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am 4. Januar 2006
I am interested that I'm reviewing this book on a German site - it can be difficult to understand Georgette Heyer's books for a native English speaker as she uses very different language and lots of 19th century idioms. But it's worth the effort to get to the heart of all her great stories.
Regency Buck has one of Heyer’s fantastic heroes – The Earl of Worth – with his sardonic humour, clever conversation and social position. The romance between him and Judith Taverner, his ward, is not necessarily the major thrust of the book. Although the slow-burn romance between them is there in the pages, there is a great deal more to keep your attention. In fact, if I had any criticism of the book it is that we are not there when Judith’s sentiments change towards her guardian; presumably it’s when she spends Christmas at his house with a group of people, but it’s left to our imagination; most of the scenes between the two of them are arguments.
The setting of the book, in London and Brighton, is of course flawless historically. It’s fascinating reading of travel in Regency times – the journey from London to Brighton by curricle taking 4½ hours and listing all the posting houses and towns that they travel through. I loved reading the detail of the Royal Palace at Brighton and the Royal Dukes and their behaviour. Many of the characters are historical ones and it set me off reading up on their history – not many novels can get me doing that.
The threat to the life of Peregrine Taverner is a side-plot which works reasonably well but it was always clear to me that Lord Worth wasn’t trying to kill his ward, and therefore that his cousin had to be responsible. However, it was fun reading the scrapes that Perry gets into, and his enthusiasm over sailing at the end is great fun.
It has also been interesting to read An Infamous Army, a sort-of sequel to both this book and Devil’s Cub as it contains characters from both. Captain Charles Audley who features in Regency Buck is the hero of An Infamous Army, but it is good to see Lord Worth and Judith after three years of marriage – that the spice to their relationship is still there, and the witticisms of Lord Worth haven’t been dimmed. However, Peregrine and Harriet do less well in that book; whether that is a background comment about marrying too young from Heyer I don’t know.
Regency Buck is certainly worth adding to your Heyer library. It’s perhaps not as immediately engaging as some of the other books but it’s detail and the strength of the characters are well worth the time spent with them through these pages.
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am 13. März 2016
I nearly stopped reading this book as it was a nightmare to get into the style of complex sentences...
as if the author tried really hard to turn and twist the game of words , which we usually love in this style of period writing... BUT IT WAS BORDER-LINED !!!

if it hadn't been for the fact that it was Georgette Heyer and that everybody said THIS IS HER BEST ... I would have stopped reading ...
eventually i got the hang of it and the story was enchanting .. and gave pleasure

would i recommend it ... only if you are prepared a fight through the first chapters and the style of writing .. :-) ...
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am 14. Mai 2013
This has all the ingredients for a great regency romance- a tall , dark , handsome, dandified hero and an equally beautiful though a little 'rustic' heroine. Judith and her brother Peregrine , wealthy heir and heiress are left by their father as wards to Lord Worth whom they have never met. They travel down to London to 'cut a dash' in regency society and events take a very interesting turn as the insufferable stranger they meet in regrettable circumstances on the way turns out to be their guardian who decides to take a keen interest in their affairs. Regency society is depicted extremely well with Beau Brummell and Royalty featuring prominently in the story.
Witty dialogue , and fashionable life at the time make for a good read.
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am 15. Januar 2014
wie immer werden die Charaktere von Georgette Heyer genau und wie ich finde, mit einem Augenzwinkern beschrieben. Romantik, Spannung und natürlich Happy End inbegriffen.
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am 5. Dezember 2015
Alles Bestens, es war so, wie es abgebildet war und so wie ich es wollte. Was soll ich noch zusätzlich sagen?
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am 29. Mai 2013
Der Kontakt war von Anfang an perfekt. Die Ware ist hervorragend beschrieben und ist eine gute Ware. Vielen Dank dafür . Sehr zu empfehlen.
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