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The Medici Boy
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am 28. Oktober 2015

Hard to rate this, as there are moments of sheer brilliance and beauty as well as moments of pure boredom.

The Medici Boy tells the story of Donatello's David as it could have happened, as a fictional account by Donatello's equally fictional assistant Luca di Mattei. Revolving figure and the person the title refers to, though, is Agnolo: Luca's young foster brother, whore, and muse to Donatello; the boy who, in this story at least, becomes the model for the David.

L'Heureux chose a mock mémoire style for his book, and it actually works here. The Medici Boy reads like the memories of old Luca di Mattei looking back on his years with Donatello. Luca's not the most reliable narrator, denying things in one moment, admitting them the next. His obsessive love for Donatello is almost as strong as the obsessive jealousy and hate he feels for Agnollo, leading to dire results.
Due to the mock mémoire style there's a lot of telling, showing off the author's extensive research in didactic accounts of historical events. Whenever the author chose to actually show things, though, everything comes brilliantly, vibrantly alive: from the brutal life in 15 century Italy and the consequences of the Black Pest to Donatello's work and the casting of bronze, described in a compelling and sensual way.

Recommended for people interested in Florentine renaissance and art history.
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