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am 27. Oktober 1999
I have searched for years to find good books to teach myself Spanish, and this one is head and shoulders above the rest. The clear structured organization and presentation make it easy to read and to study. Most others are too basic or, it seems, oriented to very young students. If you are seriously interested in teaching yourself conversational Spanish, then this book will be very helpful. It progresses at a good rate, integrates vocabulary painlessly and uses excercises that build conversational ability. If you are interested in teaching yourself Spanish, then this book is very effective. It uses some very effective shortcuts. For example, it omits the familiar form which reduces the number of verb forms without limiting your ability to comunicate. Many books seem oriented to college course work and seem tediously and academically oriented to stucture and detail, rules and form. This book does not suffer these defiencies. It is committed to teaching you to communicate in Spanish easily (at least as easily as possible)and effectively. I am just someone who wanted to learn to speak Spanish and for that purpose, I found it very effective.
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am 2. Oktober 2014
This is - in principle - a great book to teach yourself basic Spanish. It is clear and concise, gives a large number of examples for everything it teaches, and keeps you motivated to go on. It uses a "strange" but quite reasonable approach to the language, because it first teaches you past tense of the verbs before you learn present tense; and that's surprisingly efficient. I could say only good things about the book, BUT as I bought the kindle version, I have to say that the terrible and sloppy conversion to the kindle format almost ruins the whole book. It is obvious that it was scanned from a printed book, and NONE of the mistakes of the automatic character recognition in Spanish was corrected. Thus, on every single page, there is at least one (often more!) bad mistake where characters were mis-recognized, and the Spanish word is plain wrong/non-existing. If you look closely, you understand that the conversion machine mistook, for example a "c" for an "e", so that "cine" became "eine". Sometimes spaces are missing and words are joined, something words are broken in the middle into two meaningless parts. How are you supposed to study with this? Those mistakes must QUICKLY be corrected, because they ruin the learning experience.
So, for the book I would easily give five stars, but the kindle version can get one star maximum in its present form.
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am 19. September 1999
I used this book to learn how to speak, read and write in Spanish. After finishing the book, I drove to Mexico City. I was able to ask for directions when I got lost, carry on conversations in restaurants, find my way in the city, and speak with a Spanish language accent. I have read many other texts but this is by far the best and I use it to teach Spanish.
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am 17. Juli 1998
Learning Spanish should be fun and easy. If not, the odds are that you'll get frustrated and never learn this fantastic language.
Madrigal's Magic key is trully "magical." The book simply is entertaining and a very easy read. It makes learning Spanish fun and not a chore. The book gets the student right into the language without all those complicated rules. The emphasis is on buidling your confidence and establishing a Spanish vocabulary quickly without pain. This is accomplished based on your knowledge of English. For example, she teaches you the tricks of converting english nouns into verbs. The result is that you're not memorizing verbs but focusing on applying simple rules to building a large spanish vocabulary quickly and maintain conmfidence.
The book would truly be outstanding if it combined more exercises (writing) with her "See It and Say it in Spanish" book which is great also.
This is not a book that you'll read and forget a! ! bout. The second and third time I read it increased my comprehension significantly. My ownly regret is that I found this book after spending alot of money on books that only frustrated me, were virtually useless and definitely too much like work.
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am 14. September 1999
Several friends of mine who moved to Equador without knowing the language recommended this book to me. This book is what SAVED them! It is the fastest way to learn Spanish and teaches you in an enjoyable way. I have never been able to memorize but I remember Spanish vocabulary and grammer using the Madrigal methd.
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am 28. Januar 1999
When I first tried to learn Spanish, all that I had was an ancient Spanish-English diccionary that my grandmother gave me, and it was taking me nowhere. I went to the local library and found my way to "Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish". I read the book in under two weeks and it was amazing. I could then begin to decipher the telenovelas on the Spanish television, and I began to be able to speak spanish to my grandparents. Along with experience, I believe that anybody can become fluent in spanish with the aid of this book. Listening experience such as watching television is acceptable, but speaking experience with natives is preferable. I recommend this book to anybody seeking to learn Spanish. It laid out my whole foundation for grammar and much of it for vocabulary. It is said that a speaking second language is essential in today's world, this book is the perfect way to acheive it.
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am 26. Januar 1999
I don't know if I can put it into words. Most mortals don't pick up text books or language tutorials and read them cover to cover, mainly because most books of this type are boring. I'm not the kind of person that can do that. And yet I did . This book is very different. Vocabulary and Verbs are presented in a very simple format. It all makes perfect sense. The author makes it all fun ... somehow. She was a great writer. The book introduces the past tense first, which is how most of us talk to each other. To talk in present tenses is something to aspire to as Joni Mitchell reminded us in "Cari get out your key". In real life Madrigals approach makes perfect sense.
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am 6. August 1999
This book is the clearest, easiest and most rapid way to learn a foreign language I've ever experienced, and I speak 6 languages. I learned to speak rather fluent Spanish in record time because of the ease of using this book. I was able to rapidly perfect my fluency later because I was fortunate enough to find the late Margarita Madrigal in New York to teach me. She was a fun person, hence the fun of using Magic Key to Spanish to learn the language. I'm now using it to teach Spanish to my friends and they are advancing rapidly. It is an amazing book
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am 20. März 2000
If you have been trying to learn Spanish for years like I have, this book is a must. It's to the point and offers practical grammar and vocabulary development.
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am 22. Juli 1998
I have been studing the language for five years and have read many books on the subject. Margarita's book is the best because she is an experienced teacher, very thorough and communicates with you as if she were right alongside you as a private tutor. She was raised and lived in both the U.S. and Latin America of bilingual parents and knows the nuances of both languages as only a native can. I say "Viva Magarita!" and "Comprelo"!
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