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4,6 von 5 Sternen
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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"Rites of Passage" provides an insider's advice on how to navigate through the often uncertain waters of job-changing at the executive level. It should be distinctly understood that the book is intended for higher-level executives -- much of the advice in the book is unsuitable for lower and mid management career changes. I especially liked the well-developed idea that an executive should avoid being presented to a company with a price tag on her head (the recruiter's fee), and should attempt to make herself known directly, without "representation". This is a novel idea that makes sense after you read the book, and this one idea alone is worth the read.
Lucht details an effective plan to go directly to company decision makers for the top jobs. The plan is not presented as a faddish, magic wand technique, but as a no-nonsense "elbow grease" way to get noticed.
There are some problems with the book. First, job changing at all levels is in flux these days, largely because of -- you guessed it -- the Internet. You get the idea that Mr. Lucht was caught off guard by this new big thing. He devotes only a couple of pages, stuck disjointedly in the middle of the book, to online recruitment and job-posting, and nothing at all to how technology will affect the industry.
I would have preferred a more thorough going-over of the world of contingency recruiters, but since they find jobs for lower level managers, Mr. Lucht gives the contingency recruiters a light touch.
The book is odd typographically. For some reason, text in parenthesis is in a font that appears to be several sizes smaller than the regular text, giving the reader the impression that the typesetter just discovered font menus in Microsoft Word. The text often switches between bold and regular and italic, sometimes on the same page. My eyeballs at times were crying "enough already!"
Overall, however, I would recommend the book because it contains some powerful ideas, along with an understanding of the motivations and limitations of executive recruiters. "Rites of Passage" leaves you with the impression that you just got good advice on executive job hunting from a distinguished uncle, without having to feed him dinner.
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am 11. September 2002
Breaking through the $100k ceiling has been difficult, but I would not have stood a chance without this book. Even in the current horrible job market, recruiters are calling me almost every week. Recently, I was asked about my interest in a CEO position. Not bad for someone who currently is an Assistant Vice President!
If you want to contact the good recruiters and differentiate yourself, if you want others to take you seriously when you apply for a job, if you want to find out the most efficient way to hunt for an executive level job, then buy this book.
This book is quite unlike a corporate game playing / political environment, as John shares what he knows only to help. His knowledge and understanding of the executive recruiting game is given to us unselfishly on a silver platter.
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am 29. April 2009
Rites of Passage at 100000$ + is a must for anyone actively managing his/her career. Whether you are currently unemployed, or just in the middle of your most successful professional project, headed to be promoted. The main structure of the book is arranged about how to look for a new job, be it via your own contacts, via networking, via recruiters or via direct mail. However, the insights reach a lot further than that: they highlight how you are responsible for managing your career, managing your results, managing your image in industry. After all, it is not enough to do well, people should also be aware about what you are doing.
Two comments:
1) Is this book useful in Europe? Yes. It is indeed focused on the American situation, but there is enough content in the book to get value from reading from beginning to end, and the American way of doing business moves more and more to Europe.
2) Is this book useful for the non-executive? Yes. The book is focused on C-level executives and VP-level people. People with a role of director of manager can also use it, particularly as it comes to understanding how top management people think and reason. And this book will definitely help you move a step up.
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am 12. September 1997
I thought this book provided me a practical guideline when I decided it was time for me to change employers to move ahead with my career.

It gave me several things to think about (why was I making the change, why my new potential employer would think I was valuable (not why I thought I was valuable!), and what that value might potentially be.

With the recommendations in this book I was able to negotiate a fair and equitable contact. I passed my book onto a colleague who was able to do the same. I am now sending the URL to another friend who is thinking about a career change and is looking for guidance.

A solid primer for moving ahead in this competitive world
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am 27. März 1999
The other half is Yates' "Knock 'em Dead". With these two books a professional can cover the waterfront of a job search and get farther faster. Lucht's ideas may seem unconventional but they really work. The book is worth it even if all you do is read the parts about how recruiters work - it can save you much aggravation and heartache. If you want to get it done, you need these two books, maybe Kennedy's Directory of Executive Recruiters, friends, a Rolodex, an internet link, and that's it. Both of my children will receive this book as an early graduation gift when they are seniors in college,
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am 29. Juli 1998
When I was considering leaving a position with a Fortune 100 company Rites of Passage helped me determine how to decide if the time was right to leave, what sort of thing to pursue, and how to assess the opportunities available. When I was negotiating compensation for a new executive position the book had outstanding advice on strategy and tactics. I have bought copies of this book for friends who were considering career changes and all of them have praised it and found it most useful.
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am 29. September 1999
The world of getting a job is truly a mystery that we all think we understand. This book shows us that we don't know it all and the book is quite useful. It will really help you negotiate. This book may in some cases state the obvious, but in other cases it shows concise strategy that can be used to great advantage. It also does a good job of helping describe the world of the recruiter and how to deal with them. It is a great motivator and will repay its cost several times over.
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am 26. August 1999
Out of work? Want a new job? Make a $100,000? This is the book for you. Searching for a job at the executive level is so radically different that you will kick yourself if you start your search before getting this book. It outlines a strategy, do's and don'ts and other references for the executive search. Use his features and tips from writing the executive resume, interview basics for an executive, to the wording for a contract.
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am 9. Januar 1999
"Rites of Passage" is a superior text for those persons seeking new jobs at $100k or better. The large portion of the book about "executive recruiters" is especially welcome. It gives hard hitting and to the point advice on how to deal with recruiters which is rarely found. I would recommend this book to anyone.
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am 7. Oktober 2010
Bei aller inhaltlicher Richtigkeit stört mich der typisch amerikanische ausufernde Schreibstil, verbunden mit den vielen Fett- und Fetter-Setzungen. Warum kann "der Ami" nicht auf den Punkt kommen, sondern muss aus jeder Aussage eine Inszenierung machen? Ein Punkt Abzug von inhaltlichen vier.
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