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OCZ Technology RD400A 512GB 512GB - Solid State Drives (SSD) (Schwarz, Silber, PCI Express, MLC, 0 - 70 °C, M.2, -40 - 85 °C)

von OCZ

Derzeit nicht verfügbar.
Ob und wann dieser Artikel wieder vorrätig sein wird, ist unbekannt.
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  • Toshiba OCZ RD400A Series SSD, PCIe M.2 Typ 2280 - 512 GB
  • Garantie: 1 an
  • Compatibilité: Windows

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Technische Details
Modell/SerieRD400A 512GB
Artikelgewicht64 g
Produktabmessungen15,7 x 10,5 x 1,7 cm
FarbeSchwarz, Silber
FormfaktorM.2 2280+AIC
RAM Größe512 GB
Größe Festplatte512 GB
FestplatteninterfacePCIE x 16
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Amazon Bestseller-Rang Nr. 33.714 in Computer & Zubehör (Siehe Top 100)
Produktgewicht inkl. Verpackung408 g
Im Angebot von Amazon.de seit27. Mai 2016
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Toshiba OCZ RD400 Series NVMe AIC 512GB

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Amazon.com: 4.1 von 5 Sternen 131 Rezensionen
22 von 23 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen One of the best NVMe SSDs available 5. November 2016
Von Wakizashi - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Verifizierter Kauf
One of the best NVMe SSDs available.
- MLC NAND flash memory. It's much more durable for the intensive use, than Samsung V-NAND or Micron 3D NAND. In real life experience, I have number of Intel and OCZ MLC drives, which have petabytes of data written to them, and still working flawlessly. While 2 first Samsung EVO (TLC) drives are almost dead already.
- Faster than previos leader - Samsung 950 Pro, with exception of very rare (yet) new Samsung 960 Pro, which promise 3200/2000 MB/s R/W speeds :)
- Thermal control. 950 Pro may heat up to 105 degrees C, while this one starts thermal throttling at approx. 70 degrees.
- Single-sided 512 GB model is best for cooling, and best with performance.
- PCIe adapter for RD400 is overpriced, as it does not provide necessary cooling (provided small piece of thermal pad is just a joke). Highly recommended to use PCIe->M2 adapter with heatsink, like Sintech one (ASIN B00QZ0WMK0) or buy any chinese PCIe-NVMe adapter (cheap as dirt - 3-5$) and use DIY heatsink.

- Beware of on-board M2 sockets - to get maximum speed from the drive, these must be Gen.3 - 32Gbps (PCIe gen 3 x4). Some mobo vendors provides only 10Gbps M2 sockets, connected to PCH, rather than CPU's PCIe. Especially that true for systems, designed for CPUs with 16x PCIe lanes (all middle and low-end Intel Core CPUs). And even for Socket 2011 v3 CPUs, which are able to support up to 40 PCIe lanes, motherboard may not have all of them available via PCIe slots. I would always recommend to use E5-1600 series instead of Core i7 (better feature/price balance, capable for ECC RAM - critical for workstations).
- There is a better option now - Samsung 960 Pro, but... These are announced but I never seen it in shops. The only seller at Amazon have these "out of stock", so looks like there are some problems with first of these new ultra-fast V-NAND SSDs... Hope, not like with smartphones from same vendor ;)
9 von 9 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
4.0 von 5 Sternen Solid performer with basic random read tests, but can run hot 9. März 2017
Von M. Dillon - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Verifizierter Kauf
With the provisio that I've only done basic sequential and random tests, and not done any major wear or durability tests, the Toshiba behaves very close to the Samsung 960 EVO and even has better random read bandwidths at 32KB block size or greater. It isn't as good as the Samsung 951 though, and the 'OCZ' branding brings back nightmares (not sure why Toshiba bought use of the name, it has such a poor reputation!). In anycase, the Toshiba ramps up consistently with larger block size and further ramps up with deeper queues.

Note that the device hardware supports 7 queues, so a 16-thread test will run a queue depth of approximately 2 and a 64-thread test will run a queue depth of approximately 8.

Write performance is what I would expect from a small M.2 NVMe device, around 200 MBytes/sec sequential, single thread, 64KB block size. The tests below are read tests.

Basically I like it, 5 stars but with the provisio above.

nvme3: <NVME-PCIe> mem 0xc7300000-0xc7303fff irq 40 at device 0.0 on pci4
nvme3: mapped 8 MSIX IRQs
nvme3: NVME Version 1.1 maxqe=65536 caps=000000302803ffff
nvme3: Model TOSHIBA-RD400 BaseSerial Z6TS10AUTPEV nscount=1
nvme3: Request 64/32 queues, Returns 7/7 queues, rw-sep map (7, 7)
nvme3: Interrupt Coalesce: 100uS / 4 qentries
nvme3: Disk nvme3 ns=1 blksize=512 lbacnt=500118192 cap=238GB serno=Z6TS10AUTPEV-1

randread /dev/nvme1s1b <blksize> 100 16
16 threads - TOSHIBA OCZ RD400 (16 GB area fill with uncompressable /dev/urandom data)
blksize aggregate bw
------ --------------
512 69 MBytes/sec (105 MB/s @ 64 threads)
1024 137 MBytes/sec (211 MB/s @ 64 threads)
2048 273 MBytes/sec (423 MB/s @ 64 threads)
4096 549 MBytes/sec (843 MB/s @ 64 threads)
8192 690 MBytes/sec (947 MB/s @ 64 threads)
16384 1056 MBytes/sec (1014 MB/s @ 64 threads)
32768 1332 MBytes/sec (1120 MB/s @ 64 threads)
65536 1320 MBytes/sec (1241 MB/s @ 64 threads)
131072 1482 MBytes/sec (1494 MB/s @ 64 threads)
262144 1459 MBytes/sec (1494 MB/s @ 64 threads)

I decided to dock the Toshiba one star because although it was a solid performer, I ran a full-on multi-threaded read test and the reported temperature of the Toshiba SSD went up to 81C. This is a read-test, mind you. The Toshiba should have throttled it, or flagged the temperature, and did not. Temperature regulation is important because hot flash chips result in early failures. None of the other NVMe devices under test got that hot (the Samsung 951 topped out at 76C, the 960 EVO stayed at a cool 62C, and the Intel 600P flagged auto-throttled at 75C - I don't recommend the Intel, by the way).

3 von 3 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Works great.. don't be fooled by the other reviews 29. November 2016
Von Dean M - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Verifizierter Kauf
Everyone was making me feel like this was going to fry my motherboard.. I have an asus Z170-AR and I put it in and it worked like a champ. Don't let others scare you out of this purchase. Do your homework, and install the OS correctly, I watched a YouTube video on how to just in case, and this drive will run as it should. It takes some fumbling in bios, but the speed of this drive makes it worth your while, I even saw an increase in speed going from a samsung 850 evo ssd. Just do your homework, and don't eat a meal on your motherboard and everything will be just fine. A SCREW and the SPACER are NOT provided, and this really sucks, but realize that if you buy this and you threw away all of your old MB components and screws, you may have to look online for some. The correct screw size is 2x3mm. I was lucky enough to find a spacer and screw meant for this purpose in a small bag left over from my MB, trust me its a bigger deal than you think. Heat + cranking down your drive that is no bigger than a stick of gum will likely bend and break your new drive. This is especially true when you go to install it. It installs at a 45 degree angle, which is really weird so if you have not seen it before look it up, trust me.. then you have to tighten the drive itself down to the MB, so again the screw and spacer are important. Something else that came up was a gummy pad that was included with the drive, this is just a thermal pad and if you are ordering this drive alone without the card, you will see what I mean. It is just to help disperse heat through the back of the card. If you want a NVME drive but a $300-600 dollar Samsung isnt your style, get this one. It even uses some Samsung components in it. I booted up my computer today and i could have sworn it was up from a cold start in like 7 seconds. If you are an enthusiast and shaving time off of your boot time is what you are looking for, then this drive is right for you. If you are not and just want something that is easier to install, work with, and find help with, (like my mom), then you've gone too far. This will be a headache for you. Go back to SATA SSD cards, they are cheaper, and to be honest less of a headache.
2 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Drive runs fast and can be formatted 4k 20. Mai 2017
Von Amazon Customer - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Verifizierter Kauf
I purchased this in a drunken stupor and couldn't cancel on time. My plan to send it back never came to fruition once it arrived.

Popped open the box, powered off and plugged it in. Went into BIOS and set my M.2_1 port to PCIe 4x, Booted into Windows and installed SSDUtility_2.2.2645.exe.
I used this tool to create a bootable USB stick that loads the tool in a Linux environment, then booted from it. I had to launch the tool in safe mode. No big deal. Formatted 4k.
Booted up with my Clover / Mac Os 10.12.5 install stick. The drive was seen without using any patches. :joy

Formatted and installed Sierra no problem.
1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen What's with all the bad reviews? 25. Januar 2017
Von Tony D. - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Verifizierter Kauf
Ignore the reviews claiming it ruined their machine, i can almost guarantee it was user-error, or someone trying to use something they didn'tdo enough research on. If you have shaky hands, let someone else do it. If it isnt the right type of SSD, don't use an adapter, just buy the right SSD ffs. Toshiba drivers? Look, rule of thumb is if it recognizes it at plug-in, just let it be. It's a hard drive, it needs to work with the Motherboard, not the OS, it runs the OS. If it's a slave drive, that's another story. If you decide to try new technology with an adapter into older tech...well that's your prerogative, but don't blame the hardware if it doesn't work or it causes failures.

Razer Blade laptop, plugged it in, ran boot drive, restored system image...like nothing changed, except RIDICULOUS speed increase. Installed windows in about 25 seconds, a 65gig image in 15 or so. Large open-map games are infinitely smoother. Very happy with purchase.
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