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am 13. Mai 2014
sehr gut recherchiert, intensive Auseinandersetzung aus verschiedenen Perspektiven.
Gut zu wissen, dass wir es besser als die Amerikaner(innen) haben. Lesenswert.
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am 18. September 2017
Brigid Schulte beschreibt fesselnd die Hektik, die durch unseren Lbensstil entsteht, hinterfragt auf kluge Art und Weise und macht sich auf die Suche nach Lösungen die zu mehr Zufriedenheit führen. Spannend und inspirierend.
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am 11. Oktober 2014
‘Overwhelmed’ written by Brigid Schulte is an interesting work backed by extensive research on the subject of how much fast pace and stress that we are constantly exposed leaves us time to rest and if is out there today something at all that we can call leisure.

Can we even define our spare time? Is it when we do not do anything, spending time in leisure and solicitation, or the time that we spend to feel better, to do something that makes us happy, what not one pushes us to do? According to the nice quote from someone at the University of Iowa, true leisure is “…that place in which we realize our humanity” and judging by all there are less and less such time, or already it vanished for most of us.

Brigid Schulte, The Washington Post journalist and part of a team that won the Pulitzer Prize, from 2010 conducted an extensive research and spoke with numerous scientists, sociologists, and especially working parents to investigate what are the factors that contribute to our feeling being constantly overwhelmed, having no time for anyone, most important ourselves.

On the pages of the book Brigid Schulte compares a view on workplace and family subjects from the American angle by comparing it to how these issues are dealt with in Europe and in other parts of the world. She speaks about progressive offices that are seeking to invent some new ways of working, all with the goal to enable people with children to still feel like human beings, not like machines which have planned every minute of life caring only for others and working.

‘Overwhelmed’ is extremely easy and interesting to read, while every reader in a greater or lesser part will be able to identify with what the author has put forward in her work, making her book extremely valuable in the field she covers.

As a convenient add-on author did not hesitate to share her own experiences and that all together makes her book a good choice if you are interested in this topic.
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am 14. November 2015
Well researched book about the difficulty to be a guilt free working mum. Many interesting thoughts and definitely comforting to those women who feel overwhelmed from time to time.
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