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4,1 von 5 Sternen
4,1 von 5 Sternen
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am 11. April 2000
The book takes way too long to get into the specific details of how the FBI's elite, interesting unit investigates and solves crimes. Instead, the author uses the book as a means of illustrating how much of an expert he is and goes into boring details of his upbringing, with unnecessary stories of how atheltic and tough he is. Again, I felt that he used this book with the main priority to promote himself.
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am 29. Mai 2000
John Douglas spends a lot of time talking about the cases and the workload, and his criss-crossing the country. I wish it went more into the details of each crime, spending a little more time on the details. I began Mind Hunter expecting a lot more than I received. The book is interesting but it really lacks insight as to how the FBI actually arrived at their profiles. Most of the time a quick summary of the crime would be given then the author would describe the killer without ever explaining how he came to the conclusions he did, and take credit for solving it. It left me with more questions then answers, and knowing a lot more about John Douglas than profiling. It's only 384 pages so its worth reading to the end, just know it's more about John Douglas the the "inside" story.
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am 31. März 2000
Mind Hunter is a book that will open your eyes to a world most wish to forget is out there. when we tell ourselves there are no real monsters, we are making ourselves vulnerable to them. It forces you to think about your stand about what we should do with our current system of criminal justice in regards to these individuals. They prey on people due to their own need to control and destroy what makes them angry. It allows you to see into the years of research and sacrifice that was made to develope a way to get into the mindset of the serial killer. what motives them, who are the targets of their anger, what traits and characteristics do they usually have/share. I cried reading this book becuase it made me think about how I try to tell my children that their are no real monsters, just the ones that are in peoples hearts and souls. That they cannot understand what I mean by that. that to tell them about these people and what they have done to others is impossible at their age. I try everyday to teach them how to protect themselves from puttting themselves into danger, but the reality is that if they (the serial killers) want to get you bad enough they will wait for the moment when you cannot protect them or yourself. John Douglas gives so much of himself in this book. he tells you how he felt over the years of doing the work. He is very frank and gives some very insightful/honest opinions about his work and the individuals he dealt with. Please be sure to read the beginning of the book and learn something about John Douglas before thinking "when is he going to talk about the crimes?". This book is as much about him and the serial crime unit's early years, as it is about the crimes they have investigated/researched.
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am 27. Oktober 1996
Four of us were on our way home, it was time to switchdrivers. When we stopped at the gas station, I decided topick up something to read. There were no magazines of my interest. I looked at the novels. MIND HUNTER's unique appearance caught my eye. I looked at the back, it looked rather interesting. I picked up another one, looked at it, checked out another, looked at it, and then picked up MIND HUNTER again and purchased it. As we headed off again, I started the book, and while the other three were chatting, my nose was glued. In no time, I was already on page 44, and I had not realized it until someone asked me what page I'm on. I knew right away that I was in trouble. I'm a rather slow reader. When I got home, from the long exhausting trip, after going to the bathroom, I was in the book again. When I finished the book a few days later reading bits and pieces of it every night, I found myself looking at news, murder cases in particular, on television a new way. I don't know if it scared me because I think I knew more than I wanted to know or if I was fascinated by the crime story. The sincere tone John Douglas puts forward really draws you in. Now, I have a new interest in novel types: homicide. By the way, no - it did not make a murder out of me.
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am 24. Februar 1997
I have always had an eerie fascination with the macabre that others find a bit, well, unsettling. So, when I happened across this book I was naturally intrigued. While it was interesting reading about the various crimes and killers, I found Douglas' rehashing of the profiling process to be tiresome and somewhat predictable. Each case had its variations and eccentricities to be sure, but it wasn't enough to distract me from the never-varying, formulaic approach to profiling. I'm not discrediting or simplifying Douglas' work at all. Don't get me wrong, he's a brilliant man who helped develop one of the most important and sophisticated crime-fighting/solving techniques we have. It's just that I found he didn't really have anything fresh to say or reveal after a few case examples. In short, if you're looking for over-the-top true-crime gore and nasty little details look elsewhere. If it's the subtle nuances of police work and crime scene analysis you're after you won't be let down. A guarded recommendation
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am 19. Juli 1998
I assume that most people who picked up this book wanted to know "how they do it". I know I did, and I didn't get the answer here. Douglas boasts that he can hear the background information about killings and quickly produce a profile of the killer in amazing detail, including the type and color of car he drives. How about telling us HOW you knew that Ted Bundy drove a gold VW bug. Is it because one of the girls accosted escaped from one? That's not very amazing. If that is the gist of what goes on in the elite FBI serial crime unit, then we are in trouble. About 30 pages could have been spared if Douglas left his personal life out of this. Those parts were as interesting as seeing a stranger's snapshots of grandchildren (they are *wonderful* kids, but I'm not terribly interested). I was left with the impression that Douglas is a savant who can predict profiles of serial murderers through some sort of algorithm in his head, and we still don't know how ! he does it.
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am 27. September 1999
John Douglas' book Mind Hunter is a quality read from start to finish. In this book Douglas explains how he gets inside the heads of some of the serial killers that he has helped track down. One thing Douglas makes sure to do is to give credit to the law enforcement officers that are actually investigating the cases. He takes no credit for finding these killers, he just provides a narrowed point of view for the detectives. Douglas makes the reader understand the anguish that the victim and the victim's families must go through. Not to mention the physical and mental toll it takes on the investigators.
The stories he tells makes the book move along at a nice pace and he doesn't drag down the narrative with a lot of technical gibberish. He is quick and to the point. I suppose the credit for this should go to Mr. Olshaker instead.
No matter who is responsible,Mind Hunter is an excellent read that you will find yourself re-reading over and over again.
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am 13. August 1999
I have read alot of reviews here and I've noticed that most of the people who gave this book a poor review named Mr. Douglas' ego as the primary letdown. I would just like to say that I am very thankful that Mr. Douglas is alive and that he pioneered FBI techniques that have been remarkably effective in catching some of the most sadistic, cruel, inhuman monsters the world has ever seen. I feel humility when I think of John Douglas and the work he did. He had to see things that most of us could never handle and he had to keep his sanity and use his talent under enormous pressure. Because of him, some very morbid sociopaths have been removed from society, men who were in love with killing innocent people and who would have continued had they not been caught. Think about your own children, your spouse, your siblings, their children, your parents, everyone you love. Then decide if having an ego about making these people safe is really such a sin.
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am 17. Juli 1999
(this review is about the audiobook)this book was top of the line, but also hard to hear. he does not play around trying to go easy with you. he tells you what real crime is like, not what we see on TV or in the movies. he wants you to know what he had to go up against while at the FBI and it ain't pretty. it's sometimes down right scary to hear or read but it's real life. also i want to talk about some reviews on here talking about his ego. those on here who are whining about him having a ego sound like in there reviews to have a bigger ego then any he might have. hearing how the path in his life unfolded to what he became was very insightful to hear. i wanted to know what lead to someone ending up in the line of work he got. it's hard to read or hear, and even harder to forget the warnings in this book he gives us, & the very useful tips he gives to keep ourselfs safe. i've got the audio's of most of his books there all very good.
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am 22. Juli 1998
I was disappointed, sometimes confused, with the structure of this book, which attempts to involve us both in John Douglas's life and also examine general case studies. It attempts to reveal intricacies of Mr. Douglas's life, yet wasn't nearly as specific and detailed when discussing his interviews with serail killers or his specific case work. The authors would have done well to either focus on Mr. Douglas's human experience or describe profiling in detail. Instead, we get both in a series of interesting anecdotal crime stories peppered around Mr. Douglas's life story. It lacks both linear focus of case study and in-depth autobiography. This book will be of interest to those looking for an overview of profiling. The book attempts to cover all aspects of its subject, spread itself thin, and is therefore a hodgepodge rather than a tight, focused read.
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