?) makes her thesis difficult to believe. Her unusual style, using dashes instead of proper names, only distracts the reader. All in all, I do not recommend this book to anyone who is capable of conscious thought.
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am 4. Dezember 1998
I read A Room Of One's Own three years ago and I still remember it such a great book, it's interesting and helped me to reconogize on me a hidded writer woman. This book make me free and I really fell in love of it. I agree, a woman needs a room and the necesary privacy to dream.
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am 18. September 1998
The inoffensive feminist tone of this text should not confine it's readership to the predominantly female. It is indeed from that point of view interesting,valuable and easy reading,accessible to both male and female readers alike.But outwith the political undercurrants, the precise and poetic delicacy of the writing provides not only a pleasure for the reader but potent advice for the aspirant writer.If one needs look for further justifications as to the significance of these essays, then it could be viewed as an historical viewfinder, not of only sociological relevance, but also the evolvlution of modern literature. Buy it, read it, love it and read it again!
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