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am 30. Mai 2000
"Saying that Jerry Ziesmer probably has delivered the greatest assistant director book ever written doesn't do it justice. His tales from the Kleig was in "Ready When You Are, Mr. Coppola, Mr. Spielberg, Mr. Crowe" are not only an insider-insider's look into what actually happens in the making of movies--from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" to "Apocalypse Now" to "Jerry Maguire"--but also a compendium of perceptive glimpses at the personalities and decision making by great filmmakers and actors across four decades. This book relates the biz and its lore with color, intimacy, candor and horse sense..."
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am 8. Oktober 2002
This book is what every filmstudent just begs to read. An insightful first hand description of the personalities, the feuds, the friendships, the human factor and the machinery of Hollywood filmmaking. You are provided with an unusually entertaining and informative look into the film business. Jerry Ziesmer's book is "two thumbs up". The warmth and humility of his tone and the opportunity to hear about icons like Spielberg, Coppola or Pollack and their individual working methods is just invaluable. The point of view of the 1st assistent director brings you closest to the decision making and psychological processes on the sets of world class directors. I can only recommend this book to anybody who is interessted in film.
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am 9. Februar 2000
I'm the author of "Ready When You Are, Mr. Coppola, Mr. Spielberg, Mr. Crowe" and I appreciate Amazon.com giving me this opportunity to comment on my book. The book deals with my journey as a filmmaker from "Apocalypse Now" with Francis Coppola and Marlon Brando, to "Close Encounters" and "1941" with Steven Spielberg and Francois Truffaut, and finally to "Jerry Maguire" with Tom Cruise and Cameron Crowe--who wrote the introduction for my book. The book shares my thirty years of making motion pictures with some of the finest film artists of our time: Sydney Pollack creating "The Way We Were" with Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford; Francis Coppola directing Marlon Brando on "Apocalypse Now", and Bryan DePalma dealing with Al Pacino in "Scarface". The book is written to share my life and experiences in film with you in hopes that it will add to your enjoyment of film and an understanding of those who choose to spend their lifes as filmmakers. Thank you. Jerry Ziesmer
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am 4. Mai 2000
Disclaimer--I know Jerry from working with him on the Director's Guild Council, and I have utmost respect for him as a professional filmmaker. But I never knew his talents extended to such cogent, fun-to-read, full-of-insight writing until reading this wonderful book. It combines the best of both worlds--the "inside baseball" stuff that pro's with years of experience will still find new and fresh and helpful to their work AND the "Hollywood" anecdotage that any fan of great movies and moviemakers will read with a chuckle and a tear and a lot of smiles. If you really want to go "Behind the scenes"--save the trip to Universal's tour and get this book instead. You'll learn a lot, and have a great, great time!
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am 25. Januar 2000
I appreciate Amazon.com giving me the opportunity to comment on my book "Ready When You Are, Mr. Coppola, Mr. Spielberg, Mr. Crowe". The book contains my journey as a filmmaker, husband, and father from "Apocalypse Now" with Francis Coppola and Marlon Brando to "Close Encounters" with Steven Spielberg and Francois Truffaut and finally to "Jerry Maguire" with Tom Cruise and Cameron Crowe who wrote the introduction to my book. I stood beside them as their assistant director in both the sun and the rain.
It's a journey working with the best cinematic artists of our age in some of the greatest motion picture achievements of our times...and then standing at a new grave in a small cemetery in West Los Angeles near the crypts of Marilyn Monroe and Helen Hayes and asking: "Would I do it all again?"
My family and I hope you enjoy the book and come to a greater appreciation of the art of cinema and of those who spend their life's journey putting light and shadows upon the movie screens. Thank you.
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am 1. Mai 2000
Jerry Ziesmer tells the kind of inside stories you usually only hear (if you're lucky) over beers after shooting's wrapped for the day. Without ever whitewashing or pulling punches, he offers a thoughtful, compassionate perspective on the trials and tribulations that led to some of the greatest films of our day. This is simply one of the best books ever written on the nuts and bolts, the passions and personalities of filmmaking, period. Thanks Jerry.
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am 10. Februar 2000
An amazing inside story of filming with Frances Coppola, Steven Spielberg, and Cameron Crowe told by their assistant director. The author relates the tales of filming "Apocalypse Now", "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "Jerry Maguire", "Scarface" and so many others. A truly enjoyable book for the film professional or for those who just enjoy films.
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