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am 25. Juli 2013
Naked comes out as a very funny book, so funny that I shed tears of fun throughout the time that I read it. The title "Naked" is itself enticing, and reading the book offers no regrets for making the choice.The stories are excellently written with characters that are intuitively observed. The stories are laced with humorous lines and the flow is so smooth that it makes reading effortless.The plots are equally plot that is breath taking. Overall, the style reminds me of other works like The Usurper: and Other Stories, The House of the Dead (Classics), White Fang. I found the stories hilarious and witty. They are also pager turners.
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am 30. Juli 1999
I read Naked in one day and enjoyed the book. I did not think it was as funny as I had expected, however I did enjoy the transitions throughout the book seemingly giving a poingnant picture of his "life", I recommended it to my mother. Nevertheless I was left wondering about the Christianity aspect of Naked. Is Sedaris attempting to make a joke out of religion, or is he trying to redeem himself as a homosexual male that seems to possess some form of Cathoic guilt? He never lets the reader forget that he is gay and this is "unhealthy". This is further illustrated by Curly, the epitiome of American trailer park trash, and his extensive 'collection' in his mother's trailer. As I pawed through the many reviews of this book, I noticed two concepts frequently repeated; dysfunction and stress. Whenever I hear the word "stress" all I can think of America. I have made a conscious decision to cut this word out of my vocabulary because it is a mere invention. Where else can a person lazily describe every bit of daily minutia and annoyance in one word? In my opinion generalizations are "unhealthy", causing dullness- of- the- brain. Isn't it better to say 'my job is making me feel anxious', than 'I'm so stressed at work'? The same goes for "dysfunction", a disease that every American family seems to prescribe to. What makes Sedaris so special? Certainly not that he can laugh in the face of misery, don't we all do that anyways? Sedaris, however, has the patience to write it down and perhaps invent some new stuff to fill in the serious-adult-gaps. Overall this book was an enjoyable read, even though I had to eat an entire box of Altoids to remove the taste of cliche from my mouth.
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am 7. Mai 2000
I don't know how I stumbled onto this book (I must get me some new friends), but I'm sure glad I did. Of course, his writing is laugh- out- loud funny; a kind of tonic for the spirits. I loved reading about his family life; these chapters were suffused with a compassion and kind of gentleness towards himself and his family members. As a mom, myself, I tire of reading about all these idealized mothers, or conversely, the mothers from hell. Most of us are somewhere in between, trying to do the best we can, though rarely with the wit of Mr. Sedaris' mother. But I plan to try harder.
Looking forward to more!
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am 21. März 2000
NAKED is--by far--the funniest book I have ever read. Several people suggested that I read it, and I ignored them for a long time: I had a lot of other books I wanted to get to first. I finally read it this weekend. The next thing I knew, I was ordering HOLIDAYS ON ICE and BARREL FEVER.
NAKED is a collection of true stories from David Sedaris's life. I only wish my life was half as funny.
"Chipped Beef," "Get Your Ya-Ya's Out" and "I Like Guys" are highlights of this collection, but the funniest story is "A Plague of Tics." In it, Sedaris discusses his strange behaviors as a child: licking lightswitches, hitting himself with his shoe. I laughed so hard reading this story that my roommate told me I was going to have to shut up.
Give NAKED a shot. If you like it, pick up BARREL FEVER. It isn't as funny, but it's close.
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am 29. April 2000
I would love to give this books five stars but I can't. There were three stories ("Chipped Beef," "Dinah, the Christmas Whore," and "The Drama Bug") that just didn't grab me, so I can't in good conscience give "Naked" a perfect rating. But it's a very strong 4....like a 4.7.
David Sedaris is one of the funniest authors I've ever read. His storytelling is superb and absolutely hilarious! This is a must-read for anyone out there who wants to temporarily escape their own dull lives and live vicariously through someone else. Underneath Sedaris's humorous adventures lies a sadness and fear, but that's what makes the stories so beautiful and genuine. Living with OCD, his mother's death, and realizing and accepting his homosexuality are amongst life's trying situations, to say the least. But Sedaris recounts those experiences with tenderness and dignity. I dreaded getting to the last page, and when I closed the book and put it back on the shelf it felt like I was losing a new friend. So...the solution to that was simple....I just pre-ordered his next book.
NOTE: If you loved "Naked" you'll love "Barrell Fever."
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am 21. Juli 2000
The fiendish prose of David Sedaris, once I got past the disorienting first chapter, held me hostage. Never once did I want to be part of this family, but by gosh, I kept wanting to extend my visit. By the time I reached "next of kin", I had surrendered all my critical objectivity, and simply gloried in the family's reaction to the dreadfully proofread pornographic novel that gives the chapter its title. Part of the tremendous humor lies in *naked*'s truths: all children know where their parents keep the porno -- if there is any. (My mother's copy of *Fanny Hill* was hidden behind the fourth shelf above her bed).
On the other hand, the faint aura of loneliness that hovers over the text keeps this book from being a quick joke. The conclusion of "the incomplete quad" -- the unsentimental tale of travels with a quadriplegic -- does not spare the reader. And throughout *naked*, as I laughed, I was also haunted by a son who knows his mother is lying for him ("the drama bug"), and whose father tells deliciously gruesome tales and wonders why his children have no gumption ("Cyclops"). I confess that all those tics ("a plague of tics") also worried me. That may come of being a mother.
Three major points: *naked* made me laugh hard. Really hard. I even sent a copy of *naked* to my nephew for his birthday. And, finally, and not least, I am delighted that at last I understand the importance of a towel at a nudist colony.
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am 16. Juni 1998
a book this funny has to be listed as humor, but it's much more profound than what you usually find in the category. Sedaris has managed to reveal a great deal about our weaknesses, our petty hatreds, and self-interestedness and yet all of his stories are blisteringly funny. i've heard him read in person and his voice adds to the experience. for those that haven't had the chance, i recommend buying both the book and the tape.
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am 16. Juli 2000
This book is classified as a memoir, and it's the funniest one I've read to date. Growing up Greek in North Carolina couldn't have been easy, but adding to the mix a crazy grandmother and a sibling with a penchant for using towels as toilet paper makes it that much harder (and funnier, to us).
David was struck with enthusiastic OCD as a child, only to find ways to "cure" his tics in college. His stories of life after schooling include apple-picking and packing, working with jade (not to mention a crazy, hypocritical Christian), and refinishing woodwork with a Jew-hating Lithuanian and a somewhat confused black guy. He hitchhikes with all levels of human decapitation until a rowdy truck driver combs thicket by the roadside looking for him.
Not all of the fifteen stories are side-splitting funny. "I Like Guys" highlights accepting his homosexual feelings, and an undercurrent of seriousness lines the story. "Ashes" tells of his mother's cancer, and a sense of tragedy seems to sober his usually razor-sharp satirical style.
The last (and title) story, "Naked", tells of his experience with a nudist colony. It's written in more a journal form (the others are written in a 'flashback' form) and by the end, you feel strange in your own clothing.
I definitely plan on recommending this book to my friends. I don't see how you could live your life without picking up a Sedaris book.
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am 8. Juli 2000
I don't like admitting this to myself (and frankly, I don't like admitting this to all of you out there), but I identified deeply with the main character in David Sedaris' book. And before you start screaming at your computer screen, I know that the main character is David himself, and it's not really a novel, but a collection of humour essays. I see him as a character, because I just can't believe that all of these fantastic stories are true. Is there some truth there? I'm sure. But embellishment seems obvious.
Anyway, back to my first thought. The David in the book is an intellectual snob, verbose and thoughtful, unsure of himself in most ways except his sexuality, but extremely sure that he knows what's best for the world and all its inhabitants. And he's damn funny, too. I can relate to most of that (I'll let you choose what I mean), so getting inside the head of such a witty and conflicted man was a real treat.
The first fifteen 'stories' in the book are well put together pieces on modern life as David sees it. The best of that lot includes "A Plague of Tics" in which David is attacked by a hyperactive form of O.C.D., and "C.O.G.", a wonderful riff on the whole Kerouacian lifestyle gone completely wrong. These first fifteen pieces, however, only form a prelude to some of the best writing I've read in years.
The second last piece, "Ashes", about David's mother's battle with cancer is what good writing should be: humourous and poignant, without ever being melodramatic. He wrings literature from real life, and makes the most of a heartbreaking situation. I can imagine what kind of catharsis it must have been for him.
The last piece (I want to call it the title track), "Naked", is about a trip to a nudist colony. I found myself busting a gut in the middle of a crowded subway car. It is sparkling comedy.
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am 5. Januar 2000
what other book is entitled naked? that is all i HAVE to say, but i will say more. when i approached this book in the store the title caught my eye, and after the first few lines i was hooked... i loved ever second of it: the quirky descriptions of the characters that literally haunted his life, the self discovery that is truly stated in a raw manner, and the fact that this is supposedly someone's life. well-written is one way of putting it... and then the way i would like to be able to write about my life is another. i seriously could not put this book down, either this boy (man?) had a life that was truly interesting... or he has some great writing talent... i wish i could make my life into a story that is hard to put down, but that may be why i retreat to other's lives in which it is quite hard to get up to go to the bathroom (i brought the book into the bathroom with me...)
i think we need to get naked a bit more often, hmm... i rammble a bit... as does david.
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