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4,5 von 5 Sternen
4,5 von 5 Sternen
Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
Preis:5,60 €

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am 28. März 2000
This was my first Lori Wick novel, so I entered the world of Pendaran without some of the expectations that other readers might have. The love story is definitely as sweet as they come--but not as sweet as the heroine. Shelby is far *too* sweet and eager to please. She's in a car wreck, and she feels bad for missing her turn to sign at church? She's in labor, and she's upset that she's missing the end of the sermon? I was actually hoping Shelby would do *something* horribly wrong, just so I could be reassured that she was human. Keeping her knowledge of the baby from Nikolai almost qualified, but the way it was instantly forgiven ruined the potential for conflict. Can you imagine being in Nick's place--his baby died and his wife never let him know it existed until it was too late? I think I would be a little angry, maybe bitter. Even if he is still in love with Yvette (turns out he's not at this point), that isn't a reason for Shelby to deprive him of celebrating a little life that belongs to him as much as to her. She was *wrong,* and her mistake could have been taken full advantage of (story-wise) by causing a wedge between them for awhile--you're never truly in love till you have a serious quarrel, right? Nick's character is the one who wrecks this one, sigh. "It's okay, Shelby. Don't worry about it. We all live and learn." Come on! And of course, the other related minus point is the fact that everybody in the book is a Christian--minus Peter, but in the Epilogue we learn that, of course, he "came around" in the end. And what does Peter have to do with the rest of the story? Was he just an obligatory "not saved yet but will be" insert that was made after an editor said, "Say, Lori, did you realize *every* character in your book is a Christian?" It seems that he could very easily be deleted entirely.
But in spite of those negative points, I really did enjoy the book. This was fun, fun, fun reading--a "kingdom" in 1994. I definitely had to get used to it, and at first I considered the setting a minus point, but the more I read, the more fun it became to read about kings and queens and princes and princesses. I even wish the author would have developed her setting just a little more--what exactly happens during "Council", etc. The inclusion of "companions" and Nikolai's talk w/ Shelby after the fire (about obeying Kris no matter what) was a great addition to the story, to give us the sense that by marrying Nikolai, Shelby did truly give up a portion of control over her life. And yes, it was a sweet love story. Lori Wick skillfully uses bits of "normal" life to tell her story, giving the characters a "nearness" that they might not have if the plot was a lot heavier. Often writers sacrifice character development on the alter called "Plot," but here neither characters nor storyline had to give.
Yes, it's true "escapist fiction", for when you want to read without exerting much brain power and you're not feeling up to deep intrigue or anything too serious. If I wasn't in the mood for a quick read, I might be less generous in my review because of the "lite" style of writing, but lately I'm all for "quickies", so we'll leave it at that.
Let's say, to wrap up the lengthiest review I've ever written, that "The Princess" gets quite a few points for sweetness, but when a story ventures from "sweet" to "sugary," it will always lose at least one star.
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am 20. Mai 2000
I had never even heard of the auther Lori Wick until I noticed one of my friends reading this book. I love to read and by just glancing at the cover I knew that this was one book that I could not live my life without reading. Once my eyes hit the first page, I was instantly hooked on this author. She posses a writiing skill that will leave you hanging on to her every word. The Princess is the type of book that forces a reaction from the reader. Not many authors these days can do that. I was very pleased with the book and am now looking to begin my own Lori Wick collection. This book is definatly recommended to anyone, especially to those who are beginning to lose faith in love. Don't ever give up. God has a plan for us all.
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am 25. März 1999
I never thought I'd give a Lori Wick book anything less than five stars, but I guess the time has come. I read this book right after reading her book _Pretense_, one that I highly recommend, one which I went out and bought after reading our library's copy. (It's really that good!) So perhaps I unconsciously compared the two books and stories, as well as the characters.
I just didn't like this book. Oh, it was sweet, and had some great Christian passages, but there wasn't any action. I know that a story doesn't need action to be good (some of my favorite stories by her didn't have action, they just flowed along as in real life: ie, _Sofie's Heart_), but it helps. This one flowed, but at the slowest imaginable pace. And it was... well, maybe there was just a little too much Christianity in it. Everyone in it seemed to be a Christian; that's not the real world. I much rather preferred _Pretense_ because it showed the real world, not some Christian fairy tale. I am a Christian, but this book struck me as excessive.
There were some good parts in the book though. I'm not totally down on the story; if I was, I'd have given it less stars. :) The love story is definitely sweet. Sad prince, recently widowed and still grieving over his first wife, marries a girl from an unknown family who is sweet, graceful, and kind. He determines to ignore her and keep his first wife on his mind, but he slowly falls in love with her. Now he just needs to convince her that he's not what her first impression told her to be, and slowly woos her. It's a sweet love story, although the heroine didn't seem to have much backbone, but for those who liked _Sofie's Heart_ you will probably like this love story (but perhaps not the book).
Sadly, I'd suggest that you borrow this from someone before you buy it. I bought it sight-unseen (I had no clue what it was about but had just finished _Pretense_ and was certain it was as good), and sadly don't think it was worth it. Still, it is a sweet story, and would recommend it, but not as emphatically as I would others of hers.
Sarah Pearson
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am 18. Mai 2000
I was disappointed with this book because of the lack of description of the land and characters (with the exception of Shelby who had red hair and, as the reader is constantly reminded, sweet). The reader is left with the chore of creating his/her own imagery of a highly unbelievable plot with two-dimensional characters.
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am 19. Februar 2000
I enjoyed this book. In fact I read it within a day. I didnt look at the book carefully when I bought it so I thought it was a historical romance, when in fact it was a modern day romance. I assume the setting is an imaginary place "Pendaran" I havent heard of this place, have you? So this is why you can overlook certain aspects of the book, such as royalty marrying a commoner. I found it similar to "Who brings forth the Wind" another Lori Wick novel (actually the only other book I have read of Lori's). So, if you enjoyed that book, I am sure you will enjoy this book. It was nice to slip away from everday life to read this book. What woman doesnt want to be swept away by some Prince?
If you like romance and scripture lessons to learn, then this is the book for you.
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am 9. Juli 1999
THE PRINCESS was the best story that I've read in years. Just recently my daughter and I were talking about books and how neither of us had read something current that had sparked our imagination. Nothing exceptional. But from the first page of THE PRINCESS, I was captured. It moved me, stirred me emotionally in a way that lasted for a week. I went back and reread all the best parts immediately after finishing it the first time. I'm letting some time pass before I read it again. But I KNOW that I will read it again. That's how I can tell if a book is really good. If I know that I'm going to read it again and again. Thanks to Lori Wick and her publishers for creating marvelous characters that live in our minds and change the way we think.
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am 3. Dezember 1999
My aunt came back from the states and I saw the book in her house my cousin recomended it. Since then I must have read it a 100 times. I just love it BUT it is a bit unbelieveable, I am only 11 years old but still I don't see how royal blood will just marry a commoner like that.That the priness + prince besides trying to get to know each other don't have major problems etc.Peter Owens is definetly weird his part in the book does'nt quite fit in. I am a Christian and I think that the Christianity in the book is poor there should be more meaning in it. However this is the 1st book of Lori Wicks that I have read and I don't know wheather there are any in Sri Lanka but still I think u should buy cause u'll never get tired of reading it.
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am 1. April 1999
I liked this book and enjoyed reading it. I did not fall in love with the characters as I have in other books past. I am not anxiously waiting to see if the next book will be a second edition as I have with her other titles. It is a good romance and escape from reality and I like the characters even though I am not caught up with them completely while I am reading like I have been for "Sophie" or the characters in _The Place Called Home Series_. It is an enjoyable story though. I like the prince-princess storyline but wished it could have been a little more adventurous for them, or a little more intense with their feelings about situations that came up and how they finally realize their love for one another.
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am 8. September 1999
This is one incredible book!! It not only makes you think but it also makes you feel special. After you have read this book for the first time the characters feel like family. They seem real to you because they don't experience fake feelings. The things they go through, throughout the book are real life. If it hasn't happened to you then it has happened to someone you know. Even though it so closely models real life it still has a quallity about it that leaves you at the edge of your seat! The book may be fiction but the feel is real!! The people never seem to give up! Thats what makes is so special. They believe in their faith and make a very real effort to live it!! It inspires!!!
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am 12. April 1999
I think The Princess is a very touching story of two people who don't come togeather under normal circimstances, but gradually let their love for God see them through their rocky begining. When I first heard of this book I became very interested in it because I have been a fan of Lori Wick for quite some time. But I have to admit that I was very surpised when I began reading the first page and found it was set in 1994. Lori Wick has a certain nack for writing books set in the past, she pulls it off well and is a wonderful at it. It was quite hard for me at times to see the characters of this novel in our time but on the whole the story was believable and worth while.
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