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am 16. Juni 2000
The baddest scoundrel of them all- Lucien Balfour, the 6th Earl of Kilcairn Abbey. A blackguard to the core and with a terrible reputation is about to be reformed by a governess, whose reputation is about as bad as his. Lucien is deliciously roguish and arrogant and it's gleefully fun to see Alexandra Beatrice Gallant trying to reform him. Although, her real job is to be a governess to Lucien's young cousin. With a foul scandal following on her heels, the last thing she need is another scandal. Alexandra is determined to make it in the world without any one's help... after all, she's been on her own since 17...
(On a side note: "Sexy" could not describe Lord Lucien Balfour... he is not only HOT in the looks department but very charming and funny... As Alexandra describes him "tall, strong and magnificent" like "Greek statues in the museum".)
With so many romance novels out in the market, it's refreshing to read one with an interesting plot and characters with witty dialogues... I loved Lucien's dry wit and Alexandra's quick comebacks. It's good to see two stubborn and memorable characters carry on a battle of the wits and a great interaction with lots of sexual tension.
The question is... can this bad boy be reformed by a governess who's been starched with propriety to the bone?
You really should find out.
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am 19. Mai 2000
This is a fun read, and I really did like both Lucien and Alexandra; Rose and Robert were interesting as secondary characters, as well. Enoch gives us some intriguing insights into both Lucien and Alexandra's thought processes as this romance plays out. There are some very amusing scenes, and much of the dialogue between Lucien and Alexandra is highly witty. Lots of good sexual tension early on, too!
But - and I know I'm going to get lots of 'not helpful' votes for this - Enoch hasn't done her period research properly, and that partly spoils the book for me. I prefer my Regencies not to have inaccuracies which jump out at me, wrenching me from the story. For instance, once Lucien gives Alexandra the job (at some time after 12 noon), he lends her his carriage to collect her belongings, and says he will see her at dinner that evening. She then goes to Derbyshire and back... in an afternoon! Even now, with a fast car and if relatively little traffic could be guaranteed, it would take three to four hours to get from central London to Derbyshire, one way only. The later journeys to Hertforshire and back sounded similarly fantastical.
Some of the 'feel' of the period was wrong to me; although I enjoyed the explanation of delaying tactics for young ladies stuck for dinner table conversation, otherwise the Society scenes just didn't seem to have the accuracy of a Balogh or an Oliver.
I found Fiona, Rose's mother, to be completely beyond all credulity, and her marital ambitions for Rose, revealed later in the book, made no sense whatsoever given her characterisation and behaviour earlier. The character was a caricature, and spoilt the book for me.
I also thought Alexandra was far too ready to give Lucien what he wanted - more than once - and without either regretting her behaviour or worrying about the consequences. For a well-born young woman of that period, this is unbelievable. He was the one who brought up the possible consequences, and it was an element of the story Enoch left hanging. In fact, the story was unfinished in more ways than one: she built up some big mystery about Lucien's cousin James, about whom he felt some sort of guilt, and about whom Alexandra tried to get him to talk on several occasions. Yet we were never told what that was all about. (If she's planning on explaining it in a sequel, she could have said so! There is no explanation anywhere about the 'With This Ring' series).
Finally, though with some suspension of disbelief I was able to enjoy Lucien's method of stopping Alexandra leaving, but there was always a voice in the back of my mind saying 'this is *ridiculous*!'
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am 5. Juli 2000
Reforming A Rake does a great job of entertaining the reader from start to finish. The characters and plot are superb. Suzanne Enoch has created a fun and exciting story.
Alexandra Gallant is a governess with a horrible reputation. She has ruined herself and can not find a position in any respectable household.
Lucien Balfour, the Earl of Kilcairn Abbey, is the worst kind of rake. His reputation is atrocious and debutantes faint at the sight of him. Lucien must find a suitable governess and companion for his wayward cousin and her overbearing mother. He needs someone who can prepare his cousin, Rose, to be presented to society. Even after finding out all the details of Alexandra's reputation, Lucien hires her.
Alexander does a grand job of transforming Rose into a society miss. However, Rose's mother, Fiona causes trouble for Lucien and Alexandra. The story moves along at a fast pace and is very easy to read. There are several wonderful supporting characters who provide lots of comic relief and help to make the story a pleasure to read.
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am 14. März 2000
I enjoyed this book so much that I read it twice in a row - the story and dialog are so good I wanted to be sure that I didn't miss anything! Alexandra Gallant and Lucien Balfour, The Earl of Kilcairn Abbey, are two "notorious" members of British society who come together when Lucien hires Alexandra to be governess to his intolerable niece. The immediate attraction between these two leads to lots of witty repartee, and some very heated moments. Although Alexandra and Lucien quickly fall in love, they must both shed their self-protective shells before they can commit to each other. Surprisingly, it is Lucien who breaks down first! I enjoyed seeing him do everything that he can think of (and he does some crazy things) to convince Alexandra to marry him. There are also some great supporting characters in this story, including two who do everything they can to foil Alexandra and Lucien's union. You'll love these characters and this book!
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am 7. Juni 2000
This is by far Enoch's best book--although Taming Rafe is very close. The hero and heroine are very evenly matched and you can't help but fall for the hero. He's everything a hero should be - persistent in his pursuit for the governess, very vulnerable to love, and considerable to a fault( when he kidnaps her, he tries to make her comfortable in the cellar). I have read Enoch's works in the past and have enjoyed her works, but this is her best by far. The characters, the plot and the dialogue come together very well in this book and I highly recommend it.
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am 16. März 2000
The opening paragraph of 'RAR' sets the whole tone for the book. It also set the tone for the hero Lucien's character. He was witty without even trying and I could give this book five stars on the strength of his character alone. What an adorable hero! Looks, intellegence, and wealth. Heavens, what more could a girl want. Hey, he's also pretty darn nice too, even though he wouldn't agree. Did I mention loyal? Enoch really created one heck of a romantic hero here. Alexandra almost seems pale in comparison to Lucien (almost). But she too is an interesting character in a nicely written tale.
But 'Reforming a Rake' is Lucien's tale, I think. Some of his dialogue is just wonderfully witty. He believes Alexandra without question when she tells him what happens at her last position and the scandal that followed. If there was one thing I would wish to change about the book, I would like to have had Enoch attempt to restore Alexandra's reputation. She had done nothing wrong and I would have liked to have seen Lady W. bested. The old biddy!
So, RAR has a delicious hero, a neat heroine and a wonderfully nasty villian (that will surprise you). The two main characters really click, the writing is well done and the plot not too well worn. What more could a romantic reader want. Nothing terribly heavy here. And that's fine with me. Can't wait for the next book - this one about the Vixen. debbie
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am 5. März 2000
His deceased uncle and father laid the family obligation on him. Though he would prefer his Aunt Fiona and her daughter Rose would go somewhere else, the Earl of Kilcairn, Lucien Balfour will do the right thing and introduce his cousin to society. However, Lucien's first action is to fire Rose's governess for allowing her charge to look like a "poodle with the style of a milkmaid." He has his solicitor advertise for a new governess.
Alexandra Gallant desperately needs a new job after her former employer and his spouse accused of sexual misconduct when all she did was reject the odious man's advances. After failing to obtain new work all week, she answers Balfour's ad and is hired immediately to serve as a companion to the troublesome Rose. Alexandra knows that Balfour is one of the Ton's most notorious rakes yet her wayward heart beats faster every time she sees him.
With novels like TAMING RAFE and BY LOVE UNDONE, Suzanne Enoch has earned a reputation for her entertaining historical romances. As good as those and others are, her latest Regency romance, REFORMING A RAKE is her best work yet. Though the story line follows the usual sub-genre boundaries, the tale never slows down as the battle of the sexes occur. The lead couple is wonderful, especially the arrogant but openly honest Lucien. His cousin and aunt add a delightful eccentricity to the marvelous mix. Fans of the sub-genre will not get enough of Ms. Enoch after this passionate winner.
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am 27. März 2000
When the most notorious rake in London is in need of a governess who does he turn to? The governess with the worst reputation in London.
Lucien Balfour, the earl of Kilcairn Abbey, isn't delighted to have his cousin and her mother in his home to look for a husband. When he finds her lacking in the department of manners and style her places an ad to hire a governess. In walks Alexandra Gallant, a perfect governess with a not so perfect past. Lucien takes one look at Alexandra and wants her. Not only for his cousin's governess but in his bed as well.
Lucien and Alexandra play cat and mouse for awhile, but eventually the attraction to eachother wins out. The two fall in love. When Lucien proposes marriage Alexandra flatly turns him down and procedes to leave London. But Lucien has other plans.
Suzanne Enoch has written a wonderfully witty romance that is sure to please. Lucien will make you swoon while Alexandra will make you smile. Highly recommended
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am 19. April 2000
This is the first book of Suzanne Enoch's that I've read and I was impressed. The book captures your attention from the first page and doesn't let go until the last. The characters are strong and likeable. Alexandra was intelligent, independent and proud - although a bit dogged when it came to accepting Lucien's feelings for her. Lucien was determined, devoted and unselfish - once he admitted his love for her. He was an amazing hero. He started out as a cynical, unrepentant seducer and turned into a man on a mission. His mission was to remove all obstacles in Alexandra's path to happiness - preferably one that leads to him. He proves his love to her in the end, a love that took her way to long to figure out on her own if you ask me. This book is definitely worth every penny and you won't regret reading it.
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am 25. April 2000
It does not surprise me that this book is unavailable - it sold out! That is how wonderful it is, the sales speak for themselves!
Lucien has to hire a governess for his obnoxious cousin and her mother in order to properly launch her into Society. Turning this country bumpkin into a "Lady" that the Ton would approve of would be no easy feat. In walks Alexandra Beatrice Gallant and Lucien just about swallowed his tongue! He didn't care if she had experience or not - she was hired! All he wanted was Ms. Gallant, naked preferably, all to himself!
Get ready for a charming romance set in the Regency period. Wicked humor and laugh out loud scenes - the secondary characters are a blast and so was the villain!
Find it, buy it, read it... you won't regret it!
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