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am 20. Januar 2007
I have undergone the primal process on my own, have read all earlier books of Arthur Janov (also "Grand Delusions"), books by Michel Odent, Allan Schore, Peter Nathanielsz, Lise Eliot, et al. and had a look on the many scientific studies cited in these books. The result of my own experience with primal therapy and of my reading : Janov's theory and therapy is not a deception, not a fraud. Please remember that Janov was some decades ahead of his time and that science needs time to catch up. For most scientists - usually well defended individuals - presumably it is difficult to accept that an imprinted active early trauma really exists.

My recommendation: If you are interested in those subjects but only know Arthur Janov's early books ("The Primal Scream") and only have a rudimentary idea of neurobiology and psychotherapies, "Primal Healing" is a must. Janov's declared intention is the same as in "The Biology of Love," namly....."to fuse neurology, psychology, and biology into one organic whole (....)." If you are familiar to Janov's complete works do it like me: Reserve the reading as an option.

Some words as for primal therapy from my point of view and experience: temporarily a hard, demanding, painful process. Yes, reliving often means retraumatization. However, taking all those really hard times and stringing them together - what's the result? Maybe 15 hard months, all in all. 15 hard months for so many fine years and decades - for a life worth living - is this a high price? Surely not.

Meanwhile I've grown 51 years old and I must admit that I am dissatisfied with what I have done with my life so far. Clearly, if there had been love and bonding at the start of my life it would have taken a different course. On the other hand - I'm in my fifties, enjoy good mental and physical health, carry out a natural way of life, did good intellectual work in the past few years (private studies, translations, website, job training) and await the future calmly and curiously - no fear of getting older, no worry about falling seriously ill. Nothing of that I can take for granted. Without primal therapy, presumably I would have caught chronical fear, depression , probably even serious physical desease. I doubt that I would have ever seen my fifties.

For all people who suffer and look for relief, day by day: Yes, primal therapy can radically improve your health. Proper primal therapy is the only technique that gets you access to deep-seated repressed hurts in subcortical zones. This access is prerequisite for resolving and healing.

However, beware of the many mock-primal centers all over the world. It is my conviction that you are offered Primal Therapy as a scientific system and the best shelter against therapeutic slips only in Dr. Janov's Primal Center in Venice, Ca., and nowhere else. Better no primal therapy at all than bad "primal therapy" by poorly trained therapists.
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