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am 15. Mai 2000
This book is two great stories in one. It'd make a great movie.
Oroonoko is an African prince, in love with the beautiful Imoinda. When his elderly, impotent and slovenly uncle the king takes her into his harem, we get a nice Romeo and Juliet scenario that ends with Oroonoko thinking his lover is dead.
Later, the mighty prince is tricked by a sea captain and taken into bondage. He is sold into slavery in South America, where even his owners recognize his majesty. There he discovers his lost love, and something about the nature of bondage.
An compelling look at the nature of bondage, slavery, the human condition, European customs, love and passion, and honor. Especially intriguin because it was written in the 17th century, when slavery wasn't even a disputed practice.
The author is of note as well; Aphra Behn was the first woman to make a living as a writer. And she knows that her perspective is unique, and uses it to add to the story. How does the narrator really feel about this handsome African prince?
Pick it up. It's worthwhile.
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am 8. April 2000
At first glance you would believe this book to be one about racism. However, if you look deeper you will find many lessons entwined among the pages. I found this story to depict the value of education and that "book smart" is only half of the learning process. One must also obtain "street smarts." Oronooko relied on tutors ending in slavery and death. Frederick Douglass, on the other hand, was a slave with a commitment to learn to free himself. The only one to teach him was his desire to learn. And guess who wins. Read it and see what you learn!
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am 12. April 2000
Man, all I have to say is Fredrick Douglas wins. Oroonoko is a conceited noble. He is oblivious to all that is really around him. He only sees what he wants to see. What a cause to die for. Let me tell ya.
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