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Peter Pan(English Version) [Soundtrack]

Hans Conried, Sammy Cahn, Sammy Fain, Peter Pan (Related Recordings), Oliver Wallace, et al. Audio CD

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1. Main Title (The Second Star To The Right/ All This Has Happened Before)
2. The Last Night In The Nursery
3. On The Rooftop/ What's A Kiss/ Perturbed Pixie
4. You Can Fly!, You Can Fly!, You Can Fly!
5. A Pirate's Life
6. Blast That Peter Pan/ A Pirate's Life (reprise)
7. The Legend Of The Croc/ Double The Powder And Shorten The Fuse/ Follow Tinker Bell
8. Just When I Brought You A Mother/ Banished
9. Following The Leader
10. Hide And Seek/ No Let 'Em Go
11. Mermaid Lagoon/ Bad Day At Skull Rock
12. Plotting A Pixie's Plight
13. What Makes The Red Man Red/ Tinknapped
14. Rumour Has It/ Hangman's Tree
15. Big Chief Flying Eagle/ I Had A Mother Once
16. Your Mother And Mine
17. Good-bye Peter/ Shanghaied
18. Captain Hook Never Breaks A Promise/ The Elegant Captain Hook/ A Little Surprise/ Oh Tink/ The Pen Or The Plank
19. No Splash/ Take That/ I'm A Codfish/ Crocbait/ The Hero Of Neverland
20. Home Again/ Mermaids, Pirates And Indians/ Finale (You Can Fly!, You Can Fly!, You Can Fly!)
21. Never Smile At A Crocodile
22. The Boatwain's Song
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