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4,9 von 5 Sternen
4,9 von 5 Sternen
Man's Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy
Format: Audio CD|Ändern
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am 21. Mai 2016
Victor Frankl was already an experienced psychologist when he wrote this book after he survived the horrors of the Holocaust in concentration camps. That makes his conclusions and analysis much more validated and strong. Frank is a humanist and he practised humanist psychology. Written in completely accessible language, it is a great read not only for specialists in the field but for everyone who has ever searched for the meaning of life.
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am 11. November 2017
Das Buch geht unter die Haut. Es zeigt auf, was uns die schrecklichen Erfahrungen der Konzentrationslager an außergewöhnlichen Weisheiten aufgrund dieser außergewöhnlichen Erfahrungen schenken können. Viktor Fankl hat es nicht nur verstanden, in diesem schrecklichen Holocaust einen Weg zu finden, psychisch stabil zu beiben, er hat es auch zugelassen, sich bewußt auf diese menschlichen Grenzerfahrungen einzulassen, sie zu verstehen, erklären und zu nutzen, indem er einen völlig neuen Therapieansatz daraus entwickelt hat, der allen nutz, die sich dafür öffnen. Mich hat dies enorm mit den schwierigen Situationen in meinem Leben versöhnt und ich kann sie damit proaktiver und bejahender anpacken. Danke Viktor Frankl für seinen übermenschlichen Mut, uns alle mit deisen Erkenntnissen ein großes Stück weiter gebracht zu haben auf unserem Weg zu mehr Bewußtheit.
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am 26. Juni 2017
Viktor E. Frankl was a member of a jewish family living in Austria. He was deeply interested (and talented) in Psychology.
When the Nazis entered in Austria, he had two choices: leave to USA alone, or stay in occupied Austria with his parents.
He chose to stay. He ended up being sent to Auschwitz.
Whenhe entered in the concentration camp, the only valuable he carried was a manuscript of his research. He begged the guard to let it pass, but lost it. The manuscript he was trying to save constituted the fundament for Logotherapy. He believed that having a Purpose in Life is the key to the survival of an individual, even in the harshest circumstances. The day he lost his initial manuscript was the day he got to truly test his ideas, in the worst scenario possible for human existence. It was a matter of survival.
In this book, he tells his experience as a camp prisoner, while reflecting on this experience with his sharp lenses of Psychology. He tells stories of the camp: extremely dark and heartbreaking but always with an halo of Hope behind the ugly reality screen.
Viktor E. Frankl survived to write this book. This small book is a shining black pearl.
It is Wisdom in high density, and one of the best books I read in my entire life!
I wish it was obligatory to read it in every school.
It really deserves to be read.
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am 24. November 2017
Dieses Buch hilft einem wirklich sein Leben und die eigenen Umstände aus einer ganz anderen Perspektive zu sehen.

Ich habe mich jedoch geärgert es nicht in Deutsch gekauft zu haben.
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am 23. Juli 2017
Super Buch! Für jemanden der keine sehr gutes Englisch spricht würde ich allerdings die deutsche Version empfehlen. Ist leider deutlich teurer
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am 27. März 2017
Really interesting book, sad stories but inspiring spirit. It arrived in a very very good condition. I am glad I bought it.
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am 10. Juni 2016
Herausfordernd! Tony Robbins empfahl diese Bucch in einem seiner Seminare und ich könnte mir nicht vorstellen, wie dieses Buch in irgend einer Weise wesentlich sein könnte. Es war schon ein etwas schwerer zu lesendes Werk, zumal es den Blick in die Untieefen der Konzentrationslager lenkt und Seiten des Menschen zeigt, die man sich vielleicht auch nur ungerne anschaut. Die Analyse und die Schlüsse von Viktor E. Frankl mag ich hier nicht vorwegnehmen, wohl aber, dass ich das Buch nicht nur gelesen, sondern studiert habe und viele Zitate nochmals abgeschrieben hab. So erschloss sich mir eine Sammlung wertvoller Aussagen, die den Sinn im Alltag mehr als stärken und aufzeigen, dass der Mensch immer die Wahl hat, wie er interpretiert und reagiert.
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am 8. September 2015
I found the material so compelling that I listened on audio, then bought the paperback and transcribed all my notes into that. I also put a note on my perpetual calendar to revisit the highlights once a year. It's just that good.

I was late to the party - most of you probably already read it - but I am at an age where looking for the meaning of my life is maybe more important than ever. Viktor Frankl, as you know, was a psychiatrist who was imprisoned by the Nazis at Auschwitz. There, while he suffered, he also learned, and when he was released, he wrote this book. Could we possibly have a more seasoned teacher?

I picked up dozens of life lessons, but for brevity's sake, will mention only a few. For much more, I highly, highly recommend this book. I don't think you can be fully educated about your life's course until you read it thoughtfully. And don't be afraid, as I was, of the heartbreaking circumstances of the camps. Frankl uses them as a basis for making his points, but doesn't sensationalize them. Even a wuss like me can handle it.

Here are some of the best concepts I gleaned from Man's Search for Meaning:

* Don't ask what is the meaning of life. Ask what meaning you are giving to your existence, for this is your responsibility.
* Meaning can be found in suffering. In America, we act like we're ashamed of it. Why not hold your head up and suffer proudly? Add it to your list of accomplishments. Don't seek it, but if you're stuck with it, do it well. Add it to your life's accounting.
* Man can endure anything if he sees a purpose. In one example, a widower couldn't rise above his grief. Frankl helped him see that by being the survivor, the man spared his late wife the pain. Thus he was heroic. The man rallied, glad to have spared his wife the anguish.
* Some see the pages of one's calendar torn off, and grieve over time passing. Frankl says to think of each page of the calendar as a well-lived, fine accounting of oneself. The stack of pages amounts to a kind of wealth, like a full granary. How did I do? How did I live? What is the accounting of my life? This perspective gives our days meaning.

There is so much more. I can only recommend this book to you with all my heart. Thank you, Dr. Frankl. You certainly made a great accounting of your life, and your suffering.
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am 31. Dezember 2016
The author, psychiatrist, and Auschwitz survivor, explains the suffering and psychological influence and behaviours of the life in a World War II death camp.

One of the most influential books of all the time. A classic, that, together with Anne Franck's Diary of a Young Girl, should be school literature.
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am 19. November 2016
Ich habe mir diese Übersetzung von Frankls Bestseller gekauft, weil dzt. nur eine wesentlich teurere deutsche Hardcover-Version verfügbar ist.

Als ich dann doch von einer Freundin auch das deutsche Original ausgeliehen habe, um ein wenig parallel zu lesen (schließlich findet man in diesem Werk auch Fachtermini der Logotherapie), musste ich fest stellen, dass nicht nur (aus welchem Grund auch immer?!) die Zwischenüberschriften des deutschen Originals nicht mit übertragen wurden, sondern dass tw. auch ganze Sätze einfach ausgelassen wurden - so etwas darf meiner Meinung nicht passieren!

Deshalb meine Empfehlung an alle, die des Deutschen mächtig sind (und nur die werden auch meine Rezension verstehen ;-D) - Hände weg von dieser Übersetzung!!
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