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am 25. Februar 2013
Der Autor schreibt es im Buch selbst: Eigentlich wäre er nur mit einer Seite zwischen den Buchdeckeln auskommen - aber wer hätte ihm das abgenommen?
"Liebe Dich selbst und anschließend geht alles seinen rechten Gang" scheint zu simpel zu sein um zu funktionieren. Doch simple Wahrheiten annehmen und - viel schwerer - anzuwenden bedarf schon ein bisschen Erläuterung.

Das Buch ist liebevoll geschrieben und gleicht daher die gelegentlich fehlende Professionalität mehr als aus. Man spürt, dass es von Herzen kommt. Mich hat die Botschaft überzeugt. Die Anwendung hängt von jedem selbst ab und ist alles andere als einfach!

Das Buch ist in einfachem Englisch und lässt sich gut lesen, man kann eigentlich nichts damit falsch machen!
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am 9. November 2017
I loved this book. I feel the author is very sympathetic and authentic.
The message in this book is very simple and practical. Love yourself.

The methods that the author describes are very simple and practical too. One example is to repeat the statement „I love myself“ over and over and over.
I have found that affirmations like „I am successful“ typically do not work. But somehow this is different. It is not about accomplishibg something on the outside, but about how you feel on the inside and affirmations do work in this context.

I think it changes something inside you, if you go in full force and repeat it as much as humanly possible. Perhaps it is „just“ your focus.

I also love this technique because my mind needs something to do and I am and always have been very stubborn to focus on one thing and try to learn everything about it. Change my entire being to reaching my goals. But now for the first time the goal is not to be more empathetic, successful, rich, attractive, kind but to simply love myself as I am and therefore allow myself to breath.. Finally

I agree with the other reviews. It is not really a book, but more of a longer essay.
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am 20. April 2018
This is a short and neatly written book about positive self-talk. If you're into this kind of work, you'll enjoy this read.

The summary: love yourself. Tell yourself over and over again 'I love you.'

If you know anything about NLP and positive self-talk, then you know that this works.

Those tiny positive changes make huge differences. The best part of it, it works despite you believing it. Practice it and see what happens over the course of a couple of days, weeks and months.

I did something similar a few years ago. I started smiling more. In general, at myself and at others. It felt odd at first but suddenly people changed and started to talk to me. I had many friendly conversations that keep enriching my live.

You can read this book in one sitting. Or page by page during your commute. Or, instead of scrolling through so social media, read a book in the bathroom 😉
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am 29. März 2017
Do not expect a magical trick here. This book is not filled with magic, but with a message: Love Yourself! It is short, interesting and it inspired me to try to love myself.
I recommend it to you, its simple and straight so the point.
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am 18. April 2018
The length of the book is not really sufficient and to be honest, there is nothing new or valuable in this book. It describes some meditation techniques and that is about it. It is not worth spending the money and I did not like the energy or vibe that the book trasnfered, especially not from the author.
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am 19. Februar 2016
its a very important message in this book, the problem is, we have to practice this everyday. good starter into the topic, but also good for people who are on their paths for some years now. i think if you really practice this, its the most important message for spiritual development and for some of us the only instruction they need. enjoy.
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am 28. April 2018
It gets straight to the point and it remains there until the end. Worth a read if anyone wants a quick boost or lift in life.
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am 19. Juli 2017
Perfectly concise self help book that covers most of what other self books cover but in a tenth of the size. I loved it and it was much easier to read then other books I've read, as it teaches a most basic but neglected message... to love oneself. With easy instructions on how to do so, which other self help books tend to waffle around and rarely get to the point on how to implement the teaching.
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am 10. Oktober 2014
Very helpful book, makes clear, that the essential for a happy life is loving yourself. It helped me a lot, I try to focus on 'I love myself' everytime when I worry about something and I feel a lot better. If you have problems with selfesteem you should definetly read this book. If you still need some advise, you could buy other self-help books too, but this one carries the most important basis for being happy with oneself.
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am 23. August 2017
"Often, the price for not being present is pain."

Thank you Kamal, you are a marvelous writer. A book very easy to read, with sentences so to the point, sophisticated, stripped of any egoistic embroidery and still (or rather: therefore) loaded with deep truth and insight. I expected... nothing specific actually - and got magic.
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