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4,0 von 5 Sternen
4,0 von 5 Sternen
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am 6. März 1999
I agree with most of the reviews thus far. The hero was very overshadowed by Tony and James, it became irritating. Tony and James made Derek seem more like a child in this story. This wasn't their story, it was Derek's. It took off well, but stalled and never picked up. I love all the Malory novels, but I think this was one I wasn't too fond of. I agree, we need to have Jeremy's story! We also need to have the Anderson brothers' story.
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am 11. Dezember 2004
Dies ist die Fortsetzung des Romans "Man Of My Dreams", mit dem deutschen Titel "Lodernde Träume".
Zur Geschichte:
Graf Cecil Richards ist nicht gerade ein Vater wie aus dem Bilderbuch. Deshalb freut sich seine einundzwanzigjährige Tochter Kimberly besonders, als sie erfährt, daß sie endlich das elterliche Schloß verlassen darf - die Schönheit mit den grünen Augen soll in die feine Gesellschaft eingeführt werden.
Bestens geeignet für diese Aufgabe sind der Herzog von Wrothston und seine Frau Megan, die auf dem Herrensitz Sherring Cross ein glanzvolles Leben führen. Dort lernt Kimberly den aus guter Familie stammenden, aber verarmten Schotten Lachlan MacGregor kennen, dessen Tante zufällig auch eine Tante des Herzogs ist.
Vom ersten Augenblick an verabscheuen sich die beiden - er hält sie für ein eingebildetes, verzogenes Kind und sie findet ihn langweilig und impertinent. Im Laufe der Zeit fühlt sich das ungleiche Paar aber mehr und mehr zueinander hingezogen. Doch ihrer Beziehung steht einiges im Wege - zum einen Kimberlys Vater, der unter keinen Umständen einen Schotten als Schwiegersohn akzeptieren will und Lachlans Gefühle für die traumhaft schöne Megan, welche bis dahin nie ganz erloschen sind...
Dieser Roman ist, wie schon erwähnt, die Fortsetzung der Geschichte "Man Of My Dreams", in welcher der Herzog von Wrothston als einfacher Pferdezüchter die attraktive Megan Penworthy kennen und lieben lernt. Die Geschichte ist gespickt mit viel Witz und Humor, läßt allerdings auch die erotischen, detailgetreuen Szenen nicht außer acht. Die Charaktere sind so hervorragend beschrieben, daß man sich ohne weiteres in die einzelnen Personen hineinversetzen kann und somit das Gefühl hat, fast selbst am Geschehen teilzunehmen. Einer der besten Romane überhaupt von Johanna Lindsey...
Der Titel des ersten Teils:
Man Of My Dreams / über den Herzog von Wrothston und Megan Penworthy
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am 3. Mai 2000
If you're looking for a great Johanna Lindsey to read, look no farther. . . than your keeper shelf and re-read one of her older releases. Because Say You Love Me is not a keeper and will not be joining those other treasured Lindsey's in your collection.
Say You Love Me is the fifth in the Malory series. Perhaps that is why Johanna Lindsey spent so much time on various members of the Malory family and so little time on Derek Malory's actual relationship with heroine Kelsey Langton. This is problem one.
Johanna Lindsey writes some of the best alpha males around. Unfortunately, Johanna has written a kinder, gentler hero in this book, and it doesn't work. The blond hair was a tip-off, and in this case, blond is bland. This is problem two.
As for the story, here it is in a nutshell: Orphaned gentlewoman agrees to sell herself at auction to save her uncle and aunt's home and finance her sister's coming out. She is bought by kind-hearted hero to prevent a sadist from buying her first.
He doesn't know she is part of the gentry but falls in love anyway. Even though every other male in his family is scandalous and he himself is the bastard heir to the family title and fortune, he tries to conduct himself admirably to prevent scandal at every turn.
She begins to fall in love with him even though she knows nothing of the ways of mistress-ing and works hard to fool him so that he won't know she is a gentlewoman.
The drama comes from his rescuing her from the sadist who must have her. But the conflict comes from his wanting to marry her, which she won't do. She would protect her love and prevent the scandal of his marrying his mistress. Big yawn, made bigger because it probably wouldn't have been difficult to figure out she's really part of the gentry. But then, without this flimsy conflict, there wouldn't be much of a story.
Sorry, folks, but this is much ado about nothing. This is a family that thrives on scandal. His father's mistress is the housekeeper. The housekeeper is his mother. His father is getting a divorce. His uncles' exploits are well-known to readers of other books in the Malory series. My goodness, he is a bastard and was made heir to the family title! I just didn't buy it. This is problem three.
This book then, fails on several levels. The conflict is not credible. The hero and heroine are separate for too much of the story. And while beta males can be part of wonderful romances, this author should stick to what works best for her - the ultra-masculine, arrogant, darkly tortured alpha male.
Kelsey is far the more interesting of the two leads, and since most of us need a complex hero to connect with, the book does not satisfy at the most basic level either. Then too, the resolution to their dilemma is another let-down. When Derek discovers who Kelsey really is and Kelsey realizes what she did was for naught, this book went sailing across the room.
Family romances that are spread out over several books can be wonderful reading. Authors can utilize those family members and their relationships to illuminate and brighten the relationship of the lead characters. But mishandled, these secondary characters have a tendency to take over, which is what happens in Say You Love Me. Perhaps the author should have focused on the love between Derek's father and the housekeeper and made Derek and Kelsey secondary characters. Now, that would have been interesting.
Johanna Lindsey used to write two paperbacks a year. Now she writes one hardcover a year. Even die-hard fans of the Malory series won't like this one.
Those of you looking for some good reads by this author should try instead: Man of My Dreams, Once a Princess, or the politically incorrect Prisoner of My Desire.
TTFN, Laurie Likes Books
Publisher, All About Romance
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am 21. Dezember 1999
I like this book, primarily because it featured all the Malories I came to know and love. As for the featured love story, between Kelsey and Derek, I was not impressed. I like Derek but it is unfortunate that he is always paired up with Jeremy, who is the perfect hero. I always care more about Jeremy than Derek. I guess the author intended for them to have the chemistry that exists between James and Anthony whenever they get together, but thier relationship is impossible to replicate and Derek is more boring than Anthony. Kelsey is a very average heroine. I had nothing against her except that I couldn't care less about her. She and Roslynn have the most colorless personalities. For the first time when reading a Malory novel, I couldn't wait until the main characters got involved with the rest of the Malories. I can't say that I am disappointed, after all Jeremy was featured prominantly in this book, but I expected more. I just hope Ms. Lindsey can find a worthy heroine for Jeremy.
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am 29. Januar 2000
I've read several of Ms. Lindsey's books and she tends to be a hit a miss author, but this title... I LOVE THIS BOOK. Anytime I'm feeling a bit low or need to escape I pull out my worn copy of LOVE ME FOREVER, and laugh along with Kimber and Lachlan. Where do I order a large kilted Scottsman?
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am 12. Januar 1999
The fifth installment of the Mallory series is the story of Derek Mallory, son of the eldest Mallory brother, Jason. Derek, like his uncles James and Anthony, is a handsome rake determined not to marry any time soon. Then one fateful day, he does the unexpected, he buys himself a mistress, Kelsey Langton. But Kelsey is not what she seems to be, she is really a woman of gentry unfortunately forced to sell herself in order to save her family. Though wary at first, Kelsey soon learns that Derek is not only handsome but kind and loving. Of course, the unavoidable happens, they fall in love. Unfortunately, their situation does not, in society's eye, permit them to marry, but this is not the only problem Derek faces. He not only finds out that Molly Fletcher, a maid in his father's household, has been his father's mistress for many years, but that she is the mother he was told was dead. Talk about a whopper! I absolutely loved the conflicts and the struggles Derek and Kelsey faced. I was swept away by Jason and Molly's unshakable love that has lasted so very long. The pain and the sense of betrayal that Derek feels and the love and self-sacrifice of Molly and Jason would bring anyone to tears. Anthony and James never seem to disappoint us. They are wonderfully wicked especially when they try to provoke Nicholas- Regina's husband and Warren- Amy's husband also James's brother-inlaw. Those four are fantastic. Let's not forget about the devastatingly handsome Jeremy. I can hardly wait until his story is told. You'll love the Mallory family. Read the Mallory novels and find out just how much.
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am 30. Mai 2014
Eine junge Frau findet sich in einer Lage, in der es nur noch eine Möglichkeit gibt: Um ihre Familie vor dem Ruin zu bewahren muss Kelsey Langton ihren Körper als Mätresse verkaufen. Ein Glück für sie, dass sie an den richtigen Käufer kommt ...

Say You Love Me ist typisch Johanna Lindsey - eine Geschichte mit liebevollen Charakteren und mit anhaltendem Spannungsbogen, welche das Buch zu einem Pageturner macht, wie es sich für einen richtigen Liebesroman gehört.

Auch wenn es zu Beginn absurd wirken mag, dass Kelsey als Lady aus besten Kreise auf die Idee kommt, sich als Mätresse zu verkaufen, so sind ihre Beweggründe doch spätestens nach den ersten Seiten nachvollziehbar. Und wenn man ein wenig in der Zeit zurückdenkt, dürften einige Frauen mit Geldproblemen ihr Schicksal geteilt haben.

Als Tochter aus gutem Hause hat Kelsey perfekte Manieren und ganz und gar Lady, das darf jedoch niemand wissen, als sie sich verkauft. Schließlich tut sie all das nur für ihre zwölfjährige Schwester, die eine Zukunft ohne Geldsorgen - und auch ohne Skandale - haben soll. Dafür ist Kelsey gerne bereit, ihre eigene Chancen auf eine gute Ehe aufzugeben. Sie ist ihrer Familie gegenüber absolut loyal und was sie tut, macht sie vor allen Dingen für diese. Das und der Fakt, dass ihr absolut bewusst ist, auf was sie sich da einlässt und nicht einmal mit dem Schicksal hadert, machen Kelsey zu einer sympathischen Protagonistin. Trotz all der Hürden, die sich ihr in den Weg stellen, bleibt sie sich treu.

Zu ihrem Glück landet Kelsey im Haushalt Derek Malorys, dem Sohn des Familienoberhauptes Jason. Im Grunde hat Derek keinerlei Interesse an einer Mätresse, erbarmt sich ihrer allerdings als er bemerkt, dass sein Erzfeind (von dem bekannt ist, dass er Frauen auf grausamste Weise mishandelt) auf sie bietet. Um sie vor einem schmerzhaften und trostlosen Schicksal zu bewahren, kauft Derek sie. Doch schon bald merkt er, dass er sich zu Kelsey stark hingezogen fühlt.

Derek selbst ist zwar ein Mann, der die Genüsse des Lebens durchaus zu schätzen weiß, vermeidet aber zeitgleich jeglichen Skandal, da er weiß, dass seinem Vater Diskretion wichtig ist. Und so fällt es ihm immer schwerer Kelsey diskret aus seinem restlichen Leben fern zu halten, da er feststellt wie gerne er ihre Gesellschaft hat.

Die Romanze, die sich zwischen beiden entwickelt, ist zuckersüß und schön zu lesen. Kelsey gibt Einblicke in das Gefühlsleben der Geliebten, die niemals wirklicher Teil der Gesellschaft sein kann und den Launen ihres Liebhabers ausgesetzt ist (nicht, dass Derek sie auch nur annähernd schlecht behandelt - aber Kelsey kann ja nicht wissen, ob das für immer der Fall sein wird oder ob er eines Tages ihrer Gesellschaft müde wird). Zusätzlich zu den Schwierigkeiten, welche die Art ihrer Beziehung mit sich bringt, wird mit dem grausamen Frauenhasser Ashford auch noch ein zusätzliches Thrill-Element eingebaut (der Thrill hält sich in Grenzen, ist aber eine nette Ergänzung zum Gesamtpaket).

Eine wunderbar kariesträchtige Liebesgeschichte, die dem Leser ein paar glückliche Stunden beschert.
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am 5. Juni 1998
A young woman forced to auction herself as a mistress to save her family's fortunes; a hansome young man determined to prevent her from falling into the clutches of an evil peer of the realm; and the Malory family en mass: fighting, loving and digging copious skeletons out of the family closet.
This should have been a funny, sparkling and downright irresistable combination but sadly it missed the mark just about everywhere. Derek was overshadowed by Jeremy his cousin, so much so that even the heroine seems to prefer him at first; the Malorys were delightful as always, but so numerous as to overpower the story; and the solution to everyone's problems, contrived by Regan, was unfortunatley flimsy and quite unbelievable.
Ms Lindsey really seems to have slipped with this continuation of the Malory tale. The romance was forced to take a back seat to certain overly energetic and somewhat unruly Malory family members. A firmer hand is definitely required.
Despite the tepid nature of this volume I shall look forward to the next installment. Hopefully Jeremy will get his just desserts !
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am 23. Februar 1999
I have to admit that I liked Say You Love Me, but only because it is a Malory novel and I can't resist those Malorys. Reading through the reviews reminded me of some of the mild annoyances I felt while reading the book that I brushed off at the time.
Foremost of all the annoyances was the fact that when it came to taking on the villain, James and Tony completely overshadowed Derek. Sure, Derek needed to take care of Kelsey first, but he could have had James or Tony take her to safety while he dealt with David. Instead, while he got in a few punches, James and Tony then restrained him and sent him home with Kelsey while *they* took on the task of taking vengeance on the villain and caring for his other victims. I think the younger generation of Malory men needs to be shown standing up to James and Tony or they'll never be effective heroes in their own right.
Say You Love Me was fun because it brought back the Malorys, but if future Malory novels are to be effective, James and Tony cannot be allowed to steal the thunder from the hero.
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am 27. März 1998
Let's stop writing about the Malorys. If a book can not be written without reliving the previous books in a series it's time to come up with a new subject. This one has to be the worst J. Lindsey has ever written and I have to wonder if she wrote it at all. The author spent so much time describing the earlier Malory novels that this story line was lost and uninteresting. And it is nice if the main characters have some redeeming qualities that have nothing to do with their family associations. Derek hasn't lived yet, hasn't proven himself in any capacity and is not believable as a typical Lindsey hero. Please, if you're going to give Jeremy his own story, give him a life first and something for the readers to believe. And, by the way, the author explained why Kelsey was left at the cottage without food and provisions but never explained why the driver wasn't there for her use! This was the worst Lindsey to date, and I hope she takes better care with her stories in the future.
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