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3,8 von 5 Sternen
3,8 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 19. Februar 2004
I was quite eager to read this book, especially after reading the very positive reviews. While the Idea of a Ringworld is intriguing - the realization of the concept is a big disappointment. There's something odd about Niven's writing style - it's neither alive nor vibrant nor descriptive, often you just end up very confused. The characters are two-dimensional - they feel like something that escaped from a comic book (and not a very good one at that). Also you can't help but get the impression, than the author does not exactly think highly of a woman's intellectual abilities. All the female characters seem to be "dumb" but sexy, they're even less "alive" than the rest of the "crew", and on the Planet of the ridiculous cat-like aliens "Kzin" the females aren't even sentient!
What is also quite ridiculous is the concept of breeding for luck! Jeez! Well... enough of that I'll be looking for a decent book now :-)
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am 3. März 2006
Mir hat das Buch gefallen, ich fand es spannend und auch teilweise zum Schmunzeln, wenn schräge Situationen entstehen, die aus den ungewohnten Eigenheiten der Alien-Charaktere entstehen. Die Schilderungen der Ringwelt und der unklaren Motivationen der Puppeteer-Rasse erzeugen bei mir ungläubiges Staunen.
Das Lesen hat sich gelohnt, ich freu mich sls nächstes den zweiten Teil der Ringwelt-Reihe "The Ringworld Engineers" zu lesen.
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am 21. Juni 2000
"RingWorld" is so well-knowen that I feel kinda stupid for writing about it - but for those who have'nt read it thus far (and there for cannot call themselves true sci-fi readers):
the protagonist is Louis Wu - a 200 years old human , whom a Peirson's-Puppeteer kidnapp's together with speaker-to-animals - a Kzinty ambassedor , in order to investigate Ringworld - an immense structure , a partial Dyson sphere , a ring around a sun , built by an unknowen race of frightening power. The Puppeteers must have more information. The builders might be dangerous.
The puppeteer , Louis and speaker travel to Ringworld , "land" upon it and go through many adventures in order to mend their spaceship (yes it's hurt , eventhough it's a general-products hull).
This book is among the most praised science fiction books in the world , like "Dune" or the original "Foundation" trilogy , and rightfully so ; I promise you one of the most memorable protagonists you have read about , and ofcourse , no side-kick is equel to speaker-to-animals. The plot is excellent , the science is superb if you let the few points that make this a science-FICTION work pass with a smile instead with a grunt. Besides , not everyone will understand enough to recognize a scientific immposibility , and therefore , the science is also great.
Since we are talking about Niven , you know the writing itself is excellent , filled with interesting ideas , facsinating races and cool weapons , in such good use that I can't put it to words - the book is just too great - read it.
"RingWorld" is a masterpiece by one of the best hard-style sci-fi writers , and is equeled by few indeed.
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am 26. September 1999
After reading all the high praise I was raring to read Ringworld. What a let down. Why did Nevin even bother. He doesn't seem to care about telling his story. I know I didn't care about the characters, their journey...etc. nothing. There was no spark!
Niven just couldn't flesh out his brilliant ideas. The story, the people lacked depth and excitement. It was an emotionally deadpan telling. There were no feelings, no high-five crescendos or swoops into possible doom. Descriptions were very poor. I never got a real picture in my mind as to where I was or what I was suppose to be seeing.
Frank Herbert (author of the DUNE series) must of been a literary SF genius or a lone freak of nature because I have not been able to find a book/author that comes within light years of him. And DUNE was written in 1965!! You think SF authors would be required to meet or at least come close to Frank Herbert's quality in order to be considered for publishing What happened to pride of workmanship?
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am 3. November 1999
This book was my first introduction to Larry Niven's Known Spac series. While I conceed that Ringworld is incredibly imaginative, the book does lack characterization and forward plot movement. It was not a fast read and I didn't understand enough of the geography of the setting. I often found myself wishing Ringworld was a visual experience rather than literary. I would have given up on Known Space if I didn't happen to pick up Neutron Star at a used bookstore. I don't think Ringworld is a proper introduction to Known Space - its too confusing. I give it four stars because while weak on its own, it nicely complements the other novels in the Known Space series which is the most imaginative, well-contructed and original universe in science-fiction. I love Known Space, its utterly fascinating! Too bad the number of Known Space books got so large that the framework became too unwieldly for Niven to work with. I also wanted to comment on the several references to Frank Herbert on this forum. While I love Dune, I think any Frank Herbert comparisons are unfair. After, all Niven's a hard science-fiction writer, he doesn't even belong to the same school as Herbert. His books have their own vitality. Also, I didn't find the sexual content to be gratuitous - there are no graphic descriptions. The sex is strictly PG-13.
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am 27. Oktober 1998
Ringworld is among the best sci-fi works I've ever read. Actually it's among the best books I've ever read at all. It is amazingly colourful, imaginative and appealing. Some might be put off by the very technical "hard-science" style, but I think that that actually enhances the story. There are so many incredible and very intriguing ideas incorporated in this book that it makes the reader dizzy. It's so convincingly written that in the end, you almost start thinking that the incredible world of Ringworld is for real. When I first began reading this book, I couldn't put it down. It just stuck to my hand like glue. I was completely spellbound by Niven's incredible visions and ideas. I finished it in one day. I am really a party animal, but I came too late to a party that night because I had to finish Ringworld. I can't recommend this book enough! I myself was told that it was great when I bought it, but I had no idea just how great it really was. It surpassed my wildest expectations, and has made me the huge Niven-fan I am today!
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am 20. März 2000
A mysterious (and mad) stranger offers a rich prize to an apparently mismatched crew, if they will undertake a dangerous mission to a strange land - the Ringworld.
Far from a typical adventure yarn, Ringworld is a landmark science fiction story. The worlds and cultures, the future human history, and the technology conceived for this book (and for other related Known Space stories) are a major achievement of imagination. Larry Niven has a gift for making them all fit and work together into a cohesive and enjoyable whole.
The exploration of the Ringworld, a massive artifact of mysterious origins, forms the backdrop for a further exploration of the history and the cultures in Larry Niven's Known Space series.
Ringworld provides insights and intriguing clues about the two principal alien species of the novel, the Kzin and the Puppeteers, and the history of their interactions with the human race. The creation of alien viewpoints and personalities is exceptionally well handled here. Nessus and Speaker-to-Animals are credible characters with unique viewpoints.
I was particularly pleased with the handling of the warrior culture of the Kzin. Speaker-to-Animals is aggressive and proud, but also intelligent, articulate and judicious. Contrast this with the one dimensional, noble but simple minded Klingons of Star Trek NG.
Ringworld has my recommendation. Other Larry Niven books worth reading include Neutron Star and Protector.
I don't recommend Ringworld Engineers, the sequel to this book.
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am 4. September 2014
First things first: the art in this graphic novel is not very good. And i am not talking about it being black and white manga style drawings.
Many panels lack a lot of details or leave the reader guessing as to what exactly is going on. One panel with Lois Wu, drawn without his eyes for some reason, exclaiming: "i can see something!" was funny though.

There were many graphical alterations to the source material without good reason. When the characters get onto their spaceship, Lois has suddenly normal hair like any other youngish male manga character. Sort of looks like a boosterspiced John Cusack. I guess his usual bald head with pony tail look was deemed not marketable enough... Teela is wearing a strange suit with cleavage and high heels while exploring the ringworld and Speakers bubble-like space suit, replaced with a normal one. His variable sword's blade is visible, its workings or that of many other interesting Known-Space technologies never explained.
On the first few pages the backstory of the Known Space Universe is touched upon briefly, especially the first Man-Kzin war. Why the Kzinti now have black, sleek spacecraft with lots of points and edges is beyond me.

It is not, that these graphical alterations would ruin this graphic novel on their own. They just don't make any sense whatsoever.
Has the artist not been informed, how things were supposed to look in Ringworld? Was he not given the novel to read first?

Or maybe God forbid that a targeted demographic of teenagers might be presented with something they were not used to seeing in their usual manga.

A hatchet has been taken to individual points of the plot too. Several memorable scenes from the novel were shortened or entirely missing. Lois Wu is now a 20 year veteran from the space navy, despite stating in the novel that he had never been a soldier. Wait, what space navy? Lois also seems much less in control of himself than he was in the novels.

It is not that there have been alterations that make me dislike this graphic novel. It is the fact that all these alterations seem so pointless and motivated primarily by a lack of knowledge of the novel. That and the drawings that are often lacking detail. Individual places could also have been established more clearly.
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am 11. April 1997
Ringworld. Niven's solution to one heck of a population problem for a species that was so advanced it was scary. Thousand-year old technology built this masterpiece perfect...or did it. That is what Louis Wu: 200 year old space-worn traveler, Teela Brown: 20 year old walking rabbit's foot, Nessus: A two headed, three footed Pierson's Puppetter whose species likes playing God, and Speaker: an 8' tall Kzin with orange fur, and a 'sharp' smile. They are drawn together by fate to gather more data about Ringworld, a ring built around a star, billions of times Earth's surface area, to collect data and determine whether it is habital or just a worthless space artifact. The puppetter's need the world, due to a core explosion's radioactive wave, which will reach them in a hundred years (destroying everything). As they explore it they discover that something went terribly wrong here once, something they weren't supposed to find out about. Do they, and with their ship wrecked by an old Ringworld defense system, will they ever leave to tell others the secrets of Ringworld. Niven answers these questions in his masterpiece: Ringworld
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am 24. Mai 1999
As I reflect upon this book, it becomes more and more aggrevating. I began reading this book with great expectations and in the beginning was not dissappointed. I felt a great sense of amazement at what Niven was laying out for us. However, as I believe must always happen with sciencefiction, the book began to dissappointe. I guess this is the inherent flaw with a book written by a human mind, we can only realate what we have experienced. And none of us has experienced anything other-worldly. Perhaps then it is no surprise to discover who the ringworld engineers are. Neverless, I keep expecting more from such a highly rated book.
Once the exploration crew had landed on the ringworld, the book was over for me. The graduer of the ringworld metled into the normalcy of everyday experience. I guess I'm just expecting to much. I think I'm going to need a real alien encounter to be satisfied. However, Niven's creativity seemed to be placed entirely on the concept of the ringworld. The story itself is unimaginative.
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