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4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 25. Juli 2000
In this volume Sitchin compares Mesopotamia, Egypt and ancient American civilizations an comes to conclusion, that gods have visited America also. The reason for visit was simple - they have found precious metals like gold and copper, but they have also found tin, which has to be extracted from ores and gives hard bronze when mixed with copper. The sophisticated channels cut in the rocks were part of ore washing system. The resemblance of stories, buildings and myths suggests that behind names like Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan and Viracocha stand the same deities we know from the first three volumes. The most impressive thing is that Americans didn't knew and use metals (except gold, of course), yet archaeologists have found stone blocks dressed and connected with bronze claps. And bronze must be obtained through a metallurgical process, which was surely not known nor to Mayas, Incas or Aztecs. Who needed tin from lake Titicaca? The answer is obvious.
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am 13. Februar 2000
This was the first of Sitchen's books that I read, and I immediately bought the rest of The Earth Chronicles and read them all. While I do not agree with all of Sitchen's interpretations of the historical information presented, I now know that my North American Euro-centric education about world history is mostly garbage. We are taught in grammer and secondary school that if the white Europeans didn't do something or discover something, it just didn't happen. Well, we are wrong.
I am a practicing attorney in Washington, D.C., and consider myself to be a skeptic. But I am a widely read skeptic. Sitchen's book The Lost Realms has opened new doors for the study of history for me.
Buy the book and read it. You will never think the same about our history again.
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am 30. September 1997
Few persons are ready to read what this man has researched. His conclusions require an open and somewhat disciplined mind devoid of pre-conceived or conditioned response to anything considered critical to fundimental teachings. He touches what we all crave to understand! Where did we come from and what makes us the way we are. If one chooses not to think, don't read him. Otherwise, feel the thrill of a fresh wind blowing through clogged passages of the mind. I sincerely appreciate his efforts. Clifton H. Bush
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am 12. Februar 1999
This is a great book to take with you if you are going to vacation in Cancun. It's a quick read and then you can go off to Tulum or see the great pyramid or any of the 80 or so sites and judge for yourself. Even if you only accept the dates of 800 years ago, stand there and tell yourself that people built these cities bare handed without the use of any technology!
If there is a down side to these books (12th Planet et al) it is that the points tend to be made over and over. You can either accept what is said with an open mind or not. Even if the assertions are not true they're fun to read. It often reminds me of episodes of the old Dr. Who program (remember the Cyber Men?)
I have always enjoyed reading these books and then checking out the evidence for myself. The pictoglyphs of the pre-native americans are very interesting as well. Maybe we'll all live to see the answer.....
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am 8. Dezember 2002
Sitchin's work always make for exciting reading, but this one is a bit laboured and heavy on facts, so it doesn't flow as smoothly as the other titles in the series. I take his theories with a pinch of salt, as his Nibiru chronology doesn't make sense to me (If this 12th planet is supposed to come round every 3600 years and cause havoc on earth, it was supposed to have come round in 100BC according to Sitchin's own chronology). But there is no record of any such thing happening in 100BC! So perhaps Nibiru veered off out of the solar system and is now drifting aimlessly through the cosmos! Ha, that would serve the Anu right for having so selfishly interfered on earth.
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am 6. September 1999
This book must be read with an open mind. You must allow your mind to travel at the speed of Mr Sitching staggering theories. He does not try to prove anything, but all the clues and evidences he finds, makes you reach really astounding conclusions. I was compelled to ask myrself many times while reading this book:what if it's true? My ancestors come from South America, and more specifically, from the High Andes of Ecuador (Riobamba, the capital of Chimborazo province), so I think I felt a little more impressed than a regular reader. But I am not saying that no one else will find this book just amazing as well as informative.
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am 1. Juli 1998
Zecharia Sitchin has provided us with important insights into the connections between the ancient civilizations of the Near East and those of the Western Hemisphere. In his usual well-researched but highly readable style, Sitchin suggests credible answers to many of the enigmas that have puzzled more specialized scholars for many years. If you have a vested interest in unreality, avoid this book. But if the standard scholarly theories have left you wondering, "where's the beef"?, read this book to satisfy your hunger. You'll get more out of it if you have already read the earlier volumes of the "Earth Chronicles".
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am 28. November 1998
The organization of this book creates confusion. While the authors knowledge and use of anchient languages provide tremendous credibility for his arguments, Mr. Sitchin's ultimate conclusions do not necessarily follow from some of the facts which, in my opinion, were well documented. I also questioned why the Book of Mormon was not referenced as an historical document. Although I am not a Mormon, I was amazed at how closely Mr. Sitchin's chronology of events mirrored the teachings of the LDS faith. I would love to read a critique of Mr. Sitchin's books by BYU scholars.
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am 14. September 1999
Sitchin's expertise is in the linguistics of Sumer and the Middle East. Yet in LOST REALMS he displays an unusual grasp of ancient archaeology in the Americas. However, he fails to substanially advance his case that extraterrestrial intervention planted the seeds of Earth's civilizations. For a more viable explanation read ATLANTIS IN AMERICA: NAVIGATORS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD by Ivar Zapp and George Erikson.
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am 12. Februar 1999
Like ALL of his books, this one too is amazing, compelling, persuasive, enlightening, builds rationally and logically to each of its points BUT (there's alway a "but")is a bit difficult to read. Also, as with ALL his books, Zecharia draws his concise conclusions by bringing the knowledge of many sciences together. It is a must read for anyone with an open mind and thirst for knowledge.
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