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am 16. Januar 2000
Dave Beazley's done the Python community a huge service by condensing and extending the Python online documentation into a concise, readable and easily portable format. There is simply no other book on the market that comes close--and certainly not the abominable Programming Python.
This book will help you in whatever hacking you're doing with Python--and there's a really nice section on extending and embedding Python. I've already been more than repaid by this title.
Forget what Peter Leopold (Amazon.com's review) so pretentiously says. The whole point of this beautiful baby is that it gives you the essential information and not the hernia of evangelizing that books like Programming Python do.
If Richard Stevens had written a book on Python, it would have looked a lot like Dave Beazley's.
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am 7. April 2000
I'm not sure how much of my enthusiam for this book stems from the fact that Python is just such a great PL, but regardless, I would highly recommend it. The overview of the language given in the first 80 pages is easy to read, and (at least I found it to be) very complete. The following API descriptions are extremely clear and concise, which is what makes this book such a great reference.
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am 31. Mai 2000
We were instructed to use python for a Junior level programming project at the University of Kansas. So, that gave us a semester in which to learn the language AND complete the project.
The first book I picked up was Learning Python, which although targeted more towards first-time programmers, didn't really meet my needs of a source that would provide rapid instruction. Python: Essential Ref to the rescue!
If you've programmed in other languages before, you probably don't really need 20 pages explaing the value of "control statements" or applications using "for" loops. Beazley's book lays down syntax, covers some of the more obscure "features" of the language, and gets you writing Python quickly.
Once we picked up the language, it was the only book we kept around because it also filled the role of reference manual. My one complaint in this area was that for some reason we happen to use a few of the modules that are not outlined in the book. They're included in the section "Undocumented Modules". This shouldn't get in your way too much, most of the excluded modules are either obsolete, too obscure, or too specialized.
Buy whatever books you feel like, or just save yourself the trouble and get this one.
BTW, although totally irrelevant, it also has one of the most convenient form factors. Important if you carry a lot of books around. :)
Oh, and we finished the project..... in case anyone was worried about me.
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am 9. Januar 2000
This excellent reference concisely covers the Python language and libraries. It is a model of what a reference should be: well-produced, tightly written, comprehensive without covering the obsolete or arcane. I even like the small type face.
Peter Leopold's pompous 'official' review is off the mark in a variety of ways. For instance, the reason there aren't comparisons to other languages is precisely that this is _reference_, not advocacy or tutorial.
Leopold's ill-tempered criticisms of the language itself are hardly relevant to the quality of the book; they also happen to be incorrect. Python _does_ support bytecode-only distribution. Python _is not_ a cleansed version of Perl. Python _is not_ only for quick and dirty projects.
Python _does_ provide the abstraction mechanisms and libraries to solve serious problems in a maintainable way, as long as execution efficiency isn't paramount.
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am 7. März 2000
Intending to familiarize myself with Python, I picked up a copy of O'Reilly's Programming Python a couple of years ago. After an initial attempt at going through the book, it has been on my book shelf since. It was simply not organized in a fashion that allowed me to quickly pick up the essentials of the language.
As someone who was already familiar with C/C++ and Perl, but wanting to learn Python, the Python Essential Reference was exactly what I was looking for. Yes, most of the information contained in the book is available in the Python reference documents, but not collected in one place.
In addition to adding examples from his own experience, David Beazley has done an excellent job in concisely summarizing the built-in features of the language as well as providing a nicely indexed library reference.
While this book may not be immediately useful for someone looking specifically for a language tutorial, beginning or advanced Python programmers will get useful information from this book for much longer than most tutorial style books.
Highly recommended.
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am 20. November 1999
If I could have just one Python book while writing Python on desert island, this would be the book.
My copy just arrived from Amazon. First thing I noticed was the quality production (paper, type setting, layout, ...) and the font - a point or two smaller than I expected (bucking the trend to inflate books with a font I can read across the room).
The Index is 45 some pages (distinguised by a grey edge), using a mix of bold and regular font to make headings and subheadings easily distinguished. The page numbers are clear in the upper left corner of each page, making it easy to fan back to the indexed page. The paper was cut to leave a perfectly smooth and even right edge, so thumbing to a desired page is quick and accurate. And for each thing I've looked up so far, the result was right on, terse, but clearly written by someone aware and experienced and just what I might need.
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am 7. März 2000
This is a must have book whether you are an experienced programmer or a novice. For the experienced, it is the essential reference and all you need to begin programming Python immediately. For the novice programmer, it will be the essential reference in addition to one of the "learning" or "how to" books.
I started with "Learning Python" but put it down half-way through after picking this book up. It's well-organized, a great size and layout, and easy to read. It has the essential information.
One more comment: I'm very impressed with this series of books from New Riders. It seems to me that someone there must have decided to take O'Reilly's idea and go one step farther. These books (I've used 2 others) are not only well-written, but the type, size of text, paper and covers are all of higher quality and style than the O'Reilly books. They are my new favorites. Looks like O'Reilly has competition!
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am 10. Juli 2000
Let me put it this way - I carry this book to work everyday in my bag, because I don't want to be at home or at work without it.
This is an excellent specimen of a technical reference. Its organization and content are both superb. I have not yet found any errata.
Of course, the Amazon reviewer isn't sure that Python is a good language to work in, and if you agree, then this probably isn't the book for you. The little search box can help you find books about other languages that you do like. I don't recall a similar judgement about Lee et al's Java library reference, and find its inclusion here odd and unharmonious.
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am 14. Mai 2000
I'm using Python/Perl/Tcl mostly (not only) for administrative tasks in the UNIX environment. For that I need books which quickly tell me which methods there are, or what data juggling can be done how with a particular language. For Python I found that now in this great Reference.
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am 24. Juni 2000
All future technical reference writers should be forced to buy, read, and copy the style of the author who wrote this book! It's that good. I have yet to need to look up something in the standard python distribution, and spend more than a few seconds looking for what I need.
The information is very, very clearly indexed. It's also very well cross referenced within the text itself. Essentially if your a programmer, new to Python, and are capable of the learn as you go ( aka. 'use the source luke!' ) method of learning then this book will prove invaluable.
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