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The Politics of Bad Faith: The Radical Assault on America's Future (Englisch) Gebundene Ausgabe – Oktober 1998

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The author of Radical Son returns with a vigorous polemic against the American Left. Showing that liberals and conservatives have sharply contrasting views on the ideas of freedom and equality--and defining these differences in forceful prose--Horowitz goes on to blame the Left for many of what he believes to be America's ills, including multiculturalism, feminism, and economic socialism. "We speak reflexively of leftists as 'progressives,' even though their doctrines are rooted in nineteenth-century prejudice and have been refuted by a historical record of unprecedented bloodshed and oppression," writes Horowitz, an ex-Marxist who is now a staunch right-winger. In an especially controversial chapter, he charges gay-rights activists with creating a political environment that made it almost impossible for the public health community to react effectively to the AIDS crisis. Like the man himself, this book will attract lovers and loathers, depending on their political creed. For conservative readers, he performs the helpful task of clarifying their own convictions; for left-of-center ones, he provides a penetrating glimpse into the conservative mindset. --John J. Miller


Theodore B. Olson The American Spectator An exegesis on the metamorphosis of Marxist thought into modern leftism, and an explanation for why the Democratic Party has little left to say.

Stephen Schwartz Los Angeles Times Book Review [Horowitz] remains, at heart, a man with a mission.

Francis Fukuyama author of The Great Disruption, The End of History and the Last Man, and Trust David Horowitz has written a passionate and insightful book that moves seamlessly between incisive critiques of the cultural Left and his own personal experiences as part of the movement. -- Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine andere Ausgabe: Taschenbuch.

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Format: Taschenbuch
Mr. Horowitz has the intellect and the dogged honesty to bridge the gap between the history of the left and the meaning of the American Revolution. He shows that the left world-view is a vast vacuum based on a pathological concept of equality, while the American world-view is based on an inspiring vision of individual liberty.
In his book, we see the left's conceptual beginnings in the writing of Rousseau, Jewish religious history, and the French Revolution. We also see the intellectual landscape of Marxism and its colossal failure to come to grips with real-world history, economics, and above all, morality. For the left, the utopian future of socialist equality is the moral imperative that, despite reality, justifies all distortions, all lies, all vicious personal attacks, and even murder on a scale that is all but incomprehensible. We then can see what is indeed the leftist psychosis found within its followers.
Mr. Horowitz contrasts the miasma of the left with the culture of liberty, the essence of the American dream. The American ideal is not one of enforced "equality," but equality before the law and the freedom to pursue happiness by our own lights.
All of this analysis is brought down to our curret time, with the good and the evil players evident, even to the details of who is doing what in the attempt to destroy our civilization.
I found my new understanding of the current political and cultural scene personally liberating almost beyond words. I see that for myself, and so many others, that we have been unwilling to damn what we have not understood in our enemies.
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Von Peter Uys am 8. November 2007
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe
The Politics of Bad Faith is a collection of thought-provoking articles, letters and essays from the 1990s. In the prescient introduction: The Left After Communism, Horowitz argues convincingly that the fall of the Berlin Wall did not mean the abandonment of the utopian idea. Dissecting the work of Eric Hobsbawm, Cornel West and Richard Rorty amongst others, he concludes that their ideas are rooted in nihilism. Unable to face the disastrous consequences of their utopianism, leftists took up different masks with names like "progressive", "populist" or "liberal." They have succeeded in taking almost complete control of the humanities in academia and are also dominant in the mass media, justice system and Democratic Party.

In practice, collectivist ideologies always bring about suffering and misery, as demonstrated by the bloody 20th century history of China, the Soviet Union, national socialist Germany, Cambodia, Cuba and Vietnam. But like the brainwashed members of mind-control cults, leftists remain in denial about these evil fruits. Horowitz makes a good case for leftism as a cult, a depraved secular religion based on toxic guilt. Its repeated attempts to destroy prosperity and freedom are fuelled by the desire to force a sadistic type of penance on society. For further information, I recommend The Death of Right and Wrong by Tammy Bruce.
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Format: Taschenbuch
In my youth, I loved stories of the protesting efforts of Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman and their peers. But sadly, neither of those two lived long enough to arrive at a stable place where they could impact public dialog in a long term, positive way. David Horowitz however, has. As an ex-Left Wing extremist, he knows whereof he speaks.
If you ever felt strongly against the Vietnam War, or "Nukes" or "Corporate America" or feel strongly in favor of such things as "Gay Rights" or "the Environment", you should read this book.
Not that David will speak as expected on those topics (he doesn't). Rather, you should read this book because by following his crystal clear review of his own (and others) thoughts and actions as a Radical Leftie, you can more effectively vet your own thinking process in that area.
Protesting and railing against traditional things as a way of life all sounds well & good when you are doing it, but if you step back and study what's really driving the mind set of the people and leaders of the Left, you begin to recognize the pernicious and destructive undercurrent in Left Wing motivation. As I said in my title, David Horowitz has a powerful mind. Not only that, but his information is very accurate. Was it Jack Nicholson who (in a movie) said "You can't handle the truth!"?... Don't read this book if that's you.
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Format: Gebundene Ausgabe
This book did not just illuminate my mind, but touched my soul. An excellent writer like Horowitz can move those of us who are destined to ponder, (and are sometimes plagued by), the great questions of good, evil, Man, God, religions, philosophies, and their effects, to new dimensions of consciousness. I myself have never been attracted to Marxism, and could never understand anyone who was. To me, it never made any sense, seemed self-evidently repulsive, morally abhorrent, and opposed to everything in which I believed, having been raised on the Bible and then reading Ayn Rand. Until now, I never understood the minds of those who by Marxism's illusions are seduced, nor the heart of its core beliefs. I now know how radicals think, and have a deeper understanding of the other side, rather than a mere instinctive recoil. That my instincts have been right, will come as no surprise to conservatives and many moderately minded people, but will be denied by hard core liberals, which is one of Horowitz's central points: "There are none so blind as those who will not see." Liberals today still deny, obfuscate, distort, and twist their own perceptions in order to revive the socialist dream, even after the Nazi, Soviet, and worldwide Marxist disasters of the past two centuries. That the very ideas of socialism are malevolent, and responsible for the atrocities, not merely the failures of the implementers, is what Horowitz wants to stress. Those who predicted the obtained results long before they happened were not listened to--von Mises, Hayek, others. Outrageously, these and other classical thinkers(Smith, Friedman) are not required as part of college curriculums, but the Marxists, de Man, Gramsci, Foucoult, and their ilk rule in liberal arts departments. Why?Lesen Sie weiter... ›
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