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am 7. Juni 2017
I absolutely LOVED PROVIDENCE!!!!! Jared is my new favorite book boyfriend. He is perfect, sexy, charming, strong, protective, devoted, lethal... The complete swoon package!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can't wait to start Requiem.

*Audio Book Review* This was my second audio book and I think I am forever spoiled by this narrator. Carly Robins did a fabulous job with all characters and voices. Her voice kind of reminded me of Kristen Bell so I pictured Anna from Frozen for Nina. Loved it!!! I couldn't wait to get in the car and listen! I often sat in the driveway at home or in a parking lot just listening once I arrived somewhere. I hope she does Requiem and Eden too!
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am 27. Februar 2012
"Providence" is in part a story about a college girl, Nina, who, after the death of her father, finds out that he was not only a wealthy businessman but mostly that he obtained most of his wealth through illegal means. That would be a story of its own, but for "Providence" this is merely the background story used to explain that there are half-human, half-guardian angel people in the world and that one of them, Jared, is assigned to this girl and introduces himself after the death of her father, who had forbidden him of approaching her before. Needless to say, they fall in love and that is the main part of the story.

I was already a bit sceptical about this story when I bought the book and maybe I shouldn't have, but I thought that for under 3€ I could risk it. To me personally, this story makes absolutely no sense. The girl is completely naive and unaware of how powerful her father was before his death, even though apparently they were really close. And she was utterly unaware of her security detail because her father decided not to introduce them to each other. Which makes no sense to me, especially because he had introduced her to Jared's parents, with Jared's father being Nina's father's security/angel guy.
Fine, you could argue that her father was really good at hiding everything from her so it is plausible that she had never noticed Jared before, who has worked all his life to protect her, even killed for her...
Still, so she falls for this guy who apparently is stalking her and who is really secretive. Plus, her friends don't really think that's a problem. They even encourage her to fall for the stalker. WHAT??
Later Nina finds out the truth, but doesn't tell her friends, and they're still supportive of their relationship. Oh, and there's her mother, who doesn't care about anything usually and seems really out of it mostly, and then again freaks out because Nina is seeing Jared.... how mysterious...
On another point, there's this whole angel mystery which I guess you have to read yourself to understand how it doesn't make any sense either. It's not mysterious, it's just unconvincing!

But it's not an all bad book, I have to say. The writing is good. The story is unconvincing, which is too bad because there's a lot of potential. The price is good though, so if you have some time to kill and are looking for an ok book that doesn't really excite you - there you go.
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am 23. Mai 2012
Wow, this book is so corny it made me want to puke a couple of times while reading it...
What you get here is simply a cheap and boring twilight copy. There is Nina the female protagonist who falls in love with her guardian angel, Jared (could be Edward Cullens twin, only a bit more on the tedious side). He is of course perfect in appearance and everything else (inhuman strength, speed, intelligence - all that sort of things)and is unrevocably in love with her.Then there's also this other guy, Ryan (funny, makes her feel "comfortable and happy"...- sounds familiar?), who,of course, is head over heels in love with her too. She has feelings for both of them and is just such a boring, naive and simply dull character that acts as if she's a schizophrenic. As you can guess:there's this super-duper irritating and completely boring unsurprising love triangle like you have with bella-edward-jacob in twilight.
Sorry I don't even want to endulge in all the other things that make this book probably the worst I have ever read, so I give you a piece of advice: If you're not into trashy love-triangles that are totally unimaginative - DON'T READ IT!!!
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