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am 1. November 2013
The story starts really promising, and of course I wanted to know if Faith gets her crush.
BUT - a few pages into the story, the author starts with people who permanently pray, read the bible, and spread their convictions like that it is mandatory for a truly happy marriage that both spouses have to have faith in God.
Faith, both her parents and their blind neighbor, who are all good, friendly and loving people spend pages on thoughts about this subject. The "villain" in this story does'n believe in God, and at least three people make it to the bright side by letting themselves evangelized by either Faith or her neighbor.

If you are completey on the cristian trip this may be a nice story. All other might get a toothache.
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am 28. Oktober 2010
Faith thought she knew her sister- until she finds her in the bushes with the man Faith loves. From page one the rift can only grow wider as these two sisters battle for the same man. The trials in this Irish American family only escalate as loving sisters turn on each other, their love for the same man bringing out the absolute worst in their relationship. Pushing all involved to the breaking point.
This was my first book by Julie Lessman and I was not disappointed. This book is long, 477 pages and I didn't know if she could hold the tension through the entire novel. I was never bored during one page during the story. There were times I felt I was eavesdropping on the characters, my heart breaking at times and others so mad I could have throttled one or two myself. There is something to be said of an author who draws forth a reader's emotions, Julie knows how to wield that all too fine tool and does it masterfully. This book certainly does seep passion from nearly every page, albeit appropriate, nothing sensual, but she knows how to spark the imagination and captivate the reader into the story. Never was I sorrier to see a book come to its end. I am so glad there is a sequel!
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am 23. Dezember 2011
Julie Lessman is an AMAZING author! I can't believe that this is her debut novel! Let me tell you, it is a book that you will not want to put down - so make sure that you start it when you have enough time to finish it in one sitting!

Faith O'Connor is a woman who has a strong faith in the Lord. A faith that was forged by the many trials she had to face as a young child, such as her twin sister dying from Polio. Faith was stricken with the same disease and was near death, but she survived and the only thing that remains is her slight limp.

Colin McGuire is the man that Faith has had a crush on since she was young, but no one knew - least of all Colin. So when Colin began dating Faith's younger sister Charity, sparks flew - in more ways than one!
With sister set against sister and WWI fast approaching, will this family survive?

I fell in love with these characters almost immediately and, by the time I reached the end, I wanted to pick up the next book right away - unfortunately for me, I had to wait almost a year to do it! The twists and turns in this novel are fantastic! I highly recommend that you read 'A Passion Most Pure' and make sure that you have 'A Passion Redeemed' ready to pick up as soon as you finish it!
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am 11. November 2012
Faith, the sweet, innocent, Godly daughter has her father wrapped around her finger. Although she has her father wrapped, she doesn't have a man. That is until steamy Collin McGuire walks back into her life, but with eyes for her sister. Don't let his eyes fool you because his heart and mind is overwhelmed with what Faith does to him. Its an intense love story and heats up EVERY page!!
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am 22. Dezember 2011
Julie Lessman is an author with a passion for romance, and that passion shines brightly within each of her wonderful books. From the completed Daughters of Boston series, to The Winds of Change series with an upcoming installment, Lessman has a spectacular knack for capturing her readers. With heroines you'll adore, love interests you'll want to marry yourself, and a family that stays in your heart long after the end of the book, Lessman is an author who I hope to see writing for many years yet!
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am 24. Oktober 2011
This book is awesome! Couldn't wait to read book 2!
Faith is in love with Colin, but Colin is in love with Charity, Faith's younger sister. Faith finds herself engaged to Mitch in Ireland and Charity tries unsuccessfully to steal Mitch from Faith. Mitch and Faith end up breaking off the engagement and Faith finds herself in Colin's interest.
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