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am 12. April 1999
After reading each book in the series, decided I really liked the story and character development in this book. The characters have feeling, depth, and comedy tastefully entwined. When are the next books coming out? For a 51 year old grandmother this is an excellent series. If they don't take away from the characters, this would also make a fantastic tv series or a few good movies. The handling of the romance issues are wonderful; after all, let's get real, what mixed group of people would go gallivanting out in space for up to five years with no romance? None! This is really must read Star Trek for the fans. Star Trek Voyager and Deep Space Nine got so boring I couldn't stay with those series, but will stay with this series if it stays as hip as the first 6 books in the series. Publish more! The Plots and action are excellent, too!
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am 5. April 1998
The big-wigs at "Star Trek: Voyager" should drop everything and hire Peter David now. David accomplished in five books of the "New Frontier" series what the "Voyager" staff is still trying to do: chronicle the adventures of a free-wheeling crew with an unconventional captain in a distant region of space, and do it with enough character depth and Trek flavor to make fans want to come back for more.
"Martyr" displays the best and worst of Peter David, with the best coming out on top this time around. Yes, David lays the sex and innuendo way too thick for a single book, the idea of a sentient Mugato security guard grates on this Trek fan's nerves, and the plot itself is not exactly groundbreaking material. However, even with these drawbacks, the story can still succeed if the presentation is good enough. In this regard, David rarely disappoints.
And he doesn't this time. With "Martyr", David manages to flesh out all his regular charcters to some degree, especially the two characters I was most worried about. He finally made Burgoyne 172 more than a sex-craving curiousity, and Soleta got a chance to shine as well. And, like all the "New Frontier" books before, Captain Calhoun continues to stand out as a conflicted man who inspires both frustration and admiration--often at the same time. I find myself hanging on the Calhoun scenes just to see what the man does next. So, sex aside, the characters work.
And the plot? Well, the plot fares less well, mostly because it is familiar ground, and the actions of the aliens involved are telegraphed well in advance. However, David makes the most out of it. He makes the character of Ramed just tortured enough hold one's attention, sets up the Redeemers as a possible recurring threat (possibly a quite interesting one), and leaves the fate of Zondar an open question.
Plus, Peter David manages to infuse a Trekkian-style flavor in the ending. He is one of the few Trek novelists (perhaps the only one) who goes beyond the action and adventure and tries to convey a message with it, be it a character's self-discovery or the folly of a culture's short-sightedness. This is something that even the Trek television writers have pulling off nowadays.
Is "Martyr" Peter David's best work? No. Is it still a good read? Definitely. Is it better than most of the other Trek novels being cranked out these days? Absolutely. There is just as much to like in "Martyr" as there is to dislike, but in my case the stuff I liked won out. Looking forward to "Fire On High"...
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am 24. August 1998
The New Frontier Series is the first Star Trek books that I've ever read. Martyr (like the 4 books b4 it) is integrated with the next book Fire on High. The "weaknesses" of the book that others have mentioned indepth are developed later. So if you read one-read both. I'll call it a guilty pleasure.
I'll put it down as "what I did on my summer vacation." This is not and should not be considered for a pulitizer - and I must admit, I was a bit embarrased to be seen reading it on the bus, and at lunch, but I enjoyed it! The protagonist and antagonists were true to there characters. The real antagonist was really the situation itself, and what kept me involved was seeing how these people got themselves out of it. In the process, we learn more about the people, as they learn about themselves. And really isn't that the nature of a good story anyway?
IMHO, it is a good book, and I'd recomend it to a ST fan, but not to a ST fanatic. On this basis, I've borrowed a friend's copy of Q Squared - also by Peter David. I'm 1/3 into it and I can see that he is a capable of much better - but taken together, Martyr & Fire on High are a fun, humorous books - Great to keep you company on MUNI or at the beach.
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am 11. August 1998
I do not think this novel is too much about sex and Trek characters. I think Mr.David has done an excellent job in narrating a very character driven novel. As far as I know - and somebody correct me if I'm wrong - no one has treated Pon Farr like he has on the novel. And what about Calhoun and the woman in the beggining? Forget not that on the 20th.Century, people do worst things. Parents violate their children, and all these on National TV with no taste. I think he gives Trek the human breath that it deserves. And the characters all are well thought and prepared. About the mugato sec.officer, let me remind the gentle reader a couple of lines below that colored people were considered less than apes during the slavery period, and now you have prominent people like M.Luther King Jr, Colin Powell, Will Smith, Mike Jordan et al...Let's be tolerant people. Next time, If you don't like, don't read.
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am 6. Juli 1998
I still can't quite get the stench of this novel out of my nostrils. Man, does it stink. Martyr is steeped in religion and sex, an uneasy combination at best. Please oh, please kill off Burgoyne. S/he is an awful creation. And as also per walterst@hlbjoan.agw.bt.co.uk's interesting observation on reviewing STAR TREK: NEW FRONTIER the omnibus hardback edition, I wish Zak Kebron - (Granite Boy) would take a time trip and join DC COMICS The Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th century. I must point out that I also think STAR TREK: NEW FRONTIER is a marvelous idea but some ill-fitting characters and concepts ruin a solid premise. I mean a mugato security officer. What next a gorilla bridge officer, A mugato is supposed to be an alien primate for god's sake. The story content is way off beam even for Star Trek. Stay away from this book it's garbage!
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am 17. Juli 1998
Martyr is yet another "disappointing" trek book I have read by author Peter David. The characters; some of which are distasteful read as disagreeable, intractable, and mostly preoccupied with sex. This is not my idea of a 'trek 'novel. The story is monotonous and as for the promiscuity, it does nothing to liven up the book, it cheapens it. and I hope doesn't herald a new 'low' trend in 'trek' literature.
Don't bother with this book , it's awful. However I'm hoping 'Once Burned' in the Captain's Table series is going to be big improvement. Get with the program Peter David , you've yet to write a Star Trek novel I like. I'll tell you one thing they can't get any worse than ' Martyr'.
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am 20. Juli 1998
I too think that it is about time that someone expanded upon the Star Trek lore without pulling major characters in as essential figures but Peter David has over-stepped the line with his Star Trek - 'Dallas' style scripts for Star Trek - New Frontier. Although calling 'Martyr' 'dog's poo' is mite strong, it is indeed a very poor excuse for a Star Trek novel.
I too agree about the mugato security officer ?! and the 'awful' Lt Commander Burgoyne character.
This book is certainly not funny or good, it's a travesty of a star trek novel and should be avoided like the plague.
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Es gibt viele interessante Sachen, die man bei StarTrek sonst nicht immer so findet: eine Rasse von religiösen Fanatikern namens Redeemers mit einer gewissen Vorliebe für Genozide, einem Triebwerk, das sich seltsam benimmt, interessante Sitten von Cpt. Calhouns Heimatwelt, Gewalt, Sex (hetero- und homosexuelle Varianten). Dieser Roman ist, stärker noch als die vorhergehenden, weit entfernt von der gewohnten StarTrek-Literatur. GEwalttätiger, sexuell expliziter und voller sehr unkonventioneller Vorgehensweisen. Sehr interessant. Und spannend. Und lustig. PEter David hat sich mal wieder selbst übertroffen.
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am 11. September 1998
I finished reading "Martyr" a few day ago and I think it was fantastic. It was not only a good story, it is something very special. What I enjoyed very much were all the sex stories in it. I think it is very brave to put all that in a Star Trek novel since this is nothing that used to be part of Star Trek during the last 30 years. Of course this is not the only reason why I love this book. There were also lots of really good dialogues. Especially those with Calhoun and Shelby. In my opinion "Martyr" is the best one out of the first six "New Frontier" books.
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am 29. März 1998
It the first four books (realy one book in four issues), all the shocking things the characters did were realy fun to read abouts. Officers telling each other to "Shut up and get out of my office." and tons of flertation was different than what TNG readers are used to getting. In Martyr, the shocks seemed forced and were not as enjoyable. Still a good book, but I hope that number six has a strong plot to back up the characters shocking actions. The first four books were so awesome that I will read NF for a long time, even if they stay average. Average is not bad at all!
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